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Chapter 35.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

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Xiao Bei’s appraisal is coming up…. will she be confirmed and remain as a employee? What surprise has Yi Fan prepared for her?

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Chapter 35.2: 

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A few days later, my appraisal for the job evaluation happen as scheduled in the human resources department meeting room.

The last executive closes the folder before me and smiled before saying to me: ‘Miss Xiao Bei, your assessment conclusion will be presented in the form of a report to the president who will make the final evaluation based on your last six-month performance.’ At that moment, I knew that all levels of supervisor have given me a good evaluation. And the so-called evaluation from the President is only the last symbolic procedure. This means that with Yi Yi stroke of pen, I am acclaimed a soldier.’

Luo Luo looked at me who had tragically walked into the fire, immediately ran merrily to give me a big hug: ‘Hey, how? Treating ah? I want to eat sushi! In order to pay back, I have forgotten what fish is.’

I laughed: ‘The sashimi does not taste good. You forget them. And once the salary is readjusted back according to your position, it is still not enough for the rents.’

Lou Lou said: ‘That I do not care. I want to eat until you are broke.’

‘Well, in this life, I am the one who owes money.’ I said to myself.

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Although I know that there is not much increase in the money, I still started to fantasize about how to extravagance and waste: buy myself new clothes, adding a few kinds of cosmetics that I had longed to buy and to buy a brand new handphone…. Oh… forgot about paying the rent.

Yes, in my jubilant mind, the idea of encountering a problem does not seem to appear even for a second. However, the reality is always cruel and distorted. The problems always appear in the most unlikely areas of problem.

It is said that the assessment report, filled with supervisors’ excellent comments was put on Yi Fan’s table for three days. And when it came out, the word ‘Disagree’ was written on the position of the president’s opinion. No reason, no explanation. Only indifferent and cold extreme three words, DO NOT Agree 不同意

When Jin Gang pass the report to me, his face ached like a doctor who declared the patient’s death to his family members.

I am shocked!

This is something I had never expected!

Not even in my worst nightmare.

Yi Fan at the regular meeting made the announcement, did not look at me, hurriedly left.

Human Resources Department, because of the attitude of the President is also put into a difficult situation. Finally, they can only allow me to leave. No penny compensation, no comment. The beginning of my career, in addition to prove that I had spent in Ac nearly a year, the rest are just a piece of blank paper.

I do not know why. I do not know what happened in the assessment report that was on Yi Fan’s table for three days. But I really need to know the reason and with the reason only, I am willing to leave. I looked everywhere for Yi Fan but a person whom in the past often around me, has now disappeared in front of me.

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Finally, I took the report and stood in front of his office for a long time. I want to tell him that I have worked very hard for the past six months. I want to prove that I am a good worker. I want to let people know that you are keeping me not because of personal affair but because I really have the ability to stay here. I want to tell you…. I do not want to have a day where I cannot see you.

But I finally did not go in.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Because Rong Meng Yang told me that the President had gone to the capital airport today, where Yan Si Yang is flying abroad today.

Yes, Sue you are right. The reality with its sharp edge. Bitterness is spreading from the bottom of my heart to the whole body.

I wrestled at the door of the president’s office.



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