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Chapter 42 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢) – FINALE

This is the end! A great ending! Thank you everyone for the support and patience throughout the journey. I hope everyone had enjoyed reading this short yet sweet novel by Wu Wei. 

Back in 2016 when I first started translation novel and sharing it online, I was bored and was looking for something to pass time while wanting to read as well. I had just left a stressful and poisonous working environment and decided to take a career break while trying to figure out my next path with the hope to build back my confidence as well. I started off working on translation daily making daily post for the readers. The journey was fun as I had enjoyed the translation while the read and reading the comments by the readers.

Over the past 2.5 years, our readership had grown as well as our followers. As time goes by and I decided to return to the working world, I no longer find the time to be able to cope with daily post hence the almost daily post became a bi-weekly post. There were times where I had to take longer break in between.

Both tinkerbellsan and I are very grateful for our patience readers whom waited for the posting of the next chapter instead of leaving nasty remarks chasing for the next chapter like what we have seen on some of the other translation site. And at times, we even had offer from some readers assisting us with a chapter or 2 translation to which we were indeed very grateful. 

Enough said……. with the ending of The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢), we would like to once again thank you everyone for the patience. We are determine to complete the translation of Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉) and Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记) and we shall return soon after a short break (to sort out our busy daily life with our respective career) sometime in May / June. So, hang on there! We shall be back soon! 


Chapter 42 (FINALE)

Zhou Mo accompanied the future father-in-law glowing with a touch of melancholy. He thought about twenty years later, he may also face the same problem, a delusional man wanting to marry his baby daughter…. Ah the feeling….

‘What are both of them playing now?’ Sister-in-law do not understand. Smoking together can also pat at the back? Although she is aware that her father-in-law’s heart has agreed but at least ostensibly make things difficult for a long time in vain….

Song Anyi secretly wipe the tears in her eyes and open her arms. ‘At the moment, I am touched. I am finally getting married. Classmate, congratulate me!’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Sister-In-Law laughed, hugging her good friend. ‘Congratulations, my most beautiful little sister-in-law.’

This is a magical night. She has blessings from both families.

The future in-law came for dinner at home. The whole time, Zhou Mother tightly holding her hand, filled with apologies. Saying that she was too much, letting her withstand such a grievance.


The unfathomable eyes of Zhou Mother with the sad eyes. Anyi seeing her future mother-in-law expression, quickly change the greetings: “Oh… Mom, I mean, Mom, it’s okay, really.”

This ‘mother’ makes Zhou Mother very happy, happily hug the future daughter-in-law.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Yue also joined the embrace. She waited for this day for a long time!

Zhou Mo smiled and looked at Anyi being cuddled and welcomed. His heart was moved. His life had been wonderful because of her. He knew that she deserved to have these, even more and better, and he would do it.

It was a magical night. Late into the night when she was lying in his arms, he still felt wonderful.

“What are you thinking?”

The man asked, gently kissing his wife’s forehead.

Mrs. Zhou is not going to return to her rented home.

After their loving session, there is a kind of lazy satisfaction in the warm embrace.

‘I think you are very powerful. Letting the twins be happy, my mother will be happy. My mother happy, my dad will be happy. This home is like a bundle of twine. Everyone’s emotions are linked together.’

She thought and snuggle closer into his arms. ‘You finally succeeded. Welcome to the family.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Mo holding her, bowed his head and kissed her hair. He breathed deeply in her hair, the fragrance aroma filling his nose. The strength of his hands hug tighter, kissing her head and whispered: ‘If I know that winning the twins would lead to winning easier, I would have done the dinosaur excavation on the first day.’

‘The effect would have been different.’ Song Anyi laughed, holding onto his sturdy chest. The perfect six-pronged muscle feels good. She is proud. Sleepy, she closed her eyes but still smiling.

‘Zhou Mo’


‘You are my hero…’

‘Very good’

Zhou Mo, holding her with a smile, slowly closed his eyes.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

It has been a busy day today. They are ready to meet the more fulfilling tomorrow.

Song Anyi looked up, gently kiss the man’s sexy thin lips.

Facts have proven that thin lips men are also filled with love.

‘Good night, My Boss!’

My husband, My Hero.



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  1. Thanking you for the final translated chapter of this novel. Although we had to wait quite sometimes for this novel to be posted nonetheless it was well worth it.
    Thanking to both you Mhryu and Tinkerbellsan deeply for taking out whatever 24 hours of your times to finish this and translates the future remaining novels. *deeply bow down to both of you* I hope you have a wonderful short haitus that you deserves.

    See you when you come back with another translated chapters of remaining novels. 😀

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  2. Thanks so much mhryu! It has been a wonderful ride with you. Thank you for sharing! I too am going through boredom at this stage of my life. And, trying my hand at translating. I’m in awe of those Translators whose first language isn’t Chinese and English and still do superb work! My origins are Chinese but I am illiterate in Mandarin. My first language isn’t English either. So when I tried looking at machine translated texts (I struggle tremendously and even feel stressed trying to figure out what’s happening) and compared with uploaded translated texts, I came away “spellbound”! I have so much respect and admiration for such translators.
    Thank you once again… While you were working through your boredom by translating and sharing, you’ve inadvertently helped to relieve my boredom too😆
    All the best for your next chapter in your life😍

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  3. Thank you so much..I appreciate how difficult it is too find time to translate, and that too without any monetary benefits like some sites do..
    We readers are immensely grateful. Have a great break and look forward to when you come back

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  4. Ahh it’s the end. Thanks so much for the work that you and Tinkerbell do. I wish you the best in your real life, and looking forward to the continuation of your other novels. 😘

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  5. thanks for your hard work on this novel. i really enjoyed it. looking forward to future translations. hope your wrk environment is better now🤗

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  6. Thank you for the translation. I’ve enjoyed this short, sweet, and funny at times novel very much. I wonder if the author has other novels and if you’re interested in translating them as well? Have a good break and looking forward to the completion of Finding Glowing Beauty in Books.

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    1. Thank you for the support. Glad that you had enjoyed the read. I am actually not sure but when time permits would explore and decide later.


  7. Thank you so much for translating this short and wonderful story …your hard work is greatly appreciated by us readers ..I wish you all the blessings in life I hope you continuing what you love to do by translating a good novel ….Take care and bless you both and your family 😘😘😘

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