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Chapter 30 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Day 5 of Anniversary Special! A sad and long read today. Truly heart-breaking as we read about the tears Anyi shed and her heart-breaking admission to how she felt as she realised her true feelings towards Zhou Mo.

Enjoy the read! It is already Friday. I am looking forward to the weekend where I could find time to translate and pre-scheduled the post. 


Chapter 30

Song Anyi told herself that she must be cruel. Maybe that night is not easy to forget but whether you like it or not, does not matter. The fact before them is a fact.

Blind date heroine arrives. Before she was able to grab hold of his arm to declare her position, Song Anyi directly announced her exit.

‘Professor Zhou, congratulations on your good news. ‘Efficiency’ will certainly send you a good gift.’

She turned around, resolutely left in the company of Song Mother. She did not see the expressionless face of Zhou Mo with a deep sense of loneliness.

Zhou Mother clearly saw her son’s expression. Suddenly remembered the child’s dad saying: ‘Do you really think that our son need these?’

What the son needs, at that moment is very clear.

Song Anyi and her mother choose to stand waiting in front of the hotel waiting for other family members to meet them.

Song Mother holding her daughter’s cold hand, secretly sigh.

Breeze raised Song Anyi’s hair. Her tears, shivering shoulders, all her patience from today’s incident breaking.

She tried very hard not to see the person. Tried very hard to forget all things about him. But it is all useless. As long as she sees him, all her previous efforts crumbled in full swing. She just had to exert her whole-body strength to face him and tried not to collapse in front of him.

‘Do you like him?’ Song Mother break the silence first.

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This is her daughter. How she could not understand what her daughter is going through?

Song Anyi no longer deny. It seems that loving a person will result in such a chaos in the heart.

She thought that there was a man in her heart, as long as she is happy means love just like relationship with Xie Wei Shi.

She never knew, liking someone is not just putting the person in the heart is happy enough. Really liking a person, will taste sweet and bitter. Will care more about him because of separation and piercing.

This is an undeniable fact. She realized that she had fallen into it. She knew that her unease and unhappiness were all due to falling in love with him. Falling in love with the man with very bad mouth, closed-minded and serious man.

She let the tears flow freely on her cheeks with bitter laughter. ‘Yes, I love him. I know that. But we are not fit for each other. Give me a little time. I will forget him.’

Song Mother gently wipe her daughter’s tears. ‘Do not cry baby. Mother will get you candy to eat when we get home. Just like when you were a child. As long as you were unhappy, got wronged or being bullied by classmate, mum will take care of it. Mum will go and get them for you to eat.’

Song Anyi nodded, closed her eyes and let the tears falls. The wind blowing her thin figure, revealing full loneliness….

Three days later, Song Mother met Zhou Mo in the big calligraphy classroom. Although she was surprised, she was inexplicably calm.

For the first time, she carefully observes her daughter’s favourite object.

The result of Zhou Mother’s body ailments, Zhou Mo will temporarily take over the mother’s class. In addition to write good hand calligraphy, Zhou Mo are able to explain many professional discourse.

The students are all admiring this handsome substitute teacher, hoping that Professor Zhou can take over a few classes.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Objectively speaking, Zhou Mo serious personality, knowledgeable and somewhat indifferent, one could see his individual guidance towards the students are very patient.

Daughter has good taste but this no longer matter.

After class, Song Mother get ready to leave. But Zhou Mo walked forward, stood firm in front of her with polite gesture.

‘I will send you back.’

Somewhat surprised, Song Mother was startled. ‘Why do you want to send me back?’

‘You are the mother of Anyi. Now it is too late.’

It is too late? It is only ten o’clock at night. Song Mother frowned, did not hesitate to refuse. ‘No need. It is very convenience for me to get back by MRT myself.’ And they were unfamiliar.

On the side, the other student heard, do not find it strange. Shu Zhen and Teacher Zhou are good friends. Teacher Zhou’s soon taking the opportunity to send her home is also normal.

