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Chapter 41 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

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Chapter 41

Hei….. what is this indifferent to ignorance, even if it is extremely clever, Professor Zhou is also a naïve and determined stubborn man.

Song Anyi rushed to clarify. ‘First of all, I didn’t really contact Xie Wei Shi. I only met him several times at the school gate when I come to pick you up. He was hostile to me and I just ignored him.’

Zhou Mo raised his hand and rubbed her hair: ‘I believe you would not dare.’

Song Anyi nodded her head: ‘Yes, Yes of course I would not dare!’ Hei, she really does not such the gut!

Anyi say that Xie Wei Shi is hostile to her? Zhou Mo sneered. Whether it is hostility or any hidden intention, he will let Xie Wei Shi understand that it is a smart move to stay away from Anyi.

Only his heart is still bored, so he pulled his wife over and bowed his head and kissed her again. He does not care about the people on the street and students whom were passing by applauding and whistling. She swore that Zhou Mo has a strong meaning behind the action.

Song Anyi exploded: ‘We are on the street….’

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His tongue slipped over her lips. He asked: ‘What did you call me?’

Song Anyi blushed. Forget it. Lose face just lose face… ‘Ennn….. Husband…’

The man is satisfied and pulled the wife over again to kiss her. After the kiss, the man looked at her face and the crisis was finally over. He pulled her to go for lunch….

Anyi love eating hotpot. So when eating, she is very peaceful, would not think of any negative issue, simply enjoying the delicious hot pot. As long as his wife is happy, being together is happy together, forming a sweet picture.

As soon as the meal is over, the cell phone rang. He picked up the phone.

Song Anyi clearly could hear Song Xiao Wu shouting at the other end of the phone.

‘Uncle, when are you coming? We are waiting for you. You need to hurry! Haiyo, Min Min, do not grab the phone…’

‘Uncle, little aunty drives very slow. You take the taxi is faster! Xiao Mi is waiting for you. You have to hurry up!’

Zhou Mo smiled: ‘Well, I will be right there. Xiao Min wants to talk to little aunt?’

‘No. Uncle should hurry oh. Bye bye!’

Ending the call. Zhou Mo put down the down. Looking see the wife looking depressed. ‘What happened?’

‘Now the twin love you. Even Xiao Mi like you.’

Zhou Mo feeling very proud.

‘So, your mysterious date at two o’clock in the afternoon is these two radishes?’

Zhou Mo nodded: ‘I have got a little activity, you want to have a look?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi did not want to admit that she is jealous. Before this, the twins are always glued to her. Just last week, he helped these children with their archaeology lesson. The two like dinosaurs loving boys now forget about the aunty. Even their own parents they do not want, every night sticking around their favourite uncle wanting to discuss the beginning of the Earth and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Who knows if the moving palaeontology is still an archaeological madness!

‘I am. I have been in the archaeology team in the United States for two years and studied the shipwreck in the Caribbean.’
What is there for Anyi to be jealous about? This wonderful experience is better than Hollywood life, no wonder kids will be fascinated just like he is an idol.

Leaving the hot pot shop, they arrive at the kindergarten. The ‘little activity’ that Zhou Mo has planned is bringing the kids to the back of the kindergarten to bury a simulation of the Raptor’s cheekbones underneath the large sand pile behind the kindergarten. He has also prepared a complete reconstruction of the archaeological site, letting the children have the fund of archaeological excavation!

This is crazy…..

No wonder, all the children are crammed at the kindergarden door looking forward to the arrival of the idol. Zhou Mo was just getting out of the car and immediately he was surrounded by all the children. The twins were very proud and keep shouting, ‘That is my uncle, my uncle!’ The degree of welcome is just like an artist coming out of the airport…..

Xiao You, Xiao Yi and Xiao Mi didn’t even looked at her. Never the less, she is still aunty and godmother!

‘Don’t be sad. You are just a little aunt. They don’t even know the existence of me!’

‘Why are you here?’

‘I took leave. If I don’t come, these two sons will be snatched away. Xiao Yu said that today Uncle is going to take them to play with soil. So, this is how it is. A professional is always different.’

Sister-in-law is filled with grief. Who would have thought that cold Professor Zhou is able to tame the two difficult and spoiled demons of the Song Family. They were the treasure of the Grandfather and Grandmother. Professor Zhou seizing the is indeed the envy of everyone in the family.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Which kindergarten in the world would have such a luxury event?’

Song Anyi can only shake her head. ‘Yes, the way Professor Zhou handle people is really different.’

‘If your brother know, he would be so envious. He has always said that his songs love him the most and would want to form a justice league with dad to take revenge and not allow you to marry Professor Zhou.’

Song Anyi laughed and hooked her arm with her schoolmate now sister-in-law.

She looked at Zhou Mo whom have been surrounded by children. She is not afraid of dust and dirt. He is not afraid of the children’s noise. He is kneeling with the children and patiently explained the steps of excavation. He is cautious and cautious, not affected of the children.

‘How could I not marry a man like that?’ Anyi said, gently moved.

Sister-in-law laughed. ‘Yes, how could you not marry such a great man? Dad and your older brother are just hard with their mouth but in their heart, they have already accepted him as part of the family. Dad has already found someone to look for an auspicious date. Just that he is not telling you!’

Song Anyi is very satisfied and very happy.

Because of Uncle’s feats, Xiao Yau and Xiao Yi walks with a bounce in kindergarten. That night, as they returned to the Song family, Song Mother whom loved her grandchildren, had added two or three more dishes as to reward the future son-in-law of the meritorious deeds.

This makes Song Father a little bored. First, the daughter and then the grandsons and now his wife. The heart had gradually shifts towards the enemy camp. If the chess game never wins, there will be no support from them. Where is the front line to fend off the enemy?

Before dinner, Song Father called Zhou Mo to not play chess but to head to the back balcony to negotiate.

Song Father lighted a cigarette.

After Zhou Mo bend over to light the cigarette for him.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Father Song took a puff. ‘Anyi said that me that you have not smoked for many years. But you are willing to accompany me to smoke shows your respect. I am happy to have someone to accompany me.’

Song Father looked at the confident man in front of him. From his observation, he understand that Zhou Mo indeed as the best choice for Anyi, his beloved daughter.

‘If you let Anyi suffer any grievances, I will not spare you!’

Zhou Mo very seriously made the commitment. ‘Please be assured that I will never let Anyi suffer any more grievances.’

Song Father nodded and patted son-in-law’s back. ‘Just now, I will Anyi’s mother call to invite your parents and sister to come for dinner. Old woman when happy will cook a table full of food. If did not find more people to eat, we will definitely not be able to finish these…. You find another time, let people come for a meet up.’

Zhou Mo took a deep breath of relived…. Finally, He felt like he had completed the last mile. The pressure of trying to win the heart has been tough!

‘Dad, you do not worry. I am ready. Just waiting for your approval of me, agreeing to Anyi to marry me. I will be good to her for the rest of my life. Please be rest assured!’

Song Father nodded, no longer speak looking at the night sky. The little girl who was entangled at his feet calling him father is finally getting married!



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  1. One by one Zhou Mo has slain all of the dragons in his way . Finally Father Song has accepted him Hurry Up let’s have a wedding.

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