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Chapter 27 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Day 2 of Anniversary Week Special! 

Today’s chapter does not have much excitement to it! Enjoy the read while we look closer into the siblings relationship in the Song family. 


Chapter 27

‘Wear it. Why you want to get rid of it? Do not refuse any good thing.’ Xia Li Huan said.

Song Anyi looked at the clothes she is wearing and those placed on the table.

The chill has just disappeared but….

Sigh… she sigh weakly.


When Song Anyi hangs the big star on top of the Christmas Tree, the tree looks well done!

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Big brother twin sons happily bounced around the Christmas tree while hurriedly placed large and small gifts under the Christmas tree while shouting:-

‘Little aunt. This is my gift to you. You cannot peek!’

‘And mine, little aunt cannot peek!’

Song Anyi is busy making the final adjustment to the Christmas tree. Two five-year old boys messing around at her feet. If it is not because of the Christmas tree, she really thought that Halloween reappears.

‘Well well…. Do not be so anxious. I adjust well. You put the gift again!’ Song Anyi protest. Really do not know so much obstacles, what she wants to do?

However, complaining is complaining. The smile on her lips are very happy.

Dad’s birthday is on December 20. Because it is so close to Christmas, the Song family every year will have a large-scale celebration.

Song Xiao Yu said with expectation: ‘Aunty. Xiao Mi will come to your family house to open the present? I have the gift prepared for Xia Mi. Oh, I took the pocket money to buy the Frozen album!’

Everyone like Xia Li Huan’s daughter, Xia Xiao Mi.

Song Xiao Min also went on to say: ‘I also have pocket money. I have bought blue hairpin!’

Xiao Yu and Xiao Min are in the same class. Xiao Mi is in the older class. All of them are in the same kindergarten. Both kids like Xiao Mi, every day before and after class will say that when they grow up, they want to ‘marry’ Xiao Mi as their bride. The adults hearing it were dumbfounded.

Song Anyi help to re-organize the gifts. ‘Hey, didn’t we say that we will open the gifts on Christmas Day? How come you are saying it earlier.’

‘Little Aunt, then you don’t go and tell Xiao Mi…’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Will Xiao Mi come to our house?’

Song family before and after Christmas day will organised a get-together and host a large table filled with food, while inviting best friend’s home to eat and exchange gifts. Not only the children love, even the friends also love. Song Anyi’s cooking skills are inherited from Song Mother. We can see how appealing Song Mother’s cooking are. Mu Yue and Xia Li Huan of course are guests.

‘Of course. But today, we must go to the hotel to eat. To help celebrate Grandfather’s birthday. The two of you must obediently sit in the restaurant. Cannot run around. Or else I will tell Xiao Mi. I secretly tell you, Xiao Mi only like obedient boys oh….’

‘We will obey. Little Aunt, do not tell Xiao Mi!’

‘Yes, we will be obedient.’

The little boys vowed to behave. Although threatening is not desirable but with the little boys, they are very useful.

‘Okay, okay, do not disturb your little aunty. Let your little aunt finish washing her hand and then we are ready to go out for dinner. And you go to bathroom and wear your coat!’

Sister in law had come to chase them to get ready. Sister-in-law was her high school classmates. Back then, she often come to her house to do homework. And then she was ‘snatched’ by her brother. After two years of dating, after Yuling graduated from college, Big Brother married her.

‘Are you okay?’ After the boys left, Yuling asked her with a friendly tone.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi nodded: ‘Okay’

Yuling can feel the emotions of her old classmates through her body language. Although she does not know the whole story, she does not go to question her either.

She knew that Anyi and Xie Wei Shi had broken up. During these days of dating, Anyi had been busy with work while the other one had been busy studying. Both of them breaking up, she did not feel that it is of any significant affect. Especially when the other party was a cheating party. She hated such person, let alone Anyi. So Anyi would not be emotionally affected by that….. It seems that there are other things. She had intuition that it is the sex scandal highlighted in the newspaper. But this incident upsets her mother-in-law, so everyone dared not ask.

‘If you really feel bored, we go to Hong Kong for shopping. Spend your brother’s money. Have a big meal!’

Yuling married into the Song family, being the same age as Anyi, she had been treated like her own sister. Later because of insufficient room at home, Anyi had gone out to rent another place. This had let her feel guilty.

‘Really? Brother will not cut me?’

Yuling hooked Anyi’s arm. ‘Really. You believe that if we really go shopping in Hong Kong, he would not give me Hong Kong dollars? He would awkwardly said: ‘No money and only left these!’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘I believe.’

This brings the smile between the old classmates.

Song Anyi played with Yuling hair: ‘You see how good my classmates has earned herself a good husband.’

‘Its good.’ Yuling laughed sweetly.

Handsome Song Brother lean over to his wife and gently pulled her into his arms. The palm lightly placed on his wife stomach. Yes, Yuling is pregnant again. In May next year, Song Family will meet the third baby.

‘Talking badly about me, where you want to go?’

Song Anyi quickly surrendered. ‘No, no. Under the supervision of eldest brother, I dare not go out with sister. Both of you talk, I will go and get ready!’

Big brother and sister being lovey dovey, she, the loner cannot be stimulated. Song Anyi quickly run away.

Song Family home is a general apartment. Three bedrooms and double guard. A few years ago, she moved out. Big brother has always wanted to change to a big house where they can live together. But mum and dad are reluctant to leave the district’s old neighbours and life. She also does not want the elders to worry about such things. She resolutely rented an apartment. The rented place is very close to the company and is convenience for her to commute.

However, although she moved out to live, every week or so, she will go home and stayed overnight. As long as she went home, she will sleep with sister-in-law. Both old classmates will take the opportunity to talk. Brother can only squeeze into the twins room for the nights and is not able to hold the wife to sleep. Although brother hope that the sister will come home often, not having his wife sleeping next to him, he is troubled.

Song Anyi was putting on make-up when Song Mother knocked on the door.



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