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Chapter 28 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Day 3 of Anniversary Week Special! And we are officially 2 today! Hope everyone had been enjoying the read so far.

Hmmmm….. I wonder what will happen today? When is Zhou Mo going to try to win Anyi back or is he just going to let it go just like that?

15 more chapters left to the end of this novel…. 


Chapter 28

She smiled. Taking her mother’s hand and sat her down, Anyi took the initiative to help mother put on makeup. ‘Dad’s birthday today. Mummy should dress up a little better.’

Song Mother said shyly: ‘What makeup. Put on lipstick casually will do. Already over 50-year-old Obasan (aunty).’

Song Anyi laughed: ‘Still shy. Where does my mother look like an Obasan? Walking along the street also had young man whistling and upsetting daddy!’

‘Hey, do not mentioned that case anymore. Later your dad hears about it and got angry again!’

Song Anyi jokes: ‘Obviously beautiful and yet not allowed to be mention.’

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Song Mother looked at the daughter in the mirror. Her daughter is a beautiful one. The children had the advantages combined of her husband, good body, beautiful and confident. Did not need her to worry from an early age but after this time, she also saw that her daughter was down. Although she looks very calm, but people at home can feel her thoughts.

Seeing that her mother did not speak but with a sad expression on the face, Song Anyi sighed in secret. Although she did not want to say more, but she knew that the incident is deep in the heart of the elders.

‘Mum, I am really good. Your facial expression should not be so sad. After that, Sister Zhang took over my job and was responsible for the cleaning of Professor Zhou’s home. Do not worry. I will not have any contact with the Zhou family.

Song Mother sighed. The incident that day, Anyi had explained to her. Drunk with a broken heart, with the bad mood, things will happen. Since it had happened, it is meaningless to blame anyone.

‘That is good. Mum is thinking. After the last calligraphy class, I will no longer go to the community class.’

Song Anyi knows that her mother love to write calligraphy and she often talked about her new friend, Zhou. What happened together with Zhou’s attitude to her, it was no longer the same for her mother and her teacher Zhou.

Both mother and daughter did not say anything. Song Anyi helped the mother to put on elegant makeup.

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‘Let’s go. Your dad must be restless sitting and waiting in the living room.’ Song Mother said.

Song Anyi nodded. ‘Okay. Mum you go with dad first. I will put on my jacket.’

Song Mother nodded and walked away.

Song Anyi looked at the camel beige wool coat, cannot help but sighed.

Last night, the eldest brother went to her rented place and bring her home. She was busy with moving the gifts into the car. When her eldest brother helped her to bring the luggage from the room, she smoothly took the jacket and did not expect that she will picked up the jacket that the team helped her to try on that day. By the time she realized it, she was already in her brother’s car on the way home.

She had no intention to having anything to do with the Zhou Family. She tried to pack the clothes and send it back by courier. She could not make up her mind. She knew that there is something wrong with her but she did not know how to deal with her own conflicts.

Even leaving these can represent what?

Song Anyi sighed. She put on the jacket. As Wei Ta said, light and warm which allows her boring heart to warm up.

Due to her preference for Taiwanese dishes, the Song Family dined at the Taiwanese restaurant in the classical and elegant Garden Paradise Hotel located in the Xinyi District with Victorian architecture.

At the end of the year, many companies would choose to have dinner during this time. They did not manage to get a private room, but it does not matter to the family. As long as they could celebrate the most important birthday of the Song Family head.

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Just Song Anyi saw the familiar figure on the left in front of her. Her smile suddenly faded. Song Mother felt the changes to the daughter, followed the direction where she was looking. Her smile also faded.

As if there is chain reaction, the Song Family saw the Zhou Family actually eating in the same space. Surprised, the atmosphere immediately dropped to the lowest point. Appetite lost, leaving the twins in a confused state while they continue to eat and drink.

‘How many more dishes left? Let’s ask the staff to not serve the dishes but packed them to take away?’ Song Mother said, the hand holding the chopsticks shaking excitedly.

