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Chapter 35.3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Love is in the air! It is the month of love after all!

Finally…. the chapter that I have been waiting for….. Can you all feel the love swooning around? A perfect post just a week before Valentine’s Day! 

Enjoy the read! This post today also wrap up mhryu translation on Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记). Tinkerbellsan will be back for the next chapter. Thank you for reading my translation of this novel although it is not as fun as Tinkerbellsan. A total different style after all…. appreciate the support extended by everyone. Hope that you guys had enjoyed the last 2 chapter as much as mhryu had enjoyed translating them. 

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Chapter 35.2: 

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I finally gave up the fight. I returned home and pay on the treatment chair of Sue. Sue did not speak to me. At this moment, I found the powerful comfort in silence.

‘Sue, I am sorry. I had ridiculed your work.’ I lay there softly.

Sue, lying on another couch, drank from the glass of orange juice: ‘It does not matter.’

I looked at the white ceiling and winked at the stinging eye: ‘I knew I am not a princess in the end. And in reality, there are so many fairy tales.’

Sue looked at me and asked: ‘Do you know that Yi Fan’s strange reaction of being rejected initially shows that he has been frustrated and is entering a strange self-regulating phase so he will bully you. Half say, adjust well, he can finally get out of the shadows of the failure in love relationship. I do not want to help you analyst his symptoms. That is, you will need to take the initiative to devote yourself to save him. And finally paying for the feelings, I just hope that you cannot stand his torture and took the initiative to leave. I did not expect that in the process of torturing you, he returned to normal while you are still stuck in it. You are the strangest patience I have ever seen.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I sighed reluctantly: ‘Sue ah. You are fired. You cannot think of a good strategy before things happen.’

‘Do you have the money to pay me in advance to help solve the problem?’ Sue asked reality as usual.

This reminds me of another real problem.

‘I have no money to pay for your rent.’ I said.

Sue stood up: ‘I knew that I should not have taken you.’

‘You are the most degraded person I have ever seen!’ I cried.

Sue smiled back at me: ‘You owe the treatment fee again.’

Three days later, the jobless Guan Xiao Bei finally received Yi Fan’s call.

He said: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, accompany me to blind date. Hong Zhuang Luo, third window position…..’

Without waiting for him to finish, I threw the phone out of the window from the second floor and let it crush by the vehicle on the street.

Devil will accompany you to blind date! I even disdain the small probability of seeing you!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

As a result, Sue personally dragged me. She shouted at me: ‘What is the good thing about throwing the cell phone? You just want to tear him off. And you have to do it yourself!’

At the moment, I know a bit why Luo Yang is far overseas. This is so condescending to her. This violent woman!

In the heavy mood, I arrived at the door of Hong Zhuang Luo. I saw Yi Fan. Sure enough, he has advanced a lot.

He still sits in the third position by the window. With a solemn face, just quietly looked at the door. The sun sprinkled on the body, as elegant and handsome as being in the oil painting.

I walked in without expression. I sat opposite him

Yi Fan laughed and asked: ‘What do you want to drink?’

I shook my head: ‘Do not need to help me order. I will wait till you finished your blind date. I owe a lot of debt outside. I cannot afford to drink.’

He looked at me for a while, smiled and called the waiter to order a cup of cocoa.

I turned my face aside, looking out of the window without focus. For a long time, I discovered through the reflective glass, Yi Fan is smiling at me. I gripped the cup hard, afraid that he saw my hand trembling.

Yi Fan, how can you laugh like this? You are not afraid of my fury that will ruin your beautiful face? You are not afraid that this would be our….. last time we will meet?

Yi Fan suddenly asked: ‘You know why I like this position?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I stick to my silence.

He shook his head and smiled: ‘Of course not because I look the best here. I am not so narcissistic…. Say, how can I see my own face? It is because I found you smiling and looking the best here. So, I think, I will look good here too.’

I am surprised for a moment. Could not help looking at his reflection in the glass.

His fingers gently swipe across my eyes: ‘Silly girl. I mean you look good smiling. But I did not say that you look good crying.’

Then, he solemnly declared: ‘Ac strictly forbids office romance. And it if happens, one must leave. I am the President. I must set the example’

I think, I heard the snow melt the blooming flowers.

Yi Fan looked at me, very focused. He seems a little nervous but still smiling.

I sat in the chair, holding the cup tightly and then loosen. Release and hold. Long time after, just choke out: ‘Well! Then why do not you quit!’

He pretended to shake his head reluctantly: ‘You want to support a poor little white face ah?’

小白脸 – is literally translated as Little White Face

I laugh, happily smiling from the bottom of my heart.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yi Fan took hold of my hand and hold together the cup filled with sweet cocoa: ‘The first time I saw your smile, my mood is very bad. Then, I do not want to see such a happy smile. So, find ways to make you not laugh at all. But you always smile like there is no worry in the world, as if the whole world is bright. Sometimes I want to tell you that there are so much sorrow in the world besides joy but looking at your simple face, I cannot tell. And gradually, I just want to bring you into my circle. I want to give you a stable life so that I can always see such a smile.’

‘But Yi Fan, you are making me want to cry now.’

‘Hmmmm…. Because it’s me. I am the only one who can make you cry!’ He said like a wayward and short minded child.

Sister Si Yang is right. Yi Fan is a simple child. He can still be like an innocent child. He can still laugh and be childish.

Suddenly, I could not help but want to grab him, want to kiss him on the forehead. But as soon as the lips touches his skin, I sober up.

What am I doing!

I immediately sat back, holding the cup. Feeling my face blushes.

Yi Fan looked at me. The gentle eyes like a person sinking into the spell. He suddenly lifted me and kissed warmly.

Before I lose my awareness, I thought to myself:

Such a good experience. My first blind date, it is so successful!



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    Not all would be so easily moved by such romantic(?) gesture. LOL.

    Anyway, good thing, it worked for Yi Fan. Cuz if it were me, it wouldn’t be the phone that gets the bruisin’ (before the reconciliation). Hahahaha

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