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Chapter 11 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Happy Saturday! 

A super long read today. Interest discovery by Zhou Yue. Zhou Mo is already showing how much Song Anyi means to him? While Song Anyi is getting so uncomfortable about the request for her ‘useless’ boyfriend?

Enjoy the read! Have a great weekend ahead!


Chapter 11

Song Anyi took off her apron. Professor Zhou’s high end European kitchen appliances are very efficient. Even when cooking, she did not contaminate the place with fume.

She sat down with Zhou Yue on her right while Professor Zhou sat in front of her.

Zhou Yue picked up her chopsticks to eat.

‘Sister Anyi, how did you stir fry this pumpkin ah. How could it be so dense and not too soft? Really delicious. Sister Anyi can fry gourd rice noodles? I have a friend living in Hsinchu. Her family plants gourd. Her gourd is very delicious. When I visit, I will bring two back to you!’

‘Ah, this one, my goodness. This sweet and sour pork ribs… er er er, really delicious! Big brother, you say, right or not?’

‘Is good. The fried ribs are just right. Miss Song dishes are impressive.’

Zhou Mo praised. Song Anyi only responded with a shallow smile.

Zhou Mo’s eyes swept away.

Miss Song liked to be praised. In the past, the little snack, as long as he ate a few pieces, can make her very proud for a long time. But now this table filled with good food, after praising, Miss Song is very quiet. Indeed thought that is worth wondering.

The atmosphere around the table with Zhou Yue, although it is warm feeling but in fact the tide is surging. So, Zhou Yue breaks out in cold sweat. Joking in the lively scene, becomes quiet. My heart, in the end…. What is going on?

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Song Anyi is nervous. Did not talk much. Barely smile.

Zhou Mo is abnormal with an interesting smile.

When dinner is over, Zhou Mo ordered: ‘Zhou Yue, clean up and make tea.’

Zhou Yue quietly becomes obedient. She doesn’t think that big brother smile is nothing. That smile did not declare that this is the still before the storm ah!

However, she really did not understand. Sister Anyi dishes are good. How come both of them are weird?

After the two girls quickly washed up, she prepared a pot of rich mountain tea. Zhou Yue pour the tea and although she is curious, she can only go into the study to organize the contract.

Before she retreat, she called her mother to advise that she is not returning home for dinner. ‘Mom, I am not going home for dinner. I am already full from dinner at big brother’s place. Tonight’s dinner is prepared by Sister Anyi. Mum, you don’t know how delicious Sister Anyi’s golden pumpkin dish is. Let me feel like wanting to eat gourd rice noodles!’

Zhou Yue close the study door. The room once again restored into quietness but the air is stagnating weird atmosphere.

Zhou Mo opened the door for the first time. ‘Zhou Yue like your home cooking.’

Song Anyi’s hand tighten into a tight grip. ‘Thanks. I enjoyed it.’

‘Very surprised that Miss Song can cook very well.’

‘This is really nothing’

Zhou Mo raised his eyebrows. ‘Miss Song’s courteous reception is also surprising me.’

Song Anyi took a deep breath and the atmosphere turn suffocating. She cleared her throat. ‘Professor Zhou has something for me?’

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Zhou Mo sip the tea and then put down the cup before saying with a low lazy voice: ‘It should be said that Miss Song has something to say to me?’

Song Anyi feels a little helpless and irritable. Indeed, under such a great effort today, there is also the matter with Xie Wei Shi.

No longer could escaped, she chooses to asked for it. ‘Professor Zhou, do you remember the person whom we met in front of the hospital last Friday, Xie Wei Shi?’

His gaze slipped lightly over her face but did not answer.

Song Anyi took a deep breath. ‘The hard-working Xie Wei Shi, he is a good student. He hopes to have a chance to learn next to Professor Zhou…..’

Hearing this, Zhou Mo with his indifference handsome face shows some chill: ‘I do not do that.’

Song Anyi knew that he would refuse, bite the bullet and continued: ‘Xie Wei Shi is very energetic. He has been attending relevant seminars and working very hard.’

‘The truth’ a trace of ridiculous smile appear in the eyes of Zhou Mo, he impatiently interrupted her. ‘It seems that Miss Song worked hard to prepare dinner is to please me.’

Song Anyi tighten her heart and head down: ‘I am very sorry. But Xie Wei Shi is a serious person. He is really studying very hard. Just a chance. I know it is very abrupt…..’

This is something that has never happened before. Miss Song whom is always full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves her work. Even when she is cleaning, she is till as noble as a queen. Now she is apologizing while talking to him. Every sentence and every words, seems to be so cautious. So uneasy.

Zhou Mo stood up and move forward to pick up the teapot on the table to fill up their tea cups.

He sat down again and looked at the woman in front of him. His eyes dimmed, Song Anyi began to regret today’s move. She stopped talking and waited for Professor Zhou’s last refusal.

However, the dark circles in the eyes slowly emerged a smile. That smile is a little cold. Dark and shiny waves in his eyes, at first glance is surprising giving a soul-stirring fear.

‘Unobtrusive’ Zhou Mo said.

His cold atmosphere makes Anyi feel like being locked by the leopard in general. She dare not move. His low and powerful voice with the mouth that giving a smug smile with a the slightest satisfaction….

‘If you take what you need, you will not be abrupt.’

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He looked straight at her, his voice low and clear.

Zhou Mo accepted Xie Wei Shi as assistant.

However, his requirement is simple enough. However, this is not a transaction. There is no such thing as selling personal help for boyfriend. Song Anyi took a deep breath.

Song Anyi had more jobs added without contract. She has to go to the home of Zhou Mo to prepare dinner on every Monday to Friday without any delay due to ‘efficiency’ of work. She will have to adjust the one to three cleaning time. During which during the time, she will also need to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients for two days and prepare the dinner.

In the meantime, she will also