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Chapter 35 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

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Chapter 35

The room is stuck in awe!

This statement is too domineering!

To say that we must stay focus, but did not expect that the focus did not move away but making the atmosphere even warmer!

The mysterious Mr Zhou’s clarification of his heart has completely broken the expectation of a reporter. One by one, question was thrown out. Comparing against the valuable auction items, real love is priceless! What the audience loves to see is an emotional drama, not the cold treasure that can only be viewed from afar!

This is a lively session and Zhou family who are watching the press conference at the same time, certainly did not make much concessions. Zhou Yue screamed excitedly.

‘My God, is this my brother? So, domineering! Even I would have fallen in love with him!’

Zhou Father is calm. Everything is as he expected. While Zhou Mother by his side is silent.

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Zhou Father sighed and said to his wife: ‘When have you seen our son so happy to even smile with his eyes? Do you still not understand? This is simply our son’s arrangement. Do you still think that the son was deceived by Miss Song? This is a big drastic action. Apart from our son, Miss Song will not be able to marry someone else.’

Zhou Mo will never lose a battle. She will never be able to run away now.

It is true that there is no limit to the rogue.

Zhou Mother is helpless. In fact, her first impression of Song Anyi is good. She thinks that such a beautiful girl that can do her job well, she is to be admired.
Only later, because of meeting in such a situation, it misleads her….

Is it too late to correct the mistakes?

Zhou Mother picked up the phone and dialled Song Mother’s cell phone.

‘Shu Zhen? I am Hui Qing. I am sorry for what I said to Anyi before…’


At lunchtime, Song Anyi was dining in the small meeting room while reading the newspapers.

When Xia Li Huan excitedly with the phone in the hand, rushed into the room, she was shocked. Xia Li Huan went out this morning, even the jacket has not been taken off with the car keys still in the hand. It seems that she had rushed from the underground parking lot directly back into the company.

Xia Li Huan’s aggressiveness puzzled Song Anyi. ‘What happened to you?’

‘What are you doing still eating lunch? You are about to be married and you can still leisurely eat lunch? Well, this Professor Zhou is also another one. Xiao Mi just cut her hair. How can let a watermelon head girl be a flower girl?’

Song Anyi calmed down but still did not understand the meaning of what she is trying to say… she is getting married?

Xia Li Huan sighed. It was really an emperor whom is in no hurry and died in an emergency! ‘Hei, looking at you like this… I guess you still do not know, right? I said before, online news and television are very important. You always only used to read newspapers. If there is any major news in the interim, it just cannot wait until the next morning. Did you know? Really, with a moving ancient creature, even the habits are contagious. Now, which young people still read the newspaper?’ She pointed to the Financial Daily on the table while looking disgusted.

Song Anyi is very innocent. She usually watches news online. She just am used to reading newspaper at noon…..

‘Come here. You see! You See!’ Xia Li Huan said excitedly. While chanting, she push her mobile phone in front of Song Anyi’s eyes showing her the simple headline that was updated on the news just now.

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‘Long-legged housekeeper is Mr Zhou Mo’s love of his life.’

Song Anyi took a look, the fish balls that was originally holding with the chopsticks on its way into her mouth was released abruptly. Her favourite fish balls fell rolling onto the carpet…..

What exactly is going on?

Song Anyi put down the chopsticks and anxiously took Xia Li Huan’s cell phone and open the dynamic news.

Familiar low voice came. Zhou Mo looking calm and confident, finishing a domineering proclamation and now ready to accept the media’s questions.

The more she watched, the more worried Song Anyi was. The man not only declared his love, but also say that he needs to redouble his effort to make her pregnant….. is he crazy?

She might have been touched sweetly in her mind when the man said he loved her and she is the only woman around him. But referring to pregnancy, she was driven mad by him. Isn’t this means admitting to their intimate relationship to the outside world?

And how can he claim that she is his fiancée? Zhou Mo has proposed to her before? Has the Zhou family come to discuss about the marriage? This is self-assertion. Not to mentioned her, dad and mum will be very angry!

This man is too overbearing. Even if she really like him and could feel his affection for her but then what?

In fact, they have not even known each other for long, and they have never even officially start dating. The content of the press seems to say that they have been together for a long time. And they have the feeling of old couples? Just missing the children. And these irresponsible contents are what the reporters are trying to figure out when they pose the questions to Zhou Mo. Not only he failed to clarify publicly, but also smiled? This is too outrageous!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Xia Li Huan put her hands on both her waist, with an unhappy questioning tone.

‘Anyi, this is too outrageous? Zhou Mo this announcement will not shocked us. But you have to think of Xiao Mi that terrible watermelon hair cut that does not have enough time to grow long to be the flower girl. You want her to walk down the aisle accompanying her Godmother and Godfather with that hairstyle? You are not afraid that Xiao Mi will grow up and see the photos? Wouldn’t that be a shady part of her life?’

Xia Li Huan obviously is focusing on the wrong point.

Song Anyi reiterated her position. ‘Director Xia, I am not getting married.’

‘How is it that it is reported that you are already with Professor Zhou, just waiting for the moment to increase the nation population?’

Song Anyi rubbed her brow speechlessly. It is a big misunderstanding. She has a sense of injustice. For the headlines on the affair, the original opportunity during the charity auction press conference is to clarify everything. The fact is, who knows that Zhou Mo would not clarify the whole thing but deliberately add more fuel to the fire?

She now only hopes that her family have not seen this news. She fears that her father, mother, brig brother and dignified sister-in-law cannot help but chopped Zhou Mo into pieces…..

‘I do not know…. Uh… would the report be referring to another long-legged housekeeper?’

Xia Li Huan rolled her eyes. ‘I think you are a coward’
Song Anyi dejected with a look of grievances.

Xia Li Huan seeing Song Anyi’s pair of disappointing eyes, thinks of the meaning behind Professor Zhou’s action but also sigh.

‘Professor Zhou means of chasing a woman is too brutal. Senior said yes, really go and grab him’

Song Anyi return the phone to Xie Li Huan. How to deal with it? Call and scold him? Or personally call the newspaper to clarify? She is not a celebrity. She has no brokerage firm that can help decide. Ordinary people encountering such an issue, how to deal with it? Call…. For a while, she felt really lost…..

It is obvious that this bomb will explode not only in the Song Family!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The receptionist came running into the small conference room in panic. She almost stepped on the fish ball that was dropped on the floor. She shouted: ‘There is media outside to see sister. Sister Anyi!’

Xia Li Huan shook her head: ‘Too brutal… too brutal!’

Song Anyi gasped. The situation is too much of a surprise for her.

Walking into the small meeting room is Mu Yue with the smile on his face like a bright light lighting up the entire dark world!

‘What happened?’ he asked.

Song Anyi with her red eyes and a deflated mouth, ‘Senior, if you do not help me this time. I will call to Professor and complain. Although he is 85 years old this year, he is more than able to handle this as his body is tough.’



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