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Chapter 34.3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

We are almost completing January 2018. How has everyone’s resolution for the year coming along? 

So the truth has come out about the relationship between ‘smurf’ and Yi Fan. And finally Xiao Bei is happy again. Has she realised her feelings for Yi Fan? What do you think?

Enjoy the read although my translation may not be as fun as how tinkerbell’s translation would be. Rest be assured, she will be back after the next chapter… 

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Chapter 34.3: 

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‘Later, I followed Johnson and we went to the same university. And shortly after, we formally established the relationship. A flash is the ten years now. We finally ushered in the long-distance love race victory. This summer, we will be holding a wedding in Hawaii.’ After that she flashed off the diamond ring to share my hand.

Fireworks splashing, shining brightly.

I froze for a long time and finally squeezed out the sentence: ‘Congratulations.’

‘You have said these words but I will accept it many times.’ Lan Si Yang said happily. She took out something from her bag and pushed it to me.

A metal pendant with the picture of a blond girl with big eyes. The style looks like ten years ago. Very old.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘When someone came to me as a child, I was asked to accept it. I like to watch ‘Flower Fairy’ is lying to him so naturally I do not like the pendant. But he told me that it was the first time he earns money from working instead of money sent from home, so I just accept it. Until now, every time I tidy up old things, I always wanted to throw it away but there is always a voice telling me to leave it. Somethings are meant to be. And today, I realised that I have been waiting for the day to give it to you.’

I took that well-preserved pendant with mixed feelings.

‘You should laugh more. Someone told me that the same bright girl like a fairy, very fond of laughing.’ Lan Si Yang said.

I want to laugh but could not help, wipe the tears in my eyes.

‘But…. I saw him saying ‘do not go’ to you.’ I whispered.

‘You do not know that feelings for him can be dull. And I always thought that she was just attached to me like a sister. And a year ago, I told him I was getting married but he refused to accept it. This time, I came back, I wanted him to accept this fact. And I had some ideas so that I could feel at ease. Now, I feel relieved.’ She patted my back and smiled like a mother who would be marrying her daughter.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Hugging someone else to cry, only a little boy who did not grow up would do. And when he grows up into a real man, he will make his beloved woman smiled brightly and peacefully.’ She said finally.

Saying goodbye to Sister Lan Si Yang, it is nearly midnight. The air is filled with gentle spring unique smell, bright lights just like daytime.

I looked at the Flower Fairy ornaments metal pendant and began to laugh again.

Yes, some things are meant to be. Like the mountain stream. Meandering in the torrent of time, destined to meet in the end.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Bei: Yi Fan ah, the readers cried cried to abuse you ah.

Yi Fan: (hands cut a piece of colored paper) what kinda of abuse?

Xiao Bei: It is to let you accidentally broken hands and feet Broken foot. Cry father crying mother than the kind of death do not want to die.

Yi Fan: (cut the good things dug out from the paper) how to listen to such thoughts and  murder husband ah.

Xiao Bei: Still different. If you murder your husband, you will not hurt because you are dead.

Yi Fan: (with colored pen dug things painted what) Do I do not feel broken arm and broken feet?

Xiao Bei: (think about it) broken hands and feet … can be cured right? What can be cured but also distressed, useless ah.

Yi Fan: (to draw a good thing in front of Xiaobo) look! Not fun?

Xiao Bei: (look closely and found that where easy to cut the monkey, pretty like) Do not look fun. Saying that decent work, the audience want to see you abuse.

Yi Fan: (start to cut the second monkey) according to your logic, abusing me just let me suffer the torture …

Xiao Bei: (desperately nodding) the best there is spiritual.

Yi Fan: (began to draw the monkey. A second life back to ripening, this much faster than the last) I am more conscientious than you. So I will be distressed when you break hands and feet.

Xiao Bei: Oh.

Yi Fan: (the two monkeys attached to the book, the ugly only wrote “Xiaobei” word) In this case, let you be robbed of the middle of the night. I went out to save and be the hero. The result are, was beaten till sprain tendon. You have also been severed severed foot, and then I lay in bed, while enduring physical pain, while miss you. Abuse child abuse, serve two purposes.

Small Bei: robbed midnight … … will be robbed color?

Yi Fan: (looked at the two monkeys, the other below also wrote “Xiaobei”) That’s OK, I said you were robbed of color, I have no complex.

Small Bei: you!

Yi Dan: (the two monkeys lifted, look cheerful) Haha, like you.

Bei Bei: Play yourself!




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