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Chapter 32 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Day 7 of Anniversary Special! This also marks the end of the 7 days Anniversary Special. Another 11 chapters to go to complete The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢) after today’s chapter. 

OMG! Is Anyi really expecting? A fun read today with the interaction between Zhou Mo and Anyi! The cold and icy Zhou Mo…..

Enjoy the read! Depending on the time on hand and the speed of my translation, we might be able to complete this novel within the next 3 to 4 weeks. I know I would be missing this cute OTP once the novel is completed…. 


Chapter 32

The man gave a soft sigh of relieve, his eyes moving loosely.

Song Anyi explained: ‘Obstetrics and gynaecology doctor is my friend’s classmate. He has counted. At that time, I will not get pregnant.’

Zhou Mo shrugged: ‘How can I say about this matter? I have been abstinence for many years. Sperm motility and survival rate is definitely stronger and the doctor’s assessment and other men.’

Song Anyi small face suddenly burst into red. Dealing with this man, mind need to be right and sharp!

Can anyone be like this? No red face with no shame! Even able to say how many times they ejaculate as if he is evaluating an item, with a proud tone!

‘I am not pregnant!’

‘Has your menstrual arrived?’

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She gritted her teeth and shouted? ‘It is not the time yet! Two days before that night, my menstrual period just over!’

Zhou Mo nodded, fully understand. ‘So, that’s why it is!’

Song Anyi got really mad. ‘What is with your affirmative expression? Has not come does not mean that it will not come. The body is mine. And if I am pregnant, I will not know it?’

Zhou Mo touched the chin and then nodded. Um, there is really is a need for literature. ‘According to a variety medical reports, it is true that women in their early pregnancy are irritable.’

Damn! Song Anyi is going crazy.

As a result, the gossipy sisters unwittingly moving back and forth like crazy. It is quite true. Recently Anyi is very strange. Often in a daze looking at the sky, singing in depression. The appetite has also become lesser, lunch boxes are often not eaten…. Is it really because Anyi have baby?

All eyes stared at the flat stomach of Song Anyi. Oh, Goodness! Father handsome and beautiful mother, the baby must be cute!

Song Anyi closed her eyes. Her hand on her waist and other hand rubbing her eyebrows. She is going to faint! ‘Zhou Mo, I repeat! I am throwing a tantrum not because of pregnancy but because of your unjust assumption! Please understand that I am not pregnant. Even if you ejaculate three or seven times, that is my safe time. I will not get pregnant!’

This euphemism guy! She exploded, staring at the man in front of her!

Wow! Gossipy group of sisters all move into the line of sight, unobtrusively moved to the Male Lead crotch. Did not see anything also will be envious! Really nice… Wow! Seven times in a night! Sister Anyi is really too ‘good fortune’. Professor Zhou Mo must not be tired of our home Song Anyi…..

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Seven times? Yes, Zhou Mo squinting, began to seriously consider whether he met Anyi’s expectation.

‘There is no need to argue. We can go to the hospital and get the answers.’

‘Professor Zhou, I am not pregnant. No need to go to the hospital to check!’ Song Anyi roar.

Zhou Mo sigh faintly. ‘Anyi, do not be self-willed. That is our Zhou’s child. I will take full responsibility.’

Song Anyi absolutely not self-willed. She is angered! Not to mention about Zhou Family. Mentioning about the family, she thought back about the Zhou’s elders rebuking her, as well as the heartless unprecedented grievances!

She is totally angered! ‘Zhou Mo, you hear clearly. Even if I am really pregnant, I do not need you or the Zhou Family to take full responsibility!’

Oh, the gossip group totally blown away…. Anyi admitted…. Anyi really have a baby! This earth-shattering news of course, immediately must be notified to the two Buddha upstairs!

NOTE: The two Buddha upstairs are actually referring to Anyi’s two partners, Mu Yue and Xia Li Huan

Zhou Mo, did not expect ‘things’ will go so smoothly. He seems to be able to see the future accompanied by Anyi on the side, both enjoying the sunshine, with or without any child.

He then faintly sighed with grievances – moving the ancient relics are simpler than this, okay? However, this is of course looking at Song Anyi’s experience….

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Anyi, that is my child. I will be responsible. I am the child’s father. You do not have the right to hide from me.’

‘I do not! I do not!’

Song Anyi gasped. But if she could calm down, she would have realized that today’s Zhou Mo is too talkative with too many emotions on his face. Not his usual cold face. This is obviously a trick, but she is so angry that she is not aware.

‘What do you want! Crazy crazy! Why am I standing here being questioned if I am pregnant! My menses come or not is my issue, I am not pregnant means I am not pregnant!’

‘Then, go to the hospital for examination.’ Mu Yue voice suddenly appeared. He floundered, big hand on the shoulders of the little sister very affectionately.

Zhou Mo looked cold, staring at the hands of the outsider holding her. Whatever emotions earlier are gone, restoring the original cold and cool appearance.

‘Yes, go to the hospital for a good check.’ Xia Li Huan stood on the other side of Anyi, hooking her arm, declaring the fire of friendship!

Zhou Mo imagined happiness is destroyed by the two-sudden appearance. He narrowed his eyes, looking at each other faintly.

‘Professor Zhou, Anyi and you have not relation. And if she really has a baby, it is really our matter. You just contributed a sperm. Cannot be held responsible.’ Xia Li Huan said relentless.

At that time, she accompanied Anyi to the hospital for the check-up. Ah Xiang said that it is impossible to be pregnant. But no matter what, there are some things that Professor Zhou must figure out.

Mu Yue and Xia Li Huan only love to drama.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Director Xia, I am really not pregnant….’ Song Anyi is feeling silly.

Now that the condition has got out of control. There is no pregnancy as per Dr Xiang assessment. Absolutely impossible!

Zhou Mo sight is on Mu Yue’s hand on the shoulder of Anyi. The longer it goes, the colder his face is. If the look is a knife, then Mu Yue has long been riddled with holes.

He did not speak. He just opened the passenger seat door, and with a strong gesture, weld Mu Yue to the extend he was unable to contend.

‘We’ll take my junior sister to the hospital. No need to bother Professor Zhou’ Mu Yue said coolly.

Zhou Mo moved lips, with some dangerous eyes: ‘Why?’

Mo Yue leisurely said: ‘Because I as the senior is closest to Anyi.’

Zhou Mo sneer. He walked forward. Who would think that the cold Zhou Mo, when he is ruthless, is also terrible. His eyes look like an arrogant beast, as if this time really calling out a team of Terracotta Warriors, Mu Yue would not be surprised.

Zhou Mo voice came from the abyss in general, icy cold: ‘You’re just Anyi’s senior. And I am not ‘just’!’



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