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Chapter 39 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Labour Day! And a great start of May to everyone…..

Another exciting chapter today as we read up on Zhou Mo being in love…. it is indeed a total opposite of the cold and stern Zhou Mo that we read at the start of the novel…. A man in love in indeed amazing!

Enjoy the read!


Chapter 39 

Finale: Professor, very busy

After returning home from the morning swim, Professor Zhou took off his slightly damp sport clothes. As usual, he will first take a look at the message on his cell-phone. The LINE Good Morning message came from his wife at 0726 hrs. ‘Good morning, my boss.’

He giggled and ruffle his half-wet hair. The reflection of the floor to ceiling windows was a full-fledged mature man with a tall, straight back, naked upper body that is muscular. The sweatpants over his waist, showing his strong waist and slender legs. After exercise, Professor Zhou is leisurely lazy like a dormant leopard.

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He dials the number with one hand. The one end picks up quickly. His voice is light with a smile: ‘Waking up so early today, no rolling in bed?’

Anyi usually set the alarm clock at seven twenty in the morning and then giving herself another ten minutes of bed time before the second alarm will ring at half past seven. Another 5 minutes of rolling in bed, it would be 0735 hrs by the time she gets out of bed.

Although he cannot understand why two people in love cannot live together but in order to take into account the feelings of his wife, he can only be understanding.

In her close guard mindset, although it is impossible to live together, but the two still find the opportunity to spend the night in each other’s home. Moreover, it is now the loving period, fiery passion is essential.

Although the love of staying together do not have some fun, but he still hopes to sleep with his wife every day. Getting up in the morning with the wife in his arms every day.

Anyi with a just wake up lazy voice: ‘I do not lie in bed every day…..’

Obviously is.

Professor Zhou said: ‘It is not raining today but it’s still a bit cold. Remember to wear a thin coat when you get out of bed.’

He is cautioned just like a mom. Long winded. At the moment, Professor Zhou is different from the cold one.

‘Yes. Oh yes, you have class this morning. I will pick you up at noon.’

‘We go for hot pot in the afternoon.’

‘Wow! Good!’

When it comes to hot pot, Anyi is very happy. She loves to eat hot pot.

Professor Zhou said another few words, reminding her to stay warm, careful when driving and then end the first call of the day.

He put away his cell-phone and began his daily routine. Taking the shower and then dressing up before heading out to class.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

This semester, he had three more lessons per week. Antique has become an interesting subject. He is also learning and growing up while teaching the students.

And Anyi will pick him up after class. He feel that he is very fortunate in love and felt very sweet.

Maserati is currently out of favour. The small white car has become a means of transportation between the two. Anyi and the small white car have been separated for too long. After a long absence, they stick to it. Although the small white car space is narrow but both of them crowding into the small white car, holding hands and hugging while kissing is very convenient. This provoke the car owner, Anyi a lot of protest but he take it as it is fun. While waiting for red light, do you not want to kiss?

No wonder people say that when people is in love, they are crazy and cannot help themselves.

Professor Zhou came out of the room and saw his younger sister in the house. She had also brought mother prepared breakfast from home, white porridge and a few small dishes.

‘Brother, good morning. Eat breakfast.’ Zhou Yue said.

Ever since Sister Anyi is back together with brother, the mood of brother is very good. Even the spare key has been returned to her but brother had specially reminded her that if Sister Anyi is here, do not simply open the door. She is shy so to avoid seeing any inappropriate scene. So, smart Zhou Yue has been very careful and never contravened the taboo.

As big brother need to go to school during the daytime, so she can only take advantage of breakfast time to ask what needs to be ask and present the documents for signature. In the evening, after school, brother need to go back to Sister Anyi parents’ home to play chess and eat dinner so no time to look at documents. In the afternoon, brother either have to work or busy dating Sister Anyi. No time to read documents. Big brother in his loving daily life is very very very busy.

As brother is reading the documents and reminding her on certain tasks while answering her question, she cannot help but ask the question that she is curious about; –

‘Song Father still have not agreed with your marriage?’

Song Father chess tactics seem to be seen through by brother and losing more games. Being angry from the lost, he had refused to let daughter get married!

Therefore, brother need to go to sister-in-law every day to eat dinner, while striving for approval and stabilize the relationship.

‘Small matter.’

Big brother looked so quiet. Whenever she has this feeling, she is sure that big brother must have plans. ‘Big brother have a way?’

Zhou Mo looked at the Forbidden City South Hospital news in the newspaper. There is a lot of South Court exhibits that are borrowed from the Zhou Family. Rather than keeping it in their vault, might as well let more people see the historical value of heritage. This is the difference from Zhou Family heir to the other heir. He does not like to complacent.

‘What’s mine, cannot run away.’

Zhou Yue stared with a look of excitement. So confident? Big brother trying to make sister-in-law pregnant so there is no way to run?

Zhou Mo was stunned but he only laughed.

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In fact, he has many ways to get Anyi to marry him quickly. After all, he long already has the reputation of being a pro in grabbing. However, he must also consider his wife’s idea and satisfy her father’s desire in protecting his daughter. In the future, he may also have a daughter so he must also learn to share his feelings.

Although the thought of daughter makes him worried and sad but thinking about the mini-Anyi, he felt satisfied. His daughter will be the family’s baby whom he will strongly guard. He will not let any jerk guy to have any bad thoughts on her.

Such imagination can make Professor Zhou angry and suffer!

Zhou Yue looked at her brother’s sudden bizarre look and shrugged her shoulders. But after a while, Professor Zhou put down the newspaper and was ready to go out to class.

Professor Zhou arrived at the school. He always entered the classroom two minutes earlier and waited for the bell to ring.

All along, the curriculum has been personally arranged, designed, and explained with slides. The content is rich and exciting, and the students react very well.

Ten minutes before the end of each class, he will open the time for students to ask questions.

Professor Zhou is clearly in love. The difficult to smile is now greatly reduced. As a result, the students are naturally not as constrained as they used to be. They are also curious about the professor’s private life.

‘When is Professor and wife going to invite us for a meal?’

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Professor Zhou does not discuss his wife with outsiders. ‘Apart from desserts, her home-style dishes are very delicious.’

The students heard Professor Zhou’s good-will response. God, this is Professor Zhou whom was indifferent, serious and not easy to get close to? This is amazing!

‘Really?! Can the professor wife invite us to eat? If I’m served with braised pork, I can eat five bowls of rice!”

A why male student shouted, provoking laughter.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Professor Zhou nodded.

Professor Zhou nodded. ‘Your professor wife 师母 often have dinner with her university professors and classmates. She likes the lively atmosphere.’

Referring to the wife, Professor Zhou became gentle. The man whom was immersed in love is so charming!

师母 (pronounced as Shimu)



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