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Chapter 36.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Happy Thursday! Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu is back to entertaining us today. 

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Chapter 36.1: 

This sentence feels like a pot of ice water being poured onto Lan Ning, waking her up.

Oh yes, she must have been too excited earlier thinking that she had finished stamping the cover while sleeping.

Yan Ru Yu yawned and with a very sleepy look said: ‘I help you finish the stamping of the cover, in return, today’s meals will be prepared by you.’

Lan Ning ‘….’

She stood silently and stared at him for a while before saying: ‘Teacher, stamping has always been your job. I am helping you.’

Yan Ru Yu sat down on the counch, glancing indifferently to her: ‘That is not my own job. It is the job that you found for me.’

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Well, your job also never seen you so active!

Lan Ning’s mouth moved twice and finally asked with a smile: ‘Teacher, what do you want for breakfast?’

After she had made the breakfast, she started leaving for home. While heading out of the door, Yan Ru Yu reminded her: ‘Remember to come earlier to prepare lunch.’

Lan Ning: ‘………’

She plans to order him takeout online.

Getting home feeling tired, Lan Ning rubbed her sore shoulders. Sleeping in the living room one night, the whole body is not comfortable ah. Take a hot bath should be better.

She was ready to enter the room, when Qu Tong bedroom door opened. Qu Tong dressed in princess pajamas walked out with a messy hair. She saw Lan Ning standing at the door and was obviouslt surprised: ‘Sister Lan Ning, you are only back now?’


‘Did you stay the night at Teacher Yan’s place?’

Lan Ning: ‘…….’

Please do not use such a sensitive word, overnight.

‘Hey, hey, did not expect that attending parent meet together will be such a great opportunity to promote the feelings of men and women.’

Lan Ning went up to her and knocked on her head: ‘Did you finished the math test? You need to study hard all day and not spend your heart elsewhere.’

Qu Tong touched her head and looked up at her: ‘It is not my fault. But you did not return all night, this itself is very dirty ah.’

‘…. I was stamping the cover until late, and then fell asleep in the living room. You don’t talk nonsense.’ Lan Ning finished talking only realized that she forgot to bring her bag home. Qu Tong whispered outside the door: ‘Then, what are you blushing ah?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Because of Yan Ru Yu ‘help’, he uses that as an excuse to get Lan Ning over to his home over the next two days to prepare meals. On Monday, Lan Ning received the stamped cover from Yan Ru Yu. And then the book is printed, it should be sent to the factory for binding.

Inside the editorial board, the editor update everyone about the company’s anniversary celerations. Each editor is asked to be confirmed with the author again whether they would be able to attend. Lan Ning looked at the activities, time, content and the list of authors under her whom had received the invitation.

Cauliflower: Teacher, final confirmation, company anniversary the day after tomorrow, can you come?

Xing Xi: Ah.

Cauliflower: ok √

Xing Xi: Peanuts received the invitation yet?

Cauliflower: … You mean bìkōng rú xǐ is it? ^ _ ^ Maybe next year he will be invited to oh ^ _ ^

Xing Xin: Ha ha 🙂

Cauliflower: Oh yes, one of the most popular short stories in this month’s magazine is his “Prayer,” And we will give him extra rewards. ^ _ ^

Xing Xin: Ha ha ha :))

Lan Ning looked at the smiling face that he sent, could not help but burst out laughing. She felt that there is new people around to stimulate Teacher Xing Xin is also a good thing.

Because the company anniversary celebration is on a Wednesday afternoon, the editors got off work early and head over to the hotel that the company booked to gather together. The authors whom received the invitation arrives one after another at the hotel. Lan Ning stood outside the hotel waiting for the fear that the author cannot find their way.

Yes, she is talking about Teacher Xing Xin.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Fortunately, Teacher Xing Xin has been in the city for so many years. To get lost in the city is not easy. Lan Ning looked at his silver Jaguar coming over from afar and went up towards it.

Yan Ru Yu parked the car and got down from the car. He is still wearing a straight suit but not the same set from the parent meeting last time.

Lan Ning glanced at him. She had to admist that he wearing a suit is really handsome. Yan Su Yu also scrutinized her for a moment while getting out of the car and then asked: ‘Is this the best dress you got?’

Lanning: “…”

She usually wears casually to work. Like this dress, she hard wears them in a year. She only had this set. Although it is not a brand name, but she thinks that it is a dress that she could wear out to meet people. Why once it is coming from his mouth, it sounded so wrong?

She took a deep breath and smiled at Yan Ru Yu: ‘I did not choose because I only have this set.’

Yan Ru Yu flashed a touch of surprise and then in a very sorry tone said: ‘I am really amazed at you.’

Lanning: “…”

Get lost!

‘The event venue is on the third floor. Let’s go.’ She turned politely and walked into the hotel. Yan Ru Yu followed behind her with a few awe-inspiring laughs.





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