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Chapter 24 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Thank you everyone for the comments in the last post. A little shocking to discover that the fluff that everyone was looking forward too did not happen, right?

What is Zhou Mo going to do now? Will he fight for Anyi or will he let her go just as she wishes? 

Enjoy the read! More excitement coming up ahead! This month will focus more on this couple as we try to finish this story this month as original plan as The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢) was originally our Anniversary Gift for all our loyal readers. Hope everyone following this story had enjoyed the slow paced story. 


Chapter 24

Zhou Mo almost insignificant and self-deprecating smile, Song Anyi’s polite attitude is out. In the end, she is a guest, even if the last night, they shared their passion for each other but the dawn of this moment, after the returning of reason, both of them have become two side. He thought the passion in the beginning of the night for her has ended.

He is cold as frost. ‘That’s good. But if the paparazzi shoots the current situation – the wine bottle scattered in the living room, a little bit of traces on the sheets in the room and the kisses on your body, do you think I can still go backwards?’

He just wanted to remind her of what they had experienced last night!

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Song Anyi did not answer. Her heart burst into unspeakable emotions, hot and humid filled in the eyes. She did not understand. Even if she was just drunk, the heart is not that carefree.

The next second, Zhou Mo handcuffed her wrist, she was caught off guard and got dragged into his arms, forcing her to face him, as cold as the black ice-cold eyes.

Song Anyi looked up, shocked. She felt like she was being nailed in place and is not able to move.

‘You said you would not regret it. I misunderstood your meaning? Your regret is only referring to the night of passion, is not it?’ He let go of her, sharp black pupil dark. ‘If that’s what you want, I respect your choice.’

Zhou Mo throws her hands aside, leaving the living room without looking back. He goes to the study, opens the door, closes the door and then locks it.

Sitting in the room waiting for the two o’clock meeting, it is only half past one. Lunch break just ended. Sitting in the conference room, Song Anyi bask in front of the window, looking blackly with unfocused eyes forward. The always energetic dazzling girl is very sad at this moment. She looks like a wounded little beast, lightly licking the wound in the corner where no one noticed.

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Unconsciously humming, word by word slowly sings:-

We are all right, just not suitable

I want, I know now

Happiness is mine, not yours

Lonely to be responsible for themselves

A short lyric, but each word is able to hit her heart.

Morning ride to work, the girl sitting next to her was playing the song. The volume is moderate, the melody is also very good. She followed and started to hum. Maybe the artists’ right emotions, letting her suddenly feel like bursting into tears, yeah…. We are all right, just not for…..

Mu Shao standing outside the conference room and Xia Li Huan looking at her.

‘What is wrong with her?’ Mu Yue asked.

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Xia Li Huan frown. ‘It is unclear whether the object of emotional injury is Xie Wei Shi or Professor Zhou.’

Fearing the follow up of the paparazzi, although Song Anyi knows that Zhou family will have their own solutions, but things are because of her, so she should take full responsibility.

So, after leaving the Zhou home, she had gone home to wash and change clothes. She immediately went into the company and asked for senior Mu Shao whom have influents in the political and business sectors for help. For him, the press is like a telephone conversation. As simple as that.

But call is a call. Gossip is unavoidable especially when she is wearing a turtleneck. Xia Li Huan caught her and asked for the detail.

Song Anyi did not want to hide. But for both of them, she whom is actually conservative, one-night stand is simple not possible! Luckily the one-night stand did not scare them.

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They all know Anyi is cautious. Not to say that she is the kind of woman holding the arch of chastity. Her love for men and women have their own love. The two understand her to a certain extent, it is absolutely impossible for her to come to that step. And Professor Zhou, not to mention, who would have expected to move to the step of passion and allow temptation to take over?

Xia Li Huan analysis: ‘With the criticism of Professor Zhou, he whom had a cold temperament, to say that ‘Taishan collapse in the same colour unchanged’ is not an exaggeration. We just feel free to kiss, how could change immediate beast. I guess Professor Zhou’s heart is also with her.’

泰山崩于前而色不变 is a Chinese Proverbs

Mu Yue fully agree. ‘Sure ah. Otherwise how would be come to pick up Anyi everyday?’

‘Anyi cooking is not bad. Her braised beef ribs are awesome.’

‘With Zhou Mo capability, when he cannot afford to invite special chef to cook dinner at home?’

