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Chapter 34 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Tuesday! A little surprise for today as I know that the story is getting more exciting and almost everyone is eager to find out what Zhou Mo would do next! He has indeed gotten very aggressive in trying to win Anyi back! Go Zhou Mo!

Thank you everyone whom had taken the time out to drop messages after the post yesterday. All the post yesterday marks the end of the pre-scheduled post. As most of you would have already been aware by now, I recently injured my right ankle which is limiting my movement at the moment. I am already at the road of recovery although it is now more tiring when I walk (unfortunately, I cannot dance and jump yet still). So, today’s post would probably be the last for this week. Translation is taking me much longer now each chapter as I cannot sit for too long nor I am as active as last time. And it certainly does not help when I have a scheduled travel coming up this week (yeah! I am off for another adventure with my limited movement) and workload has not been reducing recently as well 😦

This also means that the regular twice a week post on this blog will be postponed as we are going to take a short break. We will be back as soon as we could. 

With that, once again, thank you everyone for the support and the messages of encouragement. We will be back after a short break! Till then, take care and enjoy the read today!


Chapter 34

Song Anyi accepted his embrace silently. At this moment, in this little world, she is only a nurtured and happy woman. It is enough.

In this waiting area full of happiness and expectation. The act of letting the shades shine overnight is unobtrusive. Everyone should have such joy when he is a prospective father. Everyone has the full of blessing look.

It is a public area here. After all, being celebrities has a price to pay.

Sure enough, the gossip newspaper covered the headlines the next day:-

‘Zhou Mo vs long legged? A direct shot in the obstetrics and gynaecology department’

The content of the report also includes the meet up between Zhou Mo and the Singapore’s wealthy blind date news. The comparison by the readers shows the difference between the blind date and the pregnant women…. Yes, this time, Song Anyi details are publicly exposed, the background and origins.

There are the photos showing the truth. A very clear truth! Paparazzi was shameless with each photo clearly photographed with her clearly…. Whether she was in the arms of Zhou Mo, him kissing her hand, her lips or the palm of Zhou Mo on her flat better with the contented face. Such sweet photos…. Looking just like wedding photos!

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This moment, even if Anyi jump into the Yellow River, she is not able to clear herself…..

This time, before the news was released, the news had reached the ears of Mu Yue.

People whom Mu Yue had connections with are like roundworms in his stomach. Before that, the follow up news on his school junior sister were blocked from the newspaper coverage. So, this time, before the news were reported, even if it is midnight, once received the notice, the people quickly notify the boss.

Treacherous, even if this news is as strong, Mu Yue is powerless to stop it. As if there is a mysterious and mighty force that is behind it!

‘Oh, the original is not Qin Shi Huang nor it is the terracotta warriors and horses. The killing is invisible and incomparable!’

Mu Yue hugging his wife after several times of intimate involvement, the doctor is sleeping in his arms peacefully, really cute!

It seems that in the face of Ms Song, Professor Zhou is bound to be the winner. He cannot help but feel emotion: ‘Alas, the girl really!’

The next day, the reports on the Zhou and the Song seems to explode!

Modern internet development, not only the news is on the newspaper, all online news platforms are reporting the story. The Song family learned the news and immediately met up for discussion on protecting Anyi.

Song father, mother, brother and sister sitting in the living room, very angry!

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According to the previous experience, the family members of the Zhou family will surely come. But this time, they will know not know who is the winner! Take a look at the photo. The one hugging is a member of the Zhou family. The one kissing is the family member of the Zhou family. The hand on the stomach is also by the Zhou family member. They have nothing to do with Anyi of the Song family. How cautious and fearful her beautiful little face is! This is clearly sticking out of claws and eating tofu!

‘You don’t have to say anything. Dad must be fair for you this time!’

Song Anyi shakes her head. Her face shows how unbelievable she is.

What is happening to this world? She also just wants to love to have some happiness in the small world. She is going crazy……

However, the Zhou family did not go according to the Song family theory, which was a pity to the Song family. Instead, they directly head to the son’s home. The difference is, since the last ‘unsolicited’ event, Zhou Mo had taken back the spare key that his sister is holding. So, to look for him, please ring the doorbell.

Upon seeing his son, Zhou parent really don’t know what to say. He only saw that his son was in an unusually good mood. But he was not affected by the ‘false’ scandals.

