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Chapter 35.3 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

How was the weekend? And those celebrating Lunar New Year, how was the celebration? Mine was escaping from everyone by hiding in the Airbnb that we booked in a popular destination….. hehehe…..

Yan Ru Yu dressing up to attend Qu Tong’s PTA. Hmm…….. is there a hidden meaning behind his action? Interest and long read today. So Enjoy!

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Chapter 35.3: 

Yan Ru Yu put on a formal suit and punctually appeared in Qu Tong’s school door. Qhen Qu Tong whom was waiting at the school gate saw him, she ran up with surprise: ‘Teacher, you are so handsome in a formal suit!’

Yan Ru Yu whom was adjusting his cuff said to her: ‘You are still calling me Teacher? What is my identity today?’

Qu Tong thought for a moment: ‘Brother in law!’

Yan Ru Yu hearing those words, moved his brows, nodded and walked in.

Today, the entire high school sophomore parents meeting will be held. The school had more parents around, but Yan Ru Yu is definitely the most conspicuous one. Qu Tong followed him, walked the same with on the carpet to arrive at the classroom door.

‘God! Tong Tong! Is this your father? Impossible!’ Qu Tong’s classmate came running over and covered her mouth in surprise.

Hearing this, Qu Tong is not pleased: ‘Do you mean that I am ugly?’

‘No no… I just think that your father is too young. Hahaha.’

‘Ke ke cough’ Qu Tong cough twice, holding Yan Ru Yu’s clothes. ‘I will introduce you to him. This is my brother-in-law.’


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As the two were conversing, the class teacher came over with a stack of papers. When she saw Yan Ru Yu standing in front of the classroom, she subconsciously stopped: ‘Hello, are you the parent of Qu Tong?’

Qu Tong family situation is known to the class teacher. Her parents are around in foreign countries all year round. Usually whatever school matters, will be attended by her uncle. But how come it is a different person today?

Qu Tong said: ‘Teacher Zhang, my uncle is outstation today. This is my brother-in-law whom came to help me attend the Parents’ Meet.’

Brother-in-law? Teacher Zhang’s brow moved. Although the relationship seems a little distance, but looking at his handsomeness, she accepted it.

She smiled at Yan Yu Ru and extended her hand: ‘Hello. I am Qu Tong’s teacher. My surname is Zhang.’

Yan Ru Yu also extended his hand politely and shook her hand: ‘Nice to meet you.’

‘Mr Yan’ Zhang’s heart a little rippling, even the voice is so good ‘The meet is starting soon. Let’s get in.’

Yan Ru Yu nodded, and followed her into the classroom.

Although this is the first time that Yan Ru Yu joins the PTA as a parent, the content of the PTA is basically still the same as when he was a student. At the meeting, Teacher Zhang announce the scores and rankings. She also passes out the math papers that everyone did badly at that time.

Yan Ru Yu looked at Qu Tong’s mathematics papers. She said that she did not do well in the test before is a little modest.

This is obviously a very bad test results!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘I really do not understand how you did it wrong.’ After the parents’meeting, Yan Ru Yu was still studying Qu Tong’s math paper.

‘He He.’ Qu Tong did not look up.

Teacher Zhang chatted with a parent in the classroom and then came out to speak to Yan Ru Yu: ‘Mr Yan. I wonder if I can talk to you for a while. Qu Tong’s drop-in grades this time, I know that her family’s situation is more special but she is now about to go up to Senior High Year 3. I hope that the parents can still communicate with her and urget her to study.’

Yan Qu Yu nodded his head: ‘I understand….’ He managed to get only to those words when he saw Lan Ning running over.

‘Ah…. PTA is over yet?’ Lan Ning gasped slightly, went over to Yan Ru Yu and Qu Tong side. She was worried about the parents’meeting today and finally could not hold back but rushed over to have a look.

Teacher Zhang looked at her and asked Yan Ru Yu: ‘This is Mrs Yan?’


Lan Ning still gasphing for breath, Yan Ru Yu answered: ‘Ah. She has to work today, so I came for the meeting.’

Qu Tong is also particularly sweet and cried: ‘Cousin!’

Lan Ning: ‘………..’

Her gaze to the few people around. Probably understand the status of Yan Ru Yu today is as Qu Tong’s brother-in-law. Yes but why she is sister?

She had no choice but play the role of cousin in front of the teacher in the end: ‘Hello teacher.’

Teacher Zhang smiled and greeted her: ‘Hello Mrs Yan. I was just telling Mr Yan. I hope parents are more caring about Qu Tong’s study and life.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The greetings as Mrs shocked Lan Ning. She looked at Yan Ru Yu and quietly said: ‘What teacher said is indeed our negligence.’

Teacher Zhang solemnly said: ‘The senior high 3 is very important year for the children. I understand your work is very busy but as busy as you are, cannot ignore the child. The growth of the child is not the responsibility of the school.’

‘Ah… I know….’ Lan Ning heart feels helpless. She is just a tenant……..

Teacher Zhang completed her education on ‘parents’ and finally moved on to communicate with other parents.

Lan Ning turned to her side and looked at Qu Tong. Qu Tong laughed twice: ‘You have work hard.’

‘I think this is not the point.’ Yan Ru Yu handed Lan Ning the math test paper in his hand. ‘Can you see how this was done? I cannot understand it.’

Although Lan Ning had graduated for many years, but as a former student, her knowledge has not returned to the teacher. She saw the error that Yan Ru Yu was referring to. She also had the imcomprehensible expression: ‘This kind of question you can actually make a mistake. If it was me back then, I would go kneel on my own washboard.’

Qu Tong: ‘……..’

A pair of school tyrants parent is terrible. Who becomes your children later are unlucky.



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