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‘That is right.’ Xie Li Huan sigh, what a puty. ‘Whether or not there is meaning, Zhou parents’ words are too hurtful. Even if Anyi had any idea, it will be broken. Moreover, things happened after the change over the past week. Professor Zhou home cleaning, he did not say anything about the changes of people. As for every day’s dinner, Anyi and Xie Wei Shi had broken up, so this verbal agreement naturally will not have to fulfil. The Maserati never come anymore. Senior, these two people have no more home? I think it is difficult….’

Mu Yue really do not understand a woman’s mind. His family doctor (wife) is not so complicated. ‘Now who is she singing the love song for?’

‘Yes ah. Anyi’s love song is for whom?’ Xie Li Huan said with a regret tone.

Perhaps in every human life may encounter people who do not fit each other. Want to love but did not dare to love. Want to have but afraid of possession. The two may have difference and no initiative. But what happen cannot be undone. The time consumption of this, but no longer tolerate to the eyes of others, only leave the loneliness.

Anyi so, then what about her? Xie Li Huan bitter smile, taking advantage of mind and quickly turn to go, no longer listening to the sad melody:-

We are all right, just not suitable

In fact, the focus is not on the emotional wounds. For Song Anyi, life and work have been restored to the pattern of more than seven months ago. This is the only thing that makes her feel happy about the recent mess.

She returned to her old place, busy running around to see customers every day. Busy signing contract, busy meeting. The only difference is the new while YARIS although is back, is not with her.

Do not know if the coincidence or lawyer Cao mistakenly believe that she lived in Professor Zhou’s home. The car was sent back on the day and now in Professor Zhou’s underground garage with the key handed over to Professor Zhou.

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However, it is impossible for Song Anyi to get it back. She even called Zhou Yue and Lawyer Cao for help. Both of them are not able to help. Sister Zhang cannot drive and hence, cannot help her to drive the car back to the company. Xie Li Huan and Mu Yue does not want to stir up trouble. They assert that if they drive the car back, Professor Zhou will definitely make things terrible for them. They think that for someone whom work with ancient artefacts for a long time, there must be something terrible and mysterious witchcraft that no ordinary people can understand. That person cannot be offended.

After all, they simply did not want to help her to drive her white YARIS home. Whatever reason will come out from their mouth…..

Since there is no car to drive, Song Anyi can only continue to take the MRT, the bus or taxi.

On that day, she came to Donghu for a business meeting and just signed a contract. It is lunch time when she found a home-made noodle restaurant near the MRT station. She ordered a bowl of liver soup and a small portion of side dishes. While waiting for food to be served, she took out a notebook from her handbag to focus on the notes for today.

Senior often say that she is an old fashion person. Modern people using APP software notes, categorised. There are even reminders. But she like the feeling of personal notes. So, she is considered old-fashion.

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Song Anyi stopped her hand movement holding the pen and take a deep breath. In the upper right corner of the notebook, there is a number written ’10’

A moment later, the boss sent her meals and there is an additional dish of hot vegetables.

‘Boss, I did not order the hot vegetables.’

‘Oh…. This is a special treat for today…..’

The boss tone is ambiguous but Song Anyi did not think too much. Thanking the friendly boss, she picked up the cutleries and began to enjoy today’s lunch.

She drank a mouthful of soup. And then unconsciously dropped the spoon. Her eyes stopped at the notebook number ’10.’



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9 thoughts on “Chapter 24 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

  1. Sorry but Zhou Mo just pissed me of. Yes she asked for it, to be drunk around a man. But still it is not a gentleman attitude afterall to exploit her vulnerable situation to get what he wants.
    To be strictly speaking it is kind of rape, because she is not in sober even if she still knows who he is.
    She is not in a state of mind to make an important decision like having sex, especially since he definitely knows that she is a conservative type and just had a broken heart.
    What he did is already not appropriate but now he dares complaining to her.
    Who does he think he is?
    He should be the one apologising to her, not reverse.
    And as a smart man as he is, how can he not understand how humiliated she was at that moment..and how important it is for her especially at that moment to preserve her dignity.
    She was not only just cheated by her BF but also had found out that she has been only used as a tool for his financial support.
    Her pride was already crushed enough by an idiot like XWS and now even his family just made it worst… THEY even deliberately picked up her parents to scold her.
    It’s basically like slapping her parents’ face for not giving her a proper upbringing.
    Is the professor an idiot narcissist or what?
    Even someone with low EQ should at leasts till have an understanding or moral principles, shouldn’t he?


  2. She just lost her BF the night before, what does he expect?
    To go directly head over heels for him or what? Wouldn’t her moral be even more questionable if she said she is in love with him and considering to be his wife just after being abandoned by a trashy BF and happened to catch a good material husband which is still virgin and easy to be driven by lust?
    ZM is being completely illogical.


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