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Chapter 16 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Valentine’s Day. On this special day, we decided to extend our gratitude to our readers by posting this additional post. So sharing our love by extending an additional post for today. 

An interesting read today. Professor Zhou is slowly showing his true feelings to Anyi? Interesting how he insist of picking her up daily with no updates on Anyi’s poor little white… hehehe

Enjoy the read today. And to those whom would be celebrating this special day with that special someone, have a great time!


Chapter 16

She shook her head, very seriously considering whether to cancel the originally planned beef ribs dinner!

Zhou Yue is also disappointed. She never imagined that brother is so thoughtless. Big brother seems to care about her, those are from his inexplicable reaction. Big brother with such arctic cold-winged indifference, not showing his concern with Sister Anyi, but questioning her option of boyfriend?

What is wrong? God! What is her big brother thinking? She began to worry whether tonight’s dinner would fly away…. Fly away……

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‘Professor Zhou, Xie Wei Shi is my boyfriend. It seems inappropriate for you to criticize him in front of me.’

Zhou Mo looked at her with demeanour pride: ‘Miss Song means that I cannot criticize my assistant?’

This silently kill Song Anyi’s rebuttal. In this aspect, it is Zhou Mo’s victory.

However, the beef rib dish on the menu has indeed flown away. Anyway, food sanctions are not first time for Song Anyi.

After dinner, Zhou Yue took out the ice-cream that her brother brought back in the morning. The cook had ignored the small rows of beef ribs in the freezer. Just thinking about the dinner – fried spinach, fried bean sprouts, cabbage, another cabbage with tofu soup. A table of all the different types of vegetables. No meat making her feel empty. She hopes that this Cold War will not last too long.

As the initiator, Zhou Mo is drinking mountain tea while reading his ancient book. There is not reaction from him

‘Big brother, there was no beef ribs!’ Zhou Yue said with resentment.

Zhou Mo is indifferent. No one can see how deep his eagerness to savour the beef ribs dish. ‘One day, I will get to eat it.’

No way. A woman cannot accept the fact but also elusive.

Every day afterwards, thanks to the goodwill of Zhou Mo, whether it is Monday Wednesday and Friday cleaning schedule or daily dinner, Song Anyi will appear on time in Zhou Mo’s home. But after the end of the job, she will insist of heading home herself, trying to keep the distance from the employer.

Of course, she had also asked several time about the status of her little white car

Zhou Yue will answer back beautifully: ‘Ask big brother.’

Zhou Mo’s reply is better: ‘Do you think I am the garage employee?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

And Zhou Yue help to call Lawyer Cao’s phone. His answer is more thought-provoking. ‘Our biggest goal is to hope that the perpetrators can compensate Miss Song with a brand-new car.’

So then? How?

God knows how powerful Zhou Mo is. Never expecting that around him is such an efficient and bad lawyer!

Half a month later, she still do not have a new small white car. Going out during the day or when meeting people, she can only take the train or taxi. To go to Zhou Mo’s house can only continue to take Professor Zhou’s free ride.

Every day he will come to the company to pick her up. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at three o’clock and every Tuesday and Thursday, at four o’clock in the afternoon. This way, it was unhindered and punctual all the time. In this situation, of course resulted in people lingering around ‘Efficiency’ longer.

Director Xia said: ‘My beautiful school mate is being chauffeured every day. Ouch. I have the feeling of being a gold class pride.’

Muyue said: ‘Director Xia, you have checked the contract? ‘Efficiency’ rules say that no additional hours allowed. What will other guests think?’

Needless to say, other colleagues are curious waiting to give ‘wedding blessing’. Even the building manager thought that the Maserati car owner is her boyfriend….

‘I do not think Professor Zhou need to trouble yourself. I will never be late by taking the bus.’

Of course, she raises the suggestion cautiously several times.

Professor Zhou, of course did not reply. When he is not poisonous with his words, he would not speak much.

In addition to that, there is also the twice a week supermarket grocery shopping day.

Professor Zhou would have stayed in the car reading books while waiting. After several times, he found her too fond of eating vegetables (a silent protest?). So, he could only drop the books and step into the supermarket with her. He claimed to be there to help push the cart but in fact is supervising her to ensure that there are more than one dish colour on the table…. And insisted.

‘Green pepper is not good.’ Professor Zhou said.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘It is delicious to fried with beef slice’

‘Small ribs are also not bad. And do not have to add green pepper.’

Professor Zhou is a picky person. The main focus is also he remember the beef ribs that has been shelved by the cook.

‘Green peppers are good.’

Song Anyi insisted, and put a bag of green peppers into the cart. She adds a bag of spring onions. These are the ingredients that Professor Zhou do not like.

‘These onions are for?’ Even when Professor Zhou frown or put on a sour face, women whom passes will also feel dizzy.

‘Cold beef.’

Professor Zhou touches the chin to express his opinion. ‘The salad is too troublesome. Add some butter into the pan, and pan fried the beef ribs is just fine.’

She stopped and looked up. With her height of 172 cm, even wearing a five-centimetre high heels, her head only touches his chin. So close the distance. Casting aside the price, Professor Zhou sigh. With his slender nose and thin clear sharp eyes, it is a beautiful sigh. His mouth with a touch of faint smile, seems very serious in his expression showing the importance of beef ribs to him.



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  1. The professor is angry about the influence of these two men on Song Anyi.He lost his temper. anyi is making him pay by serving all vegetables while he dreams of beef ribs with a special sauce.
    Thank you for this chapter

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