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Chapter 25 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone’s week have been a great one! The ‘secret’ behind 10 will be revealed today 🤗

Both Song Anyi and Zhou Mo are now separated…. and missing each other badly…. A sad chapter with clear view on how both Song Anyi and Zhou Mo inner thoughts and feeling are…..

Enjoy the read……


Chapter 25

Ten days.😱

She knows what she was thinking. This ten days, does not refer to Xie Wei Shi betrayal ten days ago.

But it is because she did not see that person for ten days.

Strange. Is it because of the intimacy? She did not cheat before the betrayal of her boyfriend but also gradually able to release Xie Wei Shi. But she found that she could not forget that person.

She could not forget that morning when he held her hand in bed and gently spoke to her.

She could not forget his gentle kiss, just like feathers but deeply imprinted in her heart.

She could not forget the pain he had in his eyes when they finally separated.

Who would have expected, that a person that is not good-natured, bad mouth but she got acquainted with her and got along with him? She is also used to his companionship.😭

He is not a talkative person but beside him, she does not feel bored or cold. Even though she is only in the sun with her eyes closed, even though he just read the book and ignored her, she knows that she is accompanied….

Just such a person, why she is thinking about him? So, she does not regret it?

Song Anyi sighed. Her elbows supporting the desktop, her hands covered her face, the tired sigh slowly escaped from the tight lips.

The boss appears again. ‘Miss, this pork liver soup must eat hot. When it is cold, it is not tasty.’

Song Anyi let go of her hand and smiled ambiguous to the boss.

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People always say that the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people. She has never seen such a passion and concerned about the customer in the store.

Since the boss has kindly reminded, she places her notebook back in her handbag, picked up the chopsticks and spoon to eat carefully.

Fearing the concern of the boss, she forced herself to eat all the food. She had been busy lately and had little appetite. The two dishes may have been her most recently eaten meal. And the soup is really tasty.

Paying the bill, the boss looked at her with a caring look. ‘The cold war is a small matter. Health needs to be taken care of. You may not feel bad but someone can feel bad.’

What? Song Anyi was shocked. A very embarrassing smile, the boss has mistaken something?

‘Boss, I…’

‘Nothing. Nothing. It is ok. Just I love to talk. Our family pork liver soup is delicious? Our handmade kimchi is also delicious. I personally make them. Do you want to buy a can to take home and try?’

‘Well, thank you.’

Song Anyi did not continue to clarify. Even if the care was mistaken, at this moment, it actually feels particularly warm.

Leaving the noddle shop, hand carrying the kimchi recommended by the boss, she head to the MRT station. Her eyes suddenly flashed a familiar car shadow. She looked back, in the rush, as fast as the lightning it disappeared in the traffic….

Zhou Mo followed her into the noodle shop.

As if it has been imprinted in the brain, even if in the crowds, the streets, even if he is in the car, he can capture her figure quickly. He then immediately stops without hesitation. Followed her carefully. She sat down in the corner seat. He sat down just to see her once more.

Ten days.

Anyi has left his life for ten days already.

He saw her ordering the meal first. Then the boss came over to his table and greeted him enthusiastically. ‘What do you want to eat today? Is this your first time? Our pork liver soup and dry noodles are our speciality!’

Wow! A rare handsome guy, the boss heart blossoming. The two eyes are all stuck on the handsome guy. So handsome!

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Zhou Mo raised his fingers in the direction of Anyi. ‘I want what she ordered as well.’

The owner stopped her writing movement. Her eyes bright, looking at the handsome guy. The handsome face seems to be gaunt with loneliness? Turn back and look at the back of the beauty. That beautiful face with a worried look?

Boss sum up, after watching a lot of Korean dramas, realized what is happening and it is up to her to resolve it!

These female and male guests of her, look like a pair. She is definitely not wrong! Seeing how sad both of them are, her heart also followed. ‘Mr and wife quarrel?’

Zhou Mo is stunned. Did not expect the boss’s misunderstanding and took the initiative to talk.

‘She is not your wife?’

For the first time in 10 days, his heartbeat feels the emotional ups and down over this misunderstanding.

‘She is.’ Zhou Mo did not deny. If sleep together is not a couple then what is it?

The boss is very proud to be able to see that they must be a couple! ‘Ouch! It does not matter what the quarrel is all about. Me and my man, everyday argue day and night. Mr only ordered a bowl of pork liver soup and a small portion of side dish. Will it be enough to eat? Do you want to take some hot vegetables?’

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Zhou Mo looked towards the thin Anyi figure. The line of sight has not been diverted. ‘Please help… add one for my wife. But do not let her know.’

The boss is so excited. Really awkward and big subtle guy. So handsome. Handsomer than the movie star too!

‘Of course, no problem. Mr is too subtle. I will not tell your wife. Your wife…. Do not think that I am too bossy. I heard that it would be very cold this year. The coldest period is about to register. Women like to look beautiful, do not love to wear heavy clothes. I see your wife body think windbreaker is not warm enough. You have to persuade her to wear more clothes before heading out. You should have no children, right? You need to plan to have a well-nourished body before pregnancy.

Usually, the indifferent, do not like to char and hate noisy places Zhou Mo did not felt irritated with the boss but also gently and pleasantly relished what she said.

He knows her very well.

The meal she ordered on the table, he looked at her figure eating, the throat of the infarction swallowed. With every swallow, although uncomfortable but no longer obstructed.

He saw her first drank the soup. And then put down the spoon. Like what he thoughts, pounded on the face, extremely frustrated.

He guessed that it was something related to work. She had always been like that. When working, the Bluetooth never left her body. Now, even when having a meal, her eyes are staring at the notebook.

Although helpless, but also understand that perhaps this serious insistence that attracted him deeply. Watching her passionate vitality while he was cold and lonely. He could not help but desire her.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The things that he usually touches are no longer alive. Until these years where he was teaching at the University of Arts, he walked into the crowd, supported by students but still not too accustomed to crowded and noisy place. He would rather be alone reading the book and drinking tea.

Later, she walked into his little world. Shared everything with him and brought warmth into his world. So, he started to understand what is popular nowadays and from time to time she would recommend several good movies and he would choose to go alone for a quiet night. And then quietly discuss with her. She will always have laughed with a look of surprise before saying: ‘You also watch the movie oh!’

He would not admit. She would not care why he did not admit but only holding a cup of hot tea and accompany him in his little world under the sun, briskly talking about what she wanted to say and what she wanted to share. Of course, complaining that the armchair makes her buttocks sore.

Life up to thirty-five, he had heard of the wonderful love but never though that he had the privilege to experience them.

He hates noisy while she is very happy. More than any student. And he not only did not think that she is noisy but also want her to continue laughing, continue to look at him with excited eyes. Continue vividly talking to him – keeping beside him, do not leave.



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