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Chapter 37.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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2nd post for today! Well, as much as we are loving the read on Zhou Mo and Anyi, Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu story is also slowly getting interesting.

Today, Yan Ru Yu is going to give Lan Ning a little surprise by agreeing to do something that he had never been keen to do! What is it exactly? Happy Reading! I promise you that the next post next week would be so interesting, most of you would probably scream when you read that part…. so stay tune! They will be back on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

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Chapter 37.1: 

Lan Ning’s mood is very complicated. But luckily Teacher Xing Xin has a handsome face. Otherwise the act earlier would be considered as sexual harassment.

But why is he acting like this without warning?

Seeing that Lan Ning kept quiet, Yan Ru Yu smiled and turn the cake on the rotating cake stand: ‘I teach you how to smoothly ice the cake, okay?’

He reached out for the spatula in Lan Ning’s hand. When his hand touched the back of her hand, she bounced her hand off quickly.

The spatula almost fells to the ground. Fortunately, Yan Ru Yu quickly caught it in his hand. He slightly frowned, looking at Lan Ning unpleasantly: ‘Why, do I have a plague?’

Lanning: “…”

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No, just felt like being electrocuted…..

She thought for a reason to leave. Then, she saw a thirty or fourty-year-old man coming torwards them. He was wearaing an expensive suite, hair that is combed meticulous. Lan Ning guess that he should be a company CEO.

‘He is from the movie company.’ Yan Ru Yu put down the spatula and looked at the man walking towards them.

‘Film and Television company?’ Lan Ning nodded her understanding. Their company have colobration with the film companies. It is not surprising to have the film and television company attending the company’s anniversary celebration.

‘Mr. Yan. Hello.’ The man apparently come to speak to Yan Ru Yu. He walked up and politely extended his right hand.

‘Hello.’ Yan Ru Yu also extended his hand and politely shake the hand with him. ‘What is the matter, Manager Chiang?’

The man named Manager Jiang slightly raised his mouth and smiled with displeasure: ‘It is still about cooperation. We contacted you many times before, wanting to buy the movie rights of ‘Actor’ but you had refused. Now taking advantage of the new book coming soon, we want to try to see if Mr. Yan have not changed your mind.’

Lan Ning listening to him, turned to see Yan Yu Ru. For any author, his work going into the big screen, is definitely a great temptation and glory. But fortunately, Teacher Xing Xin’s novel is not adapted into a movie. Apart from Enron detective series, he has not sold any others.

Yan Ru Yu did not immediately answer. He seems to be thinking. Mr. Jiang saw the situation, also actively added: ‘I know Mr. Yan has always been worried about the issue of actors. Enron series detectives is well-known. We also want to seriously do the movie. So, we will try to win Mo Zhen to star in the movie.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


Lan Ning heart boiling. King Mo! The god who play the element of God!

Answer quickly, Teacher! Lan Ning earnestly looking at Yan Ru Yu trying to let her unspoken words being picked up by him.

‘Mo Zhen in all aspects of the conditions are indeed good. If he is playing Wu Yan, there may be surprises.’

Manager Jiang sat his attitude loosening, hurry added: ‘Not only Wu Yan, the heroine we also have several good candidates, like Li Wei Wei, Ni Bai….’

‘Li Wei Wei looks is very beautiful. But performance is not flattering. Ni Bai is good but as Zhao Yue, her age is not suitable. She is too old.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

She really wanted to give the thumbs up to Yan Ru Yu. Two first line actresses recommended to him, he turns out to be so picky. Especially Li Wei Wei, that is the national goddess, ah. If her fans know that she has been criticized for her acting, your life safety may be threatened ah!

However, it seems that Manager Jiang is in a very good mood: ‘Zhao Yue is the soul of this film. Of course, the actress choice must also be taken note of cautiously. If Mr. Yan is willing to attend the auditions, we will give priority to your opinions.’

Lanning: “…”

Big writers are really different. Even the film company give lots of face.

Perhaps feeling the sincerity of the other party, Yan Ru Yu nodded. ‘As for the script, I hope that I can be screenwriter.’

Manager Jiang laughed: ‘Of course. We also believe that getting Teacher to write the script is naturally the best.’ He said with the face wide smiling. ‘Then, Teacher intend to co-operate?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


Manager Jiang seemed relieved and smiled at him. ‘So, let’s talk about co-operation in the company another time. What do you think?’


‘Good. I will inform the secretary to arrange the time as soon as possible.’ Manager Jiang once again extended his hand to Yan Ru Yu. ‘I wish we will have a happy cooperation.’

Yan Ru Yu smiled: ‘Happy cooperation.’



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