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Thai Drama Review: U-Prince The Series – เรื่อง Foxy Pilot เจ้าหญิงจอมแสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ

Completing my U-Prince, The Handsome Cowboy I moved on to my next U-Prince Series, Foxy Pilot (เจ้าหญิงจอมแสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ). 

Back in U-Prince, The Handsome Cowboy one of Sibtis (starring Kasetsin Puttichai aka Push) good friend in that series caught my attention with how cool he was. He stood by Sibtis side when he was down with his cool character. So, it is not surprising that my next watch from U-Prince Series would be one where Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์) is the Male Lead.

U-Prince Series, Foxy Pilot (เจ้าหญิงจอมแสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ) is the story of Hawk (starring Mek Jirakit Thawornwong, จิรกิตติ์ ถาวรวงศ์) whom is an outstanding graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in aviation. He is cold and rarely show his emotion.

Hawk is ambitious and wants to be part of Palmer Airlines. When he attended the job interview with Palmer Airlines, Mr Aaron Palmer the owner and boss of the Airline request from him to ‘be a friend to someone’ as part of the requirement to get the job.

Hawk agreed and later found out that the ‘someone’ is actually the spoiled daughter, Aurora (starring Traipornworakit Zuvapit, สุวพิชญ์ ไตรพรวรกิจ) whom is an aspiring actress.

Aurora is actually very lonely and tends to hide her true feelings behind the smile. She likes to be nickname: ‘Princess’.

Foxy Pilot Episode 01.mp4_000919192

Hawk finally met up with Aurora in her home where he was tasked to chauffeured her to school as she had decided to return to school. Indeed a clash in their personality! Upon arriving in school, Aurora had her shoes stuck only to have Hawk to her rescue where he removed his shoes and carried Aurora, princess style into her classroom.


The sweetest moment is after class where Hawk came back to pick up Aurora with a pair of comfortable sneakers…

Image Credit

Hawk continue to accompany Aurora as requested. Slowly bringing their relationship closer. Hawk slowly realised that his heart has been moved a little by the ‘Princess’ Aurora while Aurora had realised how much Hawk is bringing her happiness with his protectiveness and how he tried to get her to realised that she is hiding her true feelings with her smile.

Hawk and Aurora spending time together was captured by someone and it had become publicly known. So Aurora was called back to her agency where she was reprimanded as she was suppose to be a relationship with Francois whom is away in Korea. This incident got Hawk thinking carefully about his relationship with Aurora.

Image Credit

Francois is back! And in his delusional mind, he wants to visit his ‘Princess’. He wanted to surprise Aurora only to be told by his manager about Aurora’s recent scandal where she was caught buying bra with another guy. Angry, Francois request for the identity.

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Hawk and Francois finally met face to face in the pub. And both of them got into a fight. And Hawk’s friend, Hippie (starring Kengkarnka Kunchanuj, กันต์ชนุตม์ เก่งการค้า) and Kiryu (starring Kongyingyong Chonlathorn) asked if he has fallen in love with Aurora.

Aurora went to the saloon with Hawk only to find out the story behind the injuries on Hawk’s face that he refused to tell her where it came from originally. And after the session, Francois met up with Aurora while snickering to Hawk.

Hawk walked off only to have Aurora running away from Francois at the available opportunity towards Hawk. Another lovely moment when Aurora fell and twisted her leg only to have Hawk princess carrying her again. And he even blow on her injured feet with the attempt to heal her pain…. sweet….

Aurora when meeting up with Hippie and Kiryu, finally told them the truth about Francois being in her fake boyfriend for the purpose of getting her job as an entertainment as Francois is popular. Hawk whom was acting cool, actually listened into the conversation.

While Hawk is confused with his actual feelings towards Aurora, he still stood by her side giving her encouragement and support. He is sad when he heard Aurora’s news and how she continue to hide her true feelings behind her smile. He told and encourage her to stop hiding her true emotion.

Being a popular artist means sacrificing a lot of personal life and true feelings. Hawk finally realised his true feelings for Aurora. During Aurora’s press conference, when he saw how badly it was affecting her, he finally gain his courage, and brought her away from the place.

A great ending to a short 4-episode drama, U-Prince Series, Foxy Pilot (เจ้าหญิงจอมแสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ) is definitely one recommended to watch. I love the sweet moments between the OTP.



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    1. I almost never make comments, but came to say the same thing, that the female in the first picture seems to be flinching away from the male lead. I laughed out loud, as the picture was the opposite of a romantic dream scene. I would assume that the actress is really young and has not had a real kiss yet. Though I also wondered if maybe the actor had just eaten lots of garlic, which is off-putting at close range?

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