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Chapter 36 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

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Hmmmm…. what is Professor Zhou Mo going to do to win Anyi back into his world? Very exciting read today… so Enjoy!


Chapter 36

Junior sister is taking out the old professor as a shield. The busy Mu Yue had no choice but to help. The old professor was soft-rooted and is heavily patriarchies. The junior sister is unhappy and she will use the old professor principle as a constant reminder.

However, the opponent intention is very strong, Mu Yue also know that there is limitation to what he could do. Professor Zhou is definitely not going to take it easy but at the same time, he as a senior need to make it clear that in front of love, not everyone can become invincible!

So, Mu Yue immediately call and let the media withdrawn from wanting to see junior sister. Peace is finally restored.

However, Song Anyi thought that she should at least send a statement to the media to clarify:

Mu Yue touched the head of the junior sister and sighed: ‘Poor junior sister that had been frightened silly. Do you think that a thin statement can block Professor Zhou’s aggressive approach? This is just the beginning. You should no longer refuse. Senior will help you to negotiate the dowry. You just get ready to marry Professor Zhou!’

Song Anyi bowed her head and looked down. Liking someone definitely does not mean that she should marry Zhou. She did not want to accept any comments from his family.

530 pm, Song Anyi whom had not left the office all day long, stepped out of the office building. She is not surprised to see the Maserati at the waiting area and the man who was leaning against the door. But what surprised her is the handful of lilies in his hands. Fortunately, senior left with the media to do an interview. Otherwise, they will have another follow-up report to be written.

Zhou Mo had never pursued any woman. However, what other men can do, he is willing to learn as well. Whether it is sending flowers, eating meals or spending time together, he feels fresh and happy.
Song Anyi stepping forward, every step brings a piece of memories in the mind. Of course, how the calm man front of her has contributed to many weird events over the past weeks!

For example, she found the priceless piece of Qing Dynasty vase impervious to its appearance on the coffee table. She found a box and placed it in after that placing it in the storage room. Zhou Mo after finding out about it, the face turn black. He hatefully dragged her to listen about the antique history of the Qing Dynasty, overwhelming her totally.

Another example is the day where the camellia tree is in full bloom at the back balcony. Came a pair of birds with buzzing green eyes. Both of them sat on the ground, holding tea cups savouring afternoon snacks in a tacit understanding. They secretly watched the birds fall in love. She knew that this man would let her be childish. So, in front of him, she can be very natural.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

What was in her mind was all about him. If she really had to die, would she have a way to forget these memories?

She looked at the bouquet in Zhou Mo’s hand. She had never seen his uncomfortable and strange blushing face. Professor Zhou whom is afraid of nothing is trying to send flowers to the girls just like any normal person. Song Anyi is touched but did not want to make it easier to him.

She stared at his eyes: ‘Are you planning to go and visit anyone in the hospital?’ It turns out that she can be very cheeky too.

The cool and handsome Professor Zhou twist his brows. His eyes reflect some panic.

She added another stab of the knife: ‘Professor Zhou, very few people will give a big bunch of lilies to woman.’

She believes that Professor Zhou after leaving his mother’s womb have never seen any love novel or watch love drama. In fact, he loves to read old books and play chess. So, he will never know that roses are the flower language of love. And it is safest to send girls roses.
Zhou Mo was a bit frustrated. The process of buying flowers are the flower shop was not smooth. He was very cautious about the first bunch of flowers he wanted to send. So, he wanted to integrate with his ideas instead of buying those ready-made bouquets for convenience.

He looked around at the flower shop and felt that the different flowers were not suitable. So, he looked for a single variety type of flowers.

The store assistant asked him: ‘What kind of flowers do your girlfriend like?’ (Professor Zhou felt that the store assistant question is very reasonable)

He did not know what Anyi like. He only knew that she liked herbal tea and she always had a flowery fragrance. He replied: ‘She like the smell of flowers.’

The store assistant was put on the spot. Each flower has its own fragrant. Lastly, Zhou Mo decided to buy lilies…. Because….

‘Lily is very fragrant’

‘The flower shop assistant helps you to choose?’

Professor Zhou proudly smiled, unlike a scholar but a man in love. ‘Flowers for my girlfriend, of course has to be chosen by myself.’

Sure enough…. Well, Song Anyi didn’t want to continue to bully Professor Zhou’s ‘pure’ and besides, the word ‘girlfriend’ also unconsciously shortened her sense of distance. She reached out for the bouquet. The fragrant smell of the flower is good, a little different from the common lily.

Zhou Mo saw her questioning look. ‘The shop assistant say that this is a new breed with smaller flowers and a more elegant smell.’

Looking carefully, Song Anyi realized that it is not the same as per the common Lily. This species of lily is indeed more delicate.

‘Do you like it?’ Zhou Mo asking eager like a child for recognition and praise. After all, the first bunch of flowers is indeed very important.
Song Anyi looked at the eager face. The dark sables were shining.

At this moment, the perseverance, she doesn’t know how to stick with it. She misses him and had not seen him for days.

However, if she had been immersed in one day, what should she do if she finds herself unable to withdraw?

‘Thanks. I like it very much.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The happy man reached out and opened the door. ‘Let’s go home.’

Zhou Mo is determined to bring her back into his world. After confirming his mind, his attitude is even more firm.

Song Anyi looked at him and slowly whispered. Perhaps because of the differences in their conditions, she was more capable of confronting him and she must face the fact. ‘Zhou Mo….. I….’

He did not let her finish her rejection. ‘You have me. I will not allow anyone to evaluate your existence. In my heart, you are a priceless treasure.’

He knows.

Song Anyi looked onto the ground, warm tears swirled in her eyes. She lowered her head and licked her lips. Her heart filled with sweetness. The sense of being guarded feels really good.

‘Where did you learn such sweet words?’

She did not believe that the head of the ancient tomb could make such a change so quickly.

Zhou Mo stroke her white soft cheeks gently and carefully.

‘Do you want to hear the truth?’

She couldn’t help but stare at his warm palm. ‘Of course. I don’t believe you can do this.’

‘I went to search on Google about How to Chase a girlfriend on the internet and the result came up to 1,520,000. It is not difficult.’ Professor Zhou said earnestly.

Chasing girlfriends with Google? Song Anyi would like to laugh at him but people like professor must give some face.

‘It isn’t hard means that I am very easily satistisfied?’

Zhou Mo didn’t even raise his brows. With a confidence and firm tone, his answer is very simple. ‘I love you. We have to work together for a lifetime. I do what I need to do. So, it is not hard.’

He took her hand and placed it in the palm of his hand. He slowly locked her finger firmly not wanting to release it.

In an instant, Song Anyi’s heart is filled with warmth and touch. The tiredness and grievances of the past had also disappeared. She felt a lot more courageous. Under his protection, she may have enough power to face all challenges.

I love you.

We must work together for life.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

It’s so simple, no need to praise.

‘Do you love me?’ the man asked. A confident man who encounters such mysterious and elusive gadgets as love will feel equally uneasy.

Song Anyi didn’t go to Goggle and checked out How did her boyfriend chase? So, she could not answer.

She giggled. ‘What are we having for dinner?’

As they just started the journey, Anyi’s mobile rang. This is the exclusive ringing tune for the family. She picked up the phone.

‘Dad, oh yeah. We’re now together….. OK…. Wait till we meet.’

She ended the call with dignity.

Zhou Mo’s deep eyes revealed the ambiguity. The buzzing sounds were unsatisfactory. ‘Can I go with you to meet your dad together?’



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