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Chapter 31 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Day 6 of Anniversary Special! Time flies indeed! We are almost done with the 7 days Anniversary Special…. 

Professor Zhou Mo taking action now… it is getting very interesting. Enjoy the read today! And have a fantastic weekend!


Chapter 31

Sister Zhang immediately said: ‘No, no. Really come for you. I just came from downstairs. Professor Zhou asked me if you are in the office. If this is not waiting for you to get off work, is waiting for?’

Song Anyi is dumbfounded. Her eyes were uneasy as she is afraid of leaking her emotions. Frankly, once she realized that she loves him, she knew that she wanted to see him. But also knowing that she would be overwhelmed to the extent of drowning, but still want to meet him. How? She must give herself a chance to forget, so she cannot see him.


She looked up with pleading eyes to Mu Yue for help. But before the words were finished, Mu Yue already set the ‘tomb warriors’ argument again. ‘Do not look for me. Senior have explained to you many times. People playing with antique are not ordinary people that we can mess with…’

Powerful black Mongolian senior saying that he is ordinary people? Usually dealing with him are high end people! How boring. Song Anyi scoffed.

Who knows that Great God is addictive in his saying: ‘I see that that the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, maybe Professor Zhou Qin Shi Huang’s soul will also move! Dominate the world, Qin Shi Huang Ye, senior could not help you….’

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Really enough.

Xia Li Huan looked unhappy. After all, the solution must be resolved. ‘Just go and meet him. Talk about it. You will be able to let it go then’

Anyi carefully thought. Of course, they are able to see it!

If not because people care about it, Mu Yue will not allow his junior sister to be haunted by harassment?

Song Anyi nodded. She also understands that Xia Li Huan makes sense.

She put on the jacket. Because of what happen, she went to purchase a new coat. It is the CHANEL’s new season collection with warm inner layer. Comparing with the elegant orange carriage brand coat, this seems more vibrant.

Song Anyi went downstairs. She thought about hundreds of opening remarks after seeing the person. Her heart suddenly swelled, almost causing her not being able to open the mouth.

She took a deep breath and clenched her fist around her body. ‘Professor Zhou, you are looking for me?’

At this moment, it is time for people to get off work. The building is filled with people coming and going. Many of them follow the ‘Efficiency’ gossip sister group to head downstairs. They pretend to pass by accidentally and move back and forth without letting go. Each of them want to see the ‘Rekindle of love fire’ details.

‘I came to pick you up.’

Zhou Mo stood upright. He is wearing the same white shirt and black suit pants. He is still as handsome with extravagant sage style bone.

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However, weird as Professor Zhou’s black eyes are too bright today. The curvature of the mouth is too high. He seems to be in a good mood.

Song Anyi think of her little white car. She must cut off everything and have the opportunity to forget this man.

‘I do not need to tired Professor Zhou. I have a car myself. If it is convenient, please return my car keys to me. I am sorry for the inconvenience.’

Every word she said is polite and estranged, flawless as she had accumulated over the years in her business. Her courtesy has become her only weapon. She must remain strong and not let anyone know her heart.

But her courtesy to Zhou Mo’s ear are just for fun as he came today prepared.

‘I am picking you up to go to the hospital for a body check-up.’

Song Anyi is surprised. ‘Why do I have to go to the hospital for a body check-up?’

Zhou Mo is giving her creeps now….

He stared straight at her belly position and that makes her creeps as well.

Zhou Mo undoubtedly looked at her: ‘You may be pregnant. So you have to go to the hospital for a check-up.’

Song Anyi was totally surprised. She felt like she was hit with bat, completely crashed.

‘I ….. pregnant. Pregnant!’ Overly shocked, she was not able to control her volume.

As a result, the gossip sister group, who was unintentionally still around them, stopped. Their eyes fixed at the abdomen of Song Anyi. Someone even took out the cell phone and reported the scene to Mu Yue and Xia Li Huan upstairs.

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What rumour is that? Song Anyi recovered. ‘Wait a second. Who said I am pregnant? I am not pregnant!’

Zhou Mo had his hands in his pocket, still very handsome leaning against the bdy of Maserati. The formation with the handsome car portray a beautiful picture.

‘I was not using condom’

The man clearly pointed out the truth.

That night of crazy passion, it was their first taste. So, they did not even think of the protective measures. Moreover, Professor Zhou do not have such thing.

Really simple and clear ah…. Song Anyi paled face turned red.

‘I….. I…. I…’ For a long time she could not spit out rebuttal. God! This man is crazy! Feeling that she had not lost enough face? Is this his way of letting her not have any peaceful day?

‘I’m not pregnant!’ She clarified angrily.

The man faintly said: ‘I ejaculated three times.’ It is also true as that really had happened.

This time, Song Anyi really feel like sobbing.

He is crazy. Totally crazy…..

‘So, you have a great chance of conceiving. Of course, we need to go to the hospital for examination.’

The man came to the conclusion and is very proud of his ability and thinks that he had potential to win.

How to let Anyi come back to his side? The only way smart Professor Zhou could think of in a second is to make each other’s connections. And ‘kids’ is the best reason. If she is really pregnant, that is God’s reward. If not, it does not mean that the same argument cannot be used for the next association.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The so-called rascal has no limit. He always never cares about the world life. Professor Zhou, for the first time tasted the feeling of being a rogue. It feels so great!

Song Anyi is a mature woman. After one-night stand, although scared half to death, also due to the frustration from meeting the elders of the Zhou Family, she knew that the after-the-fact-prevention is a must. So she went to look for Dr. Ji in her maternity clinic to ask for after contraceptive pill just in case. Dr. Xiang Cheung calculated and concluded that she is not pregnant. She said that the pill may cause menstrual disorders, so told her to give up the idea. Anyi believed in the professionalism of Dr. Xiang Cheung.

‘I went to see the doctor and confirmed that I am not pregnant.’ She looked up.

‘Did you take the medicine?’

He also knows about the Morning After contraceptive pills.




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  1. Zhou Mo is a true rogue.Now he working on the pretense of a possible pregnancy to claim his beauty. What will she do?

    Thank you for this update


  2. Just to let you know. The pictures in this and the next chapter are huge spoilers, since they also appear below earlier chapters in the “related” section. It almost halves the enjoyment of the story.


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