Song Father holding his wife’s hand. He knew that the sex scandal has upset his wife, but he believes his daughter. Naturally will not believe what is written on the newspaper but how is the reaction of his wife so big? ‘What happened? How come you are so angry?’

During the time when Zhou Family criticize the daughter, Song Mother did not let other people know, including the Song Father. If the father knew someone would criticize his daughter, she believes he will act accordingly.

Song Anyi shook her head slowly: ‘Mum and Dad, it is ok. Today is to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Packing the food home and then reheating it will not be tasty. Ignoring them is just fine.’

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She did not dare to look up. The fact that she did not look up but she can clearly feel the burning sight on her back……

Her heart is in a chaos. The heart rate accelerate as the man’s gaze continues.

These days, even if she forced herself to work hard, but the irritable mood did not disappear. What she thinks of most often is not the regret that she took the initiative to seduce him that night. But it is her getting along with him for months and even the smallest details that continue in her mind.

She did not want to face or admit her emotions but only telling herself that even he may have a different development, but understanding the Zhou elder’s position, thinking about these now are meaningless. Zhou Family is too harsh.

‘That man is sick ah? Why keep looking at Anyi?’ Yuling is also agitated. She is not only her old classmate but also her sister. A man that bring unhappiness to Anyi, she will also get upset!

‘Yuling, you go and ask if we can pack the remaining food. Reheating food at home is better than having the sister being stared at!’ Brother is also deeply angry.

Seeing that the table is quickly getting out of control, Song Anyi took her mother and quickly got up. ‘Mum, go to the bathroom with me.’

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She only hoped that she, this party temporarily leave can reduce the anger of the table.

Song Mother accompanied her daughter to the bathroom. She also deliberately walked on the side nearer to Zhou Mo, not wanting the person to continue staring at the daughter!

Zhou Family table is full of people. There are three other strangers on the table. One of the women sitting at the side of Zhou Mo is young and beautiful. In addition to Zhou Mo whom is dressed in his regular white shirt and black pants, all others are formally dressed.

‘I really do not understand how a gentle family like them will look down and criticize others so prickly?’ Song mother walked while muttering.

Song Anyi patted her mother’s hand, trying to appease her mother at the same time also pacify her own emotions. She did not expect that the enemy road is narrow. They actually encountered Zhou Mother and Zhou Yue in the bathroom.

Song Mother and Zhou Yue are startled while Zhou Mother is very calm.

In fact, eating in the same restaurant is not a coincidence but the planning of Zhou Mother.

Zhou Mo had reached the age of marriage but still had no object. He does not have many friends and with the scandal not long ago, so the family elders are very worried. So, some people put forward proposal for blind date. The subject is a wealthy daughter of a consortium. Of course, she is optimistic. Just the son will allow and go along with it? By coincident, she accidentally heard Song Mother chatting with other students in the calligraphy class last week and know that Song Family had a birthday dinner plan today in this restaurant, so she took the chance as a bait.

‘After marriage, with time, can shorten the difference between both of you. Then life will be happy. Although Miss Lin is a daughter of the consortium, but she is gentle. You have to give yourself a chance….. But I accidentally heard that Song Family will be there that day. I do not know if I need to reschedule or change places.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘No, I will go.’

Although she did not want to admit but her son really cares about Song Anyi. Otherwise, when she proposed to eat, he would not easily have agreed. However, her son’s father did not agree to her arrangement. Even displeased with her decision to support her son to attend blind date.

‘This subject is good. The other party father is Singapore’s wealthiest businessman with estimated 2 billion US Dollar worth of net value. This year he is expected to be ranking at least top 15 in Forbes Richest Person!’

‘Do you think that our son need these?’

She did not know what Zhou Mo need. But the open relationship between men and women is something that she definitely does not agree!

Originally want to wait for her son’s consent before she arranges the restaurant but thinking that the son might just get up and leave, she had to give that thought up.

‘What a coincident!’ Zhou Mother politely greeted.

Song Mother expression is heavy. ‘Yes, what a coincident!’



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