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Chapter 21 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Half way mark! We have finally reach the midpoint of this novel. Yes, the progress has been steady and slow. But this is the kinda of novel that keeps us wanting to come back but at the same had the patience to wait for the next chapter, right?

So, what would happen between Zhou Mo and Anyi? Read on!

Enjoy the read today! A good start of the month!


Chapter 21 

Zhou Mo, because of trying to control the boiling body, said with a very low voice. ‘You have to believe the fact that Song Anyi, you are very attractive.’

The sudden affirmation got Song Anyi’s teary face looking up. No one will understand that at this moment, this sentence means a lot for her.

She leans forward and gently kissed him on his thin lips.

‘Really?’ She looked very vulnerable and upset.

He looked straight at her, his eyes dark and whispered: ‘You kiss me?’

Before Song Anyi return the kiss, he had once again hugged her in his arms, hot lips sealing her kiss.

‘Let’s have sex.’

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Song Anyi said softly with temptation.

Regardless of the reason if she was drive by alcohol or because of Xie Wei Shi derailed stimulation, she does not care. Perhaps she will regret tonight but she did not care.

She only knows that this man in front has provoked her passion and also meet her self-esteem.

‘Zhou Mo, make love to me.’

Zhou Mo kiss her again. Without a moment of hesitation, he held her bottom, wrap her legs around his waist. In this extremely ambiguous action, both lips did not leave each other. He carried her across the living room into the master bedroom.

‘You will not regret this.’

He wants her. This is the woman that he wants.

Man, arrogant proclamation with kiss deepening. He sucked her tongue, overbearing taking her breath. The sweet taste for Zhou Mo is a taste over and over again that he wants. Her fingers could not help but hold onto the shirt on his body. The slightly swollen red lips moaning softly.

Two passionate individual feel on the bed.

Song Anyi is awakened by pain.

Hangover uncomfortable while the whole body seems to have climb over two Yushan. So painful. The whole bones in the body seems like to have scattered, especially the tight is unconsciously shaking. But she is clearly ‘over’ movement to death. But how not she is not able to sleep.

She frowned. Her eyes closing. Her hands patting her head. She wished it is all was a dream. She did not drink till so drunk and did not do anything crazy. But God obviously did not accept her prayer. She clearly felt a heavy pressure of pressing on her waist. Near her head, is a gently breath blowing against her.

She knew that she is hugged tightly by someone.

Although Professor Zhou’s body is great, this is not the main point. The point is…. She’s dead!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

She is very familiar with the master bedroom. Every corner of the room was cleaned by her. The sheets under her body were just replaced two days ago. The fact was that she climbed into Professor Zhou’s bed. It is not the first time but she really got into the bed with him.

She’s dead!

As the saying goes. Drunk chaos.

Is she over-sad or she had gone crazy. She actually…. She actually took the initiative to ask…….

‘Is this really not a dream?’ She whispered quietly with unparalleled prayers.

Unfortunately, lumbar abdominal overbearing weight, behind the embrace, blowing in her head the warm shallow breath, also the naked body, all of this is so real. Cruelly reminding her of this fact!

Song Anyi carefully breath, afraid of disturbing the man behind.

She remembered everything. The man poured out like mad passion after passion. She did not even lift a finger of strength, only letting the man picked her up to the bathroom for final cleaning…..

Do you think that bathroom is just a bathing place?

Damn. Do not neglect the explosive power of 35-year-old virgin, even if he is a moving paleontology, but also with no restraint! The final memory was that she had been dizzy in the jacuzzi and her eyes were filled with the tears that she had just erupted.

Song Anyi is annoyed. Romance is really not terrible. The bad mood has also calm down. The terrible fact is that she actually got into bed with employers? Is she crazy! This is a good one-night stand but the other party is very serious. What is she doing to seduce him?

Damn! She scolded herself.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Since, it is a one-night stand, cannot care about the ups and downs throughout the body after the pain. She must wake up and immediately leave! Otherwise, when Zhou Mo wake up, what would the expression be. She did not know if he is capable of other expression. If the object of one-night stand is a cold face, the woman will be sad……

As for what happened after that, she must first leave is the best policy!

Making up her mind, Song Anyi carefully move aside Zhou Mo arm placed on her waist. As she just moved, she was suddenly grasp bu the man, the small hands of hers is captured into his palm!

Song Anyi almost screamed. Only to hear the low, magnetic voice over her head.

‘Where are you going?’

She paused, still choking and slowly breathing.

Just consider her still fast asleep ok? Quickly sleep….. quickly sleep…. Only to get him to sleep. Quickly sleep….. quickly sleep….

Seeing that she did not answer, her hand was clutched in the palm. Gently took her into his arms, lifted her whole body and placed her head on his other arm while facing him.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

His lazy black eyes watching her in his arms. Her eyes are closed, the whole person stiff like wood-like, cheeks red, soft lips due to last night’s uncontrolled swelling is still red. His look changed to gentle while he bow and gently kiss her lips.

Song Anyi opened her eyes. She looked into the gentle gaze of the man.

Zhou Mo seeing her, smiled and slowly said: ‘Do not tell me that you wake up early this morning while looking for a chance to leave so that you could deny everything?’

Song Anyi avoided his gently gaze. Her heart jump fiercely. He is right. She really did not want to admit what happened last night, although she was lying naked in his arms, making her very sad to break the bridge……



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  2. too me too… Today hubby went off earlier than usual..otherwise he would be late for work! Prof Zhou… So cool and hot!
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  3. Stay calm stay calm! When I read your comment for a while I could not remember what this chapter was about. This novel is currently pre-scheduled ahead 🤣

    Stay tune as the next few chapters may potentially break your heart when you read.

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  4. Tsk. … I knew it. But seriously… Drunken consent is not real consent so… That was umm…. Not good. Still, their interactions were kinda cute….
    Many thankss

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