He is even in the mood of making tea?

‘That’ Father Zhou broke the silence. ‘Tomorrow’s charity auction’s press conference, will you attend?’

‘Of course.’

Father Zhou felt that the pressure was inexplicably large.

‘Hei….’ He wanted to ask if the scandal would blur the focus but he couldn’t ask. ‘Then….. are you ready?’

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‘Of course’

‘This grand scale, you will be getting a lot of attention.’

‘Of course’

At the end of each year, Zhou Mo will participate in charity auctions. Are those details that still need to be reminded? He can be presided over with his eyes closed.

Zhou Mother took a deep breath. She is an impatient person. Although her husband, on the way to the son’s house said that he would be the one asking the questions, however, the dialogue between the father and son has never been able to focus on the main point. She is very anxious. Can no longer endure….

‘What do you think about today’s news? Why is it Song Anyi again ah! I told you….’

Zhou Mother said half of what she wanted to say and was stunned. She saw the face of the son in front of her. The wolf-like eyes were so sharp that they felt that they couldn’t breathe.

The appearance of her son’s cold gaze is totally opposite of the scandalous pictures that was published.

Zhou Mo withdrew his hand and sat back on the seat before asking gently: ‘Mum, I want to know what happened last time. What did you say to Song Anyi?’

Zhou Mother was trembling and suddenly realized that her son was conservative and closed. However, his nature is arrogant and sharp, like a defiant wolf.

‘That day, she broke up with her boyfriend and then stayed on your side a few hours later. I couldn’t help but think…. So….’

Zhou Mother explained.

The mother’s statement plus what Song Mother said before, Zhou Mo immediately understand.

No wonder, the Song family was so hostile in the restaurant that day. No wonder that even when he confessed and saw the joy in Anyi’s eyes, she is very determined to keep a distance from him. It turned out that this was because of his mother’s doing.

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‘Mum, Anyi is the only person in my life whom I love and would like to spend the rest of my life with. I only need her.’

Zhou Mother is not able to accept: ‘Mo, your decision is too impulsive…’

‘Not impulsive. This is the truth.’

Zhou Mother looked at her son’s firm look and didn’t know what to say……
Zhou Father patted the mother’s back. ‘Think about what you said to me when you first met Miss Song. When you got back, you said that the daughter of Shu Zhen (Song Mother’s name) is beautiful and excellent. You said that it would be a wonderful thing if she could become the daughter-in-law of our family! You wanted her and our son to develop feelings together. And when they got together after she ended her previous relationship, you are so much about the fact that they got together so quickly. Isn’t that contradictory?’

Zhou Mother did not speak. Indeed, at the time, when Song Anyi worked at her son’s house, she had hoped that both the children could create some sparks. After six months, there were no progress. She also felt that it was such a pity for a long time……

She knew that her son would not an approachable person since he was a child. When he grew up, the responsibilities of the family gave him the chance to build a high and well-guarded wall that would glorified for centuries with a rigorous attitude.

His closed life sparked a bright light only because of the person he liked. As a mother, she worried that the child would be too closed and will be blocked from touching the sun.

Hmmm…. It seems that she should think about what her son wants and what is the happiest thing for him. This is what a mother should expect…..

The next day, all the focus of the press conference was on Professor Zhou’s scandal.

Zhou Mo wearing a formal suit, lining him to be more aloof upright, handsome and charming. So the female reporters could feel their hearts beating like the flowers blossoming.

God! Professor Zhou is too handsome! It is full of the temptation of mysterious abstinence. My God! My God!

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After all the journalists took turns to ask for questions. Zhou Mo got up and picked up the microphone and spoke to everyone. The low-sounding voice plucked the next female reporter:-

‘Everyone’ curiosity about me recently seems a bit too much. Forget the charity auction about the only focus for today. Since I must first explain the issues of personal affection in order for me to answer the questions related to the auction and getting the focus right, then I will clearly talk!’

‘Miss Song Anyi is my fiancée. The female lead who was photographed at the motel last time with me was her. She is the only woman beside me and I love her. As for the wealthy daughter, she is the friend of the family’s elders. I do not know her very well. Miss Song and I will get married in the near future. Unfortunately, this time, she is not pregnant. I will continue to work hard. Thank you.’



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