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Chapter 40 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Enjoying the daily post of The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)? 3rd last chapter…. We have to start preparing our heart to say goodbye to Zhou Mo and Anyi as we head to their happy ending…. 

The ex-boyfriend is back briefly today. What is Xie Wei Shi up to? Would he drive any wedge between Anyi and Zhou Mo?

Enjoy the read! We shall be back tomorrow with the 2nd last chapter…..


Chapter 40

The students were so happy that they made a lot of suggestions. There were many kind of dishes meat, dumplings, hot pots and even mountain climbing.

There were some whom gain approval and blessings, will certainly have those whom would throw cold-water at the happiness of others.

The ‘underground lover schoolmate’ whom have got rid of Anyi before, that is Xie Wei Shi’s current girlfriend is also in this class. She had not been happy during the period of time dealings with Xie Wei Shi. Her boyfriend is still very upset with her scheming. If she had not tightly wrapped him, Xie Wei Shi had already left her.

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Although Xie Wei Shi was the first whom have approached her, she did manage to get rid of Song Anyi. But the feeling after robbing the man comes with bitter feelings. She managed to grab the man but she is not happy. So, she could not see anyone because of Song Anyi is so happy!

‘No. Professor, I heard from my boyfriend said that his ‘former’ girlfriend was a workaholic and she had always ignored him. How is it possible that she will cook for him?’

The malicious provocative statement of the student suddenly silenced the once very noisy classroom. It became completely quiet without the excitement.

Because the junior sister is tightly entwined and deliberately publicize the relationship between Xie Wei Shi and her, making it known to all, all the people within the department know about their relationship. Some people also know that Xie Wei Shi and his ex-girlfriend relationship and also heard that she is Professor Zhou’s current girlfriend. However, in the world of feelings, the people who had recovered their freedom have the qualification for pursuing love. It can only be said to be a coincidence. No one is qualitied to comment.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Professor Zhou is still handsome but the sharpness in his eyes are real.

Only fool will openly challenge the relationship between him and Anyi. Even if it is the gentle Professor Zhou’s love, sometimes, the past is something untouchable.

He calmly replied: ‘She is a workaholic and she loves me very much.’

Wow! Oh my god! Too domineering. But it is a good thing! Professor Zhou is really handsome!

Not only didn’t the junior sister could not throw her frustration, but got herself looked down.

However, although Professor Zhou’s strict defences is completely to protect his love and his woman, the discontent in his heart is also true.

The past is already the past is true, but Professor Zhou whom is careful, thought of his wife’s past lover, as if he had been invaded and challenged his territory would be unhappy. He felt like a fishbone slouching in his throat.

Both of them broke up for a long time. Xie Wei Shi also let the current girlfriend challenge his and Anyi’s feeling? In this matter, Professor Zhou found it really hard to swallow.

Isn’t getting rid of Xie Wei Shi directly, you will be more happy and comfortable? But such behaviour not something that can awe-inspired men?

Professor Zhou whom is still in his heart with Xie Wei Shi, arriving at the school gate, found Xie Wei Shi ‘wrapped’ with his wife?

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Hei, there is a way to heaven, you don’t want to take. Hell, don’t you want to have a hard time? He smiled indifferently on his face, strode close and heard their conversation:

‘Coming to pick up Professor Zhou?

‘Yeah, we are going for a meal together.’

‘Don’t Professor Zhou own a car?’

‘He likes me to pick him up.’

‘What about you? Do you like to pick him up?’

This is really annoying to Song Anyi. Xie Wei Shi is really boring. Several times when she came to the school, she sees him. His attitude has always been with grievances, as if she was the one whom split up with him at the time. And then she dated Professor Zhou so soon? He also blamed her for letting him lose the opportunity to study around Professor Zhou. Xie Wei Shi’s illusions of childishness and complete inversion of right and wrong makes her very helpless.

Song Anyi is too lazy to explain to him. Her habit is to ignore those evils. He provoked provocatively. Even if she listened, she wouldn’t mind.

At the time, Zhou Mo walked over.

