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Chapter 17 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

It is already 2nd day of Lunar New Year! Hope those celebrating it is having a great celebration. For this Lunar New Year celebration, for the first time, I am on holiday with my complete family (which includes my brother whom had always not wanted to travel with us, finally fulfilling my parent many years wish)

One of the climax of this novel is coming up! What do you think would happen? Sorry for the cliff-hanging ending to today’s read…. Hang on there… next chapter will be up before you know it…. hehehe


Chapter 17

‘It seems that Professor Zhou is familiar with the cooking process of beef ribs. I look forward to seeing Professor Zhou cook it someday.’

After saying that, Song Anyi turn and move on.

Zhou Mo pushing the cart followed. The straight back spine and pace following her quietly. Her graceful and firm attitude, looks queen-like pride.

Looks like this round of Cold War, Miss Song’s firepower is big. He should think about how to please her to have the beef ribs back on the dining table.

Zhou Mo thought all his ideas are for beef ribs but if there is a mirror in front of him, he will be surprised to find his mouth and eyes smiling, just like a happy husband accompanying wife leisurely shopping.

‘Do you want to buy apple?’ Fuji apple is Song Anyi’s favourite fruit. This is one of the way he wants to please her.

Song Anyi stopped, turned and shook her head. ‘It’s too troublesome to peel.’

The aunty next to them went on to say: ‘Oh, not really. Let the husband peel for the wife to eat is not at all trouble. Today, the Fuji Apple are on specials. Best time to be cost-effective! The husband already ask, the wife just buy some, okay?’

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Being misunderstood by other not only once but twice can still be very embarrassing. Song Anyi smiled at the aunty: ‘No, thanks.’

Now the shopping is completed, she quickly walked to the checkout area. She then suddenly stopped and turned to wait for the cart to arrive.

Zhou Mo stood a few steps away, thoughtfully looking at her.

Miss Song did not refute the misunderstanding of others. Is there a special meaning? Zhou Mo feel his heart rate going fast, unexpectedly looking forward to that feel and mood……

‘Let’s pay now.’ Song Anyi urging, feeling the heat on her cheek. What does his eyes mean? To be honest, is misunderstood not once but twice, blushing now is really meaningless.

Zhou Mo walked toward her with his long legs pushing the cart. He stood next to her.

‘Why did you not deny it earlier? Before in the emergency room, when the doctor misunderstood that you are Mrs Zhou, you will immediately explain.’

He looked down at her.

At this point, they are queuing in the checkout area. Even if the volume is already low, the people before and behind them can still hear the dialogue between them. Not to mention that Professor Zhou did not suppress the volume.

Today, there is an influx of people. Before Song Anyi can answer Professor Zhou’s question, the pregnant woman in front of the queue suddenly retreated. She tried to dodge but could only retreat into the arm of Zhou Mo.

The people in front retreat, she followed in retreating. But Zhou Mo stood still. She can only stand under his tall figure.

‘Can you step back?’

Song Anyi could feel his arms handing on the side of her body. Occasionally a slight friction feeling of his hand. She is not sure if it is his sleeve or his hand. His breathing is very close, gently blowing her cheek. She even smelled the faint after shower smell of his body.

She wanted to move forward but unfortunately, there is no space at all between them with the pregnant woman in front.

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Zhou Mo low voice over her head sounded: ‘You have not answered. Why did you not refute that you are Mrs Zhou?’

Song Anyi is a little stiff. She do not know if it is her psychological thinking but she felt that the people around her are waiting for her answer.

Hell! Can he not be so thick-skinned? The point of this issue is so important?

Song Anyi lowered her voice and reply: ‘For people that we do not know, there is no need to explain too much? If Professor Zhou really care so much, I will immediately explain the next time.’

Professor Zhou’s question really make her upset. No matter what, she has also had beautiful temperament. Back then in school, how many students where there whom enthusiastic pursuit her. She is also famous as the departmental beauty. Not to mention, while walking on the road, many times, model brokerage firm will stop her to give their business cards. So why is it mistaken as Mrs Zhou is so unacceptable?

Zhou Mo kept silent, a little disappointed. This is not the answer that he hopes. Although he himself do not understand exactly why the answer Song Anyi gives him makes his mood feels different. Like a mood wanting to be released…..

Song Anyi on one hand felt unwilling but on the other hand is also relieved. Who knows it was quiet for a few seconds, Professor Zhou leisurely sounded over her head; –

‘There is no explanation required. Being misunderstood as Mrs Zhou, so what?’

Song Anyi was stunned for a while but before she could respond, the pregnant woman in front suddenly turn around and ambiguous peek at them. In the eyes of outsiders, she in his arms, their interaction seems like flirting between couple.


What is going on?

She is anxious and wanted to turn to clarify

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‘Do not move.’

Zhou Mo said while firmly placed his hand on her shoulder while still having her in her arms.

His behaviour seems very natural, making Song Anyi more embarrassed. Her cheeks felt hotter.

Man, mood is difficult to understand, especially Professor Zhou’s mind that is more difficult to understand.

But no matter what, at least Song Anyi understand one thing. When someone misunderstood her relationship with Professor Zhou, she must explain immediately. Do not need to hesitate!

Up to this time, there is no trace of Wei Shi.

Since Wei Shi called her and begged her to get close to Professor Zhou, she refuse to contact him anymore.

She had been busy with work. Usually upon returning home, it is almost ten o’clock. After shower, she still had a bunch of paperwork waiting for her to finish. So, she had not had time to contact him.

She also had her temper. That day on the phone, both are not happy. She certainly hopes that Wei Shi can take initiative to contact her. Not to mention that she is also busy during this time because of the relationship between bookkeeping. But Wei Shi has not even sent her any greetings nor message.

How to continue the relationship? Often thinking about this problem, Song Anyi felt powerless.

On this very day, nearly five o’clock in the afternoon, she was preparing to go downstairs when a LINE message suddenly came in –

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Message sent from the LINE of Wei Shi, it is a picture.

She opened the file and saw Wei Shi in a garage. In the inner door of the garage, there is a heart-shaped house number on the door with the number ‘53’

She is strangely surprised and wanted to ask him the meaning of that when another message came through. It is a recording.

She suspiciously opened the file, and she heard the dialogue of a man and a woman.



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