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Chapter 35.4 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu as parents? Hahaha…. can anyone imagine that yet? Love how Yan Ru Yu kept quiet about Mrs Yan status for Lan Ning…. he has definitely make it clear about how he feels about it, isn’t it? Poor Qu Tong…… with a maths score like hers…. it is true what Lan Ning said. She should be at home reflecting it and trying to find ways to improve it. 

More interesting read ahead today so do Enjoy the reading! 

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Chapter 35.4:

She took her math test paper back from Yan Ru Yu and put into the bag: ‘What is your plan after this?’

Lan Ning said: ‘I still need to go to Teacher’s home to continue the stamping.’

Qu Tong’s eyes turned around, ambiguously smiled at them: ‘Then I do not disturb my sister and brother-in-law. And I had asked my classmates to go out for dinner. You two enjoy….’

Lan Ning with a red face, seized Qu Tong’s bag not letting her go: ‘You test so bad, you go back and reflected yourself. And you still have mood to go out and eat with your classmate?’

Qu Tong: ‘……..’

You are too into the role of the parent!

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‘Brother-in-law….’ She asked for help by looking at Yan Ru Yu. He said: ‘I think your cousin said is very reasonable. If I have this test score, I will not have face to see anyone.’

Qu Tong: ‘……..’

You two are really!

‘I will go back and reflect after my meal. Both of you go and continue with your busy life.’ Qu Tong finished this sentence and left with her bag.

‘You really blush easily.’ Yan Ru Yu looked at Lan Ning with the slightly red ears.

Lan Ning brow frowned but turned to go: ‘Ok. Let’s go!’

Yan Ru Yu drove both of them back. Lan Ning sit in the passenger seat, just like sulking, without a word. Yan Ru Yu did not take the initiative to talk with her as well. Both of them arrived at home. Lan Ning picked up the seal and began to repeat her last two days of work.

Before Yan Ru Yu commented about the signature, she really does not think to much of ten thousand, now sealing it herself…. Ten thousand is indeed a lot!

Looking at the pile, she felt that her future is dark. But fortunately, today is Friday, tomorrow there is no need to go to work. She would like to take advantage of tonight to work overtime to complete more.

Without a moment delay, she ate her dinner in less than five minutes. Yan Ru Yu glanced at her and sat down in the living room to continue stamping. He quietly continues to eat his dinner.

In the evening, Yan Ru Yu moved his laptop from the study and prepare to write in the living room. He prepared himself a pot of coffee and poured a cup for Lan Ning as well.

‘Ah, thank you.’Lan Ning picked up the coffee cup that he had put on the table and took a sip before continuing to stamp.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu looked at her for a while, went to the other side to site down. He opens his laptop and started writing.

Lan Ning drank three cups of coffee that night but still was not able to withstand the drowsiness. At midnight, she fell asleep on the table.

Yan Ru Yu seeing that she has fallen asleep. He switched off the laptop. He took a blanket from the bedroom and put it on her body.

Lan Ning continue to sleep very quiet. Yan Ru Yu sat down beside her, staring at her sleeping face. He looked for a while, unconsciously evoke a smile. He raised his hand and touched her hair gently. Her hair is very supple. Feels very good. Yan Ru Yu feels like strocking the car, gently stroking.

Lan Ning murmured vaguely twice, causing Yan \ru HYu to retract the hand and looked at the table full of lining. He sighed, picked up the seal and stamp it.

When Lan Ning woke up, the sky is already bright. The sunlight out of the window splashed through the curtains of the living rooms floor. Lan Ning rubbed her eyes, stretched out and sat up. The blanket on her body feel on the ground.

She glanced around, only to find that it is already dawn.

‘I feel asleep here?’ She paused suddenly woke up with some panic and looked around. She did not see Yan Ru Yu around. On the table are neatly stacked several piles of printed lining page!

‘Har, when did I stamp it?’ She turned a bit and found that it had all been stamped!

She was still shocked when Yan Ru Yu pushed the door of the bedroom open and walked out. He should have just woken up. His usually neat hair is messy with eyes that still have not dispersed the drowsiness.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He yawned and looked at Lan Ning in the living room: ‘You are still here.’

‘Er’ Lan Ning was a bit embarrassed for a moment. She stood up from her seat cushion, poining a little inadvertently to the stack on the table. ‘I ended up stamping them when I was asleep!’

Yan Yu Ru with a sleepy eye glanced at her, as if looking at a mentally retarded: ‘Do not be stupid! I stamp them all.’



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