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Chapter 14 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone had enjoyed the week. Another busy busy month for me…. Our Annual Conference to attend (which means that I would be away from home for almost 10 days starting today) and then Lunar New Year festivities…. OMG! Seems going to be a short month for me at work…. 

Zhou Mo showing sign of his interest in Song Anyi? Zhou Yue is so cute in her interaction… lively and chirpy. And I like the fact that she is aware of her brother’s feeling towards Song Anyi and is daring enough to question that! 

Enjoy the read today! 


Chapter 14

‘Professor Zhou personally picking you up from work?’ Muyue squinted looking toward the dark window. It is too dark to see the mysterious figure in the car.

Although Muyue has a pivotal influence in the political and business sectors, he has strong connections everywhere including celebrities. But Mr. Zhou is one that he did not pay attention to. Only know the name of this unknown person.

Song Anyi shrugged: ‘Do not think too much, mentor. Professor Zhou is just ensuring that the chef tonight appear in his kitchen on time.’

She just wanted to use this reason to ensure that all links to Professor Zhou is clean and clear.

As a partner, Muyue naturally know about the sacrifices that his schoolmate has gone through.

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‘Oh, so domineering? No wonder your sister wants you to up work for this week. But looking at this, I think it is not bad.’

Xue Zi Zheng love to gossip about everything.

‘The windows are so dark. Senior, you have a special eyes ah?’ Song Anyi asked.

Muyue patted his junior shoulder pathetically. Looking at the setting sun, it gives the feeling of parents comforting the fears!

‘The same. As a good man, do not need to touch the surface can already feel the aura of each other. You do not understand.’

Song Anyi looked down with a contempt look.

After marriage, the originally handsome and cool talkative Muyue is now more long winded just like a home-based wife. Is he influenced by those bad tempered male doctors?

‘I found that senior is getting more and more like Doctor Ah Tai.’

Doctor Ah Tai is one of the orthopaedic resident doctor in the hospital. Not only he is bad tempered, he is also a ruffian. He can get personal, talks loudly and is always a mess. He loves to wear flip-flop, t-shirt and sweat pants. Does not have the doctor trimmed and shy look. But he is a very well-known orthopaedic in the hospital.

Muyue rubbed her hair to show his disagreement. ‘Speaking of this. Not to mention that senior did not remind you. What is this about you and Xiao Zong Shao going for afternoon tea with my wife? When Mrs Mu does not have work, her every second is to be spend with me, the loving husband and wife. What is this about spending time with unmarried friends?’

‘Hei, it is important for us sisters to have afternoon tea. Senior brother is really stingy.’

‘I am stingy? How?’ Muyue is unwilling, using his finger to tap junior sister’s head. ‘I fear my wife getting addictive to drinking afternoon tea.’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

This is the fun teasing between the senior and junior from school. However, in the eyes of others, these are little intimacies between men and women.

‘Oh,’ exclaimed Zhou Yue, upon finding out the identity of the man beside Song Anyi. ‘Brother Muyue.’

As a little assistance, she had walked the business community for many years. Even if she did not exchange business cards, she is able to recognize some people. More when the man is at this level.

‘Well, at least the talent that is worthy to be called sister-in-law. Her ability to work is so powerful. Xie Wei Shi is just a student identity. What do you think about it, right brother?’

This cocky man ignored the sister’s question. His deep eyes looking on.

Muyue is indeed has more than Xie Wei Shi.
Both men staring at each other thoughtfully. Zhou Mo articulate fingers knocking on the steering wheel.

Zhou Yue continue to think through in aid. ‘In fact, talking about it. Muyue got married last year. He is also the main business partner whom is a funds ‘Efficiency’. A good relationship with Sister-In-Law Anyi it seems oh, right, big brother?’

Xiao Yue casually chatter but every question ended with consulting the advice of big brother while her eyes were looking in front. She did not notice her brother’s eyes moved from calm to horrifying cold eyes.

Zhou Mo cold voice came out: ‘Pick her up. Let’s go home.’

Zhou Yue quickly recovered her sight, turning to stare at her incredible big brother. Who would think that in addition to the frosty face, there is a hidden mood behind the tone of voice as well.

Oh, she is willing to put all her favourite out to bet. She really felt that there is turbulent in the tone of big brother!

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Big brother and Muyue are all outstanding men. The absolute strength of the situation are pretty much the same. Irregardless, no matter how, brother cannot be compared with a married man, right?

Oh no. My goodness! Zhou Yue is feeling very excited. The pink bubble above the head is more like flying butterflies. Yes ah! Sister Anyi genuine boyfriend he is not considered a match as Xie Wei Shi is only a student. But seeing sister Anyi with Muyue interaction, the look of the face is almost frozen like the Arctic iceberg! Oh, this is a sense of crisis in which domain ownership is violated?

Zhou Yue brain kick into place. She could not wait to grab the collar of her brother and question his true thoughts. But her brother is also more dignified than father. She really does not have the courage. Although she did not have the courage, she could not stop herself from blurting: –

‘Brother, you….. you…. Are you jealous?’
Zhou Yue is terrified. She covered her mouth with her hand, worried that she had provoke Zhou Mo.

Zhou Yue, after all, still young. Too impulsive. Do not know how to wait and see the situation before asking the question. Regardless of not the jealousy, this is not the time to ask the question. Like a pot of delicious bamboo shoot ribs soup, suddenly after opening the cover, has become bitter.

Zhou Mo did not speak. He refused to look beyond. It is hard to guess what he is thinking. There is no rebuttal nor was embarrassed about the question.

He recaptured his proud look, looking straight ahead with the mouth hooked up playfully….

A smile…. Will make one’s heart fluster……

Yue Yue quickly jumped out of the car, hurriedly shouted: ‘Sister Anyi, let’s go home!’

After that, Song Anyi was dragged by Yue Yue to the passenger seat in front. The seat belts are neatly fastened. She did not even had time to say goodbye to Muyue when the door is closed.



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