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Chapter 20 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Surprised! An additional post for this week to mark the end of February. 2nd month of 2018 is gone! Time has indeed flown by so quickly.

Poor Song Anyi with the shocking discovery of the useless Xie Wei Shi. Zhou Mo to her rescue…. what is going to happen next? Has Zhou Mo realised his heart and how much Song Anyi means to him yet?

Enjoy the read today! 


Chapter 20

After all, Miss Song is a passionate person. Bright like the sun. But her gaze is so fragile and helpless. Sadness is not suitable for her.

Zhou Mo eyes show some struggle. With a stiff tone, he finally squeezed out the words: ‘Breaking up is not your problem.’

Song Anyi knew that Professor Zhou is not a comforter. So, she did not expect such situation. When she is comforted, she felt even more vulnerable……


She wanted to laugh. But crying is uglier. Her heart is severely tugged as tears drop falling out of control.

Zhou Mo is slightly startled. Obviously not expecting it, staring at her without a word.

Is it counter-productive? His comforting words did not make her feel better?

Two puzzled eyes, stopped at her face that is full of tears.

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‘Do not cry.’ A very light voice said with a little anxious.

Song Anyi’s tears continue to flow, the hot tears bluntly dropping on his strong chest, wetting his shirt.

‘Do not cry anymore. Come and drink with me’

Song Anyi wiped away the tears. With her face upturned, drank the full glass of red wine.

‘Very nice to drink….’

Just that drinking more wine, it feels emptier. She dropped the goblet in the hand. The crystal goblet material density is better than average. Falling on the carpet, it did not break after two bounces.

With the red eyes from crying, she hugged the man in front of her. Her head cuddled in his shoulder, the whole person shrinking into the warm arms.

Really felt betrayed. The mood of being used is bad.

‘Miss Song, you are holding me.’ This is a strong sentence. Zhou Mo quietly stated the truth.

Both of them get along with the mode of mutual respect, keeping a distance (not including the occasional Miss Song’s silliness). Now the embrace has evolved to a zero distance, even Zhou Mo is inevitably surprised.

Song Anyi is upset. ‘I am drunk. I am in a bad mood. Hug is comfort. You are my friend. Cannot I cry on your chest?’

The fragrance of the hair is the usual smell on her body. The softness of the woman resting on his chest is a temptation. Some kind of throbbing is aroused. He must be more ruthless to stop it. ‘Miss Song, I do not borrow things to people.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Well, we are friends. Take a moment cannot? You did not see how miserable I am today?’ She tearfully protests, crying red eyes filled of grievances. She even deliberately rubbed him letting herself closer.

Zhou Mo sniffing the fragrance on her body. Her breath has become the most familiar, like insanity.

Every day he must go out to meet people. He thought it was just like any dinner. In fact, to be more accurate, with her around, the wonderful atmosphere feeling is there. With her around, his world seems to be filled with sunshine, with floral smell, there will be a smile (although occasionally it is very uncomfortable). Even the air seems active, invigorating the lifeless atmosphere of the home. His cold heart has substantial beating.

The emotions that he did not understand, at this moment is about to crack. He seems to be breaking out of the cocoon.

He understood. This person is the person he wants.

‘Song Anyi. I do not see you as a friend.’ Zhou Mo softly whispered into her ears.

Yes, he did not see Song Anyi as a friend.

There may be other emotions that are still unclear but Song Anyi will not be just a friend.

Zhou Mo whom always had a cold expressionless face, his thin lips raised a satisfied smile.

But this unclear statement, makes Anyi cry even more!

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‘Wow! I not only do not have a boyfriend. I do not even have a male friend! I must be a charming woman at home but which man would like a strong woman? What job is that? Men only like weak girls like the schoolmate. I am taller than most men, who would like me…..’

She is definitely very drunk.

Zhou Mo leans over to narrow the distance between both of them. They are very close. The tip of the nose can almost touch the tip of her nose. His large hand ring around her slender waist, the whole body lightly cover her.

At the moment, Zhou Mo who do not understand love, finally realized that as early as don’t know when, he had already head the girl in his heart.

If she thinks that she has no charm, he will prove that she is more attractive.

‘Do you want me to kiss you?’

Ambiguous in his discourse, the air suddenly started heating up.

Song Anyi blinked. The alcohol makes her unable to think carefully. Yeah. Xie Wei Shi can kiss someone else, she can also do the same, isn’t it? Moreover, she is now free. So, she can kiss anyone as long as she is happy.

Under the soft light, she saw Professor Zhou sharp pressing.

‘Song Anyi, do you want me to kiss you?’

The man’s breath was getting closer and hotter. Just above her nose.

What’s wrong with kissing? Professor Zhou is more handsome than Xie Wei Shi a thousand of times!

‘Yes’ Song Anyi nodded. ‘I want you to kiss me.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

No room for her to regret, Zhou Mo cold lip has landed.

Around the unusual quiet, her heartbeat is clear and loud. Song Anyi enveloped in the strange atmosphere with his hand on her back, and the other hand holding her face, locking her in his arms. That cool thin lips covers her authentic, knead kiss, suck…. The man’s unique cold breath like silk wrapped around her lips and tongue.

She moaned softly and trembled slightly. The alcohol did not paralyze her feelings about her physical desires. Her heart was completely out of control at this moment. She was disorganized and the man’s aggressiveness nearly make her unable to breathe.

He is kissing her.

That cold and toxic tongue man.

‘Who am I?’

The woman’s breath pleasant sweet, lip-tinking moment. It is like sucking on an attractive honey, telling him not to open the mouth.

For him, such a touch is a strange experience. But he does not need to know that the touch between lip as the lip seems to be able to start instinctively immediately, allowing him to immediately understand what to do to make each other more enjoyable.

He used his tongue to pry open her lips, slides in, slips into her but he wants her to know who is kissing her right now.

‘Who am I?’ he whispered again.

Her gently wheezing and soft moan are wonderful reaction that makes his body tight, anxious to break out of the cocoon of lust with his breathless breathing more rapid…….

‘Zhou Mo. You are Zhou Mo.’ Song Anyi replied, with blushing cheeks, the eyes waving like a flash!



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    1. hang on there. the chapters gets more interesting moving forward especially when we have more insight on ZM when he realised how important Anyi is to him. Ops. Spoiler given


  1. SAY better remember they kissed after she sobered up HAHAHAHAHHAA
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  2. Zhou Mo has been like a kettle on a stove slowly coming to a boil.His temperature rose so slowly that he did not realize fully that he was more than casually interested in this woman. Now he wants all of her to want him.

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