‘Okay okay Shu Zhen. Let Xiao Zhou Teacher to send you home! Now at this time of the night, only late-night students and night school students on the road. A bunch of them taking the MRT, everyone carrying a big bag. It is very hard to squeeze in the MRT with them. Moreover, this is your last class today. Let yourself feel comfortable. Next time you want a ride, you may not have a chance… Well, I will go first. When you have time, let’s catch up over team.’

Calligraphy class friends then wave goodbye.

‘Anyi say that you love calligraphy. It is a pity that you no longer attend class.’ Today is the last calligraphy class this semester. The Academic Office passed him her mother’s next semester class. His mother-in-law’s name is not listed.

She looked toward the handsome tall man. In fact, she can ignore him, turned around and leave. But this may be the opportunity given by God…. To make things clear.

Song Mother calmly said: ‘Professor Zhou, you should feel that our family are doing our best to keep distance from your family. The main reason is because of the previous incident. Your parents were extremely bias towards Anyi.’

‘I want to know what my father and mother said to Anyi?’ Zhou Mo eyes suddenly cooled down, like the exudes of cold ancient glaciers.

Song Mother sighed. ‘In fact, nothing is important anymore. I just want to tell you that my daughter is very self-love. She is definitely not a casual girl. I believe that she had no prior experience with you. But this incident, she is wrong. She should not have played this game. But she is a woman. The consequences will be harder than what you think. If one day, Anyi get married, the other side finds out of her past, how would she be able to face it? We are people from two different worlds. Mr Zhou, I also ask you to exalt your valuables and let Anyi go.’

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Song Mother finished what she wanted to say, picked up her stuff and left without turning back.

Zhou Mo still standing stunned. The statement from Anyi’s mother concluded in three priorities. First, he must go to understand what the elders at home said to Anyi? Second, he must recognize that he will inevitably lose her if he does not take any further action and only chase down Anyi’s footsteps.

He could not accept Anyi getting married to other people, even if Song Mother is casually mentioning it.

Thirdly, even if they are people from two worlds, even if Anyi does not want to change, it still does not matter for her to stay in her own world.

He knows very well that he has to act so that the line of do not meet again overlap.

She is his sun. Those months are the best months of his life. He must do what is required to retrieve those months, letting Anyi come back to him.

Walking ahead into the future together hand in hand.


When Maserati appears again in the suspended zone of the office building, it excites the ‘Efficiency’ woman’s legion.

To know that sister who have a pink girl heart. How good is Professor Zhou ah? People is handsome, tall and eye-catching. Even if it really does not relate with Anyi, the sisters still want handsome to come every day to pick her up. Everyone is happy. For a while there were no handsome men to see, everyone’s mind is very poor.

Sisters were happily greeting the return of the handsome guy. For Sister Zhang, not only that, she excitedly burst into the conference room, eagerly saying;-

‘Anyi, Professor Zhou came! He is waiting for you downstairs!’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Sister Zhang’s words are like a nuclear bomb-like, blowing conference room into silence. The three partners are in a meeting. Mu Yue and Xia Li Huan looked at each other. Song Anyi was shocked.

Sister Zhang completely lost patience and shouted: ‘Oh, you both hurry resolve the issue and get back together or else I will really go crazy. Professor Zhou’s home is like a house of cold ah! What is the Cold Palace, you do not understand? It is a wide and cold place. My body feels cold. There is no way to work in that environment. Professor Zhou just take a look at me, you can see how scared I am with my whole-body shivering. The body frozen into a popsicle. Let people live ah… Anyi, you forgive Sister Zhang and faster get back with Professor Zhou!’

Sister Zhang did not think too much about the meeting between men and women as well as the complicated dark tides. She only hoped that work could be adjusted back to the original state. She cannot afford to upset Professor Zhou.

Song Anyi startled. The sudden situation she is not able to digest. ‘Sister, Professor Zhou may not necessarily come for me.’



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