Professor Zhou is so cool even when he walked. He is very eye-catching. Not to mentioned that Professor Zhou whom is basked with love. The happiness of satisfaction and the occasional smile on the corner of his mouth is awesome!

He stopped and immediately attracted the students around with curiosity.

Song Anyi felt a little uneasy. Although she met Xie Wei Shi many times, she was caught on the spot for the first time. She didn’t want him to misunderstand that she is still in contact with Xie Wei Shi……

Song Anyi is anxious. Xie Wei Shi has other ideas.

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In the past, he was respectful and concerned about Professor Zhou. No matter what, he felt that he could help himself. Since everything is impossible now, what else can he disguise? Looking at Anyi’s happiness, and then thinking about his miserable situation, he would like to see what Professor Zhou would do if he ‘witness’ his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend together. What kind of expression would he reveal?

He deliberately moved slowly towards Song Anyi, shortening the distance between them. He deliberately creates a feeling of enthusiasm and even said: ‘Professor Zhou? I am sorry. I chatted with Anyi, so happy, did not notice that you have come!’

Song Anyi is stunned. In fact, Xie Wei Shi had chosen the wrong department. It is a pity that he didn’t go into acting. He really has the talent!

Zhou Mo with no expression, gave a faint smile. ‘Is it right? I thought Anyi had already seen me.’

Xie Wei Shi shrugged. ‘It’s unlikely. Anyi has been talking to me.’

Frowning, Zhou Mo said: ‘Anyi talking to you?’

Song Anyi got a little anxious in her heart. Finished. This cold-tone and ice-like eyes, he is clearly is angry.

She quickly clarified. ‘When have I been talking to you? These are only a few words of politeness. Don’t you exaggerate, Xie Wei Shi!’

‘Anyi….’ Xie Yie Shi whispered aggrieved, as he saw how much Anyi cares about him now.

This time, Song Anyi got really upset. What an idiot! Why is there such a villain who is so good at acting?

She was about to make some noise. Suddenly, Zhou Mo moved over to her and held her tenderly.

She glanced at him and he said to her: ‘Let’s go to eat.’

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‘But….’ She is still a little hesitant. She hadn’t conceded anything yet. She could only reach out to him when she saw the gentleness and decisiveness in the eyes of the man of her heart. ‘Ok….’

Zhou Mo took her hand and was completely ignorant of the crowd’s curiosity. Naturally, Anyi was embraced in his arms, his big hands around her slender waist.

‘Shall we eat hot pot?’

He has a natural attitude. Even if she is upset, she must let go. The way to deal with Xie Wei Shi is correct. Do not need to make one unhappy because of outsiders.

Song Anyi thought that Zhou Mo wanted to deal with it in a low-key manner…. But in fact…. Hey…..

‘It’s ok. Something simple. If you don’t, later you cannot eat hot pot dinner with your dad.’

‘Do you want to buy hot pot ingredients, vegetables and meat slices, we go home and eat?’

‘No. I am going to Costco in the afternoon. Something simple for lunch.’

‘What are you going to buy at Costco?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Dad say must buy some squid.’

Zhou Mo nodded his head. ‘No problem’

The two people tacitly ignored Xie Wei Shi. In fact, Professor Zhou’s presence was too strong. Song Anyi did not dare to look at Xie Wei Shi.

Both of them turned and walked away. Zhou Moo suddenly stopped and turned sideways, as if surprised to see Xie Wei Shi. ‘Hey, you are still here? I am sorry, when my wife and I stick together, outsiders will find it hard to slit in between us.’

Xie Wei Shi immediately could not say anything.

To know the complete indifference is the most powerful weapon.

All the students watching the ‘drama’ all had come to the same conclusion. Professor Zhou is so handsome. Xie Wei Shi whom have been looking at Anyi, is totally dead.

Looking at the back of their departure, Xie Wei Shi feels deep fear. In the eyes of Professor Zhou, what did you mean by the determination of coolness? His eyes were as cold as the Arctic ice and snow…..

Professor Zhou took his wife’s waist and immediately made a major decision. What is he still tangled up with? Let him be! Cannot be self-assertion of who to kill, then when the professor has what meaning and freedom?



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