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Chapter 37 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

A short chapter. So decided to post the entire chapter. This chapter brings us back to the beginning where Yi Fan and Xiao Bei met each other. And we are able to see what Yi Fan think back then and why he did what he did to Xiao Bei…. hahahaha a planned revenge that backfired!

Enjoy the read. My translation style is definitely not as fun as how tinkerbellsan does the translation. So forgive me for being such a bore! If you all think that tinkerbellsan is more suitable for this novel translation and is willing to wait for her return, do drop the note in the comment and between us, we will decide if I should continue with the next chapter or I will return the translation back to @tinkerbellsan

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Chapter 37

Friday, August 31, weather: fine


Face value is important. The more glamorous on the surface, the more people cannot see anything below that level.

Lan Si Yan also understand Yi Fan well. She had seen how he from a helpless figure, step by step transformed into a young man. And then growing into a young talent. Him crying is just because he is lonely or bored. She is crystal clear, so Yi Fan is not able to disguise before her. As for other people, it is necessary to kill and destroy if they are inadvertently discovered. Yi Fan in the elevator, when hearing about the staff joking by Guan Xiao Bei about meeting a funny man in the morning, with a non-perceptible perspective through the reflective metal door, looking at his own standardized elite, he immediately realized that he had a task to complete. The smart and austere image set up by hard work cannot be destroyed by a farce.

Yi Fan immediately decided to ‘murder’. Ten minutes later, Guan Xiao Bei was put under house arrest in the President’s office. Revenge of the president was just looking at the girl sitting on the couch opposite of him. She did not perceive the eyes of the people who come and go thinking that it is strange and the behaviors is wrong.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

From this we can see that if life starts from one morning, it will not let go if you do not draw the stiff and spit at the limbs.

On the first day, he was so busy that the wanted to just think of how to dispose Guan Xiao Bei. The result of the bitterness, a long lunch break, he did not come up to appropriate countermeasures. Back into the office, he continues thinking when ‘grunt’ interrupted his thinking. Yi Fan looked up and then remembered that over lunch break, Guan Xiao Bei was forgotten in his office. Looking at her grievances, depressed but forbearing expression, the vanity of Yi Fan came back. He decided to let her continue to be hungry.

The next day, near noon, Yi Fan decided to go out and give Lan Si Yan a call.

The difference between the two places are nearly twelve hours. The person answering the phone was asleep.
“Who is that?” Lan Si Yan’s voice is unique after the sleep was interrupted irritability.

“I just want to ask if you have arrived safely.” Yi Fan gently said.

The voice of Johnson came over the phone: “Is it Yi?”

“Well, that smelly kid, and I say when you call, can you not look at the time?” Lan Si Yang impatiently said.

“I’m worried, you did not call me to tell me that you have arrived.”

“Yi, Si Yan is very well. I was very dissatisfied with you. You let her lose weight, and got hurt!” Johnson grabbed the phone, joking with crappy Chinese.

“Then, you do not make her angry. So that she will not come back. Next time she come back, I will not let her go back.” Yi Fan also half-truthfully said.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Long winded brat. Remember, the next time you call, please see the time.” Lan Si Yan unceremoniously hung up the phone.

Yi Fan bitterly holding the phone to think. More than 10 years, still cannot relieved?

First time away from home, homesick like water and soil trapped in this monstrous child, he was like a slug to Lan Si Yan. She although had bad temperament, but out of habitual ladylike, had no way across the lonely ocean, she was his pillar. Mutual torture between both of them while rely on each other, they grew up together. The difficult life of Lan Si Yan molded her into a great lady, although always screaming at Yi Fan, it was more to the tough mouth but hear was still cares for him. While the gradually matured and no longer weak Yi Fan, quietly classified her as someone whom he will take care for life. But as soon as this idea came, Lan Si Yan announced that she had found true love to a blond boy on the motorcycle.

Fifteen-year-old Yi Fan, felt abandon by ‘mother’ once again was lonely, angry acting like a spoiled child, using the old fashion; ‘Your adolescent hormone just secreted, the active attraction for the opposite sex makes you mistaken for love, will not last long’ to encourage Lan Si Yan to return to his side.
However, Lan Si Yan had no doubt about the relationship in the west where sexuality and love are more open and free. She lives with Johnson until now.

Now recalling about it, why so confident of their feelings but do not believe other feelings?

They have a common cause, mutual support, along the way, to some extent, they have achieved a miracle of love.

Reasonable, mood is unhappy, so noon this day, he mistreated Guan Xiaobei, did not allow her time to eat.

The third day, he was too busy till forget to eat. While resting on the chair, and then remembered Guan Xiao Bei.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

She combed the bangs again and covered the bruises in her forehead. When her eyes were empty, her soul did not know where the fugue went. That pair of ignorant eyes so easily to be a little trance. In front of this quiet girl, will be the one who laughed and said to him hello to say hello to other people? He sighed. Guan Xiao Bei recovered, immediately moved her eyes elsewhere. But his face involuntarily red for a moment.

Yi Fan felt guilty and woke up. This is how he was, so mean to let the girl go hungry for three days. Today … … let her continue to be hungry. Tomorrow bring her for a good meal, be regarded as compensation, Yi Fan secretly determined.

On the fourth day, Yi Fan wanted to invite Guan Xiao Bei for lunch. But found that she could even use summer light and thin clothes as a cover, smuggled in a pile of food, blatantly filled his coffee table. And finally, provocatively looked at him. That shiny eyes, contempt of the smile, so Yi Fan returned back to the real face causing her that moment of embarrassment.

As a result, the mood of torturing her increased, retreated and invaded, endless.

He played a trick at her in the hotel. Cheated her in getting her to order the fried rice and then got her to pay. On the way back, it was easy to see from the rearview mirror how distressed and distorted faced Guan Xiao Bei was. While, Guan Xiao Bei could see how happy he was from the revenge.

In order to be able to enjoy the pleasure of breeding in dark psychology, Yi Fan decided to keep Xiao Bei around.

The President is in a good mood, the office efficiency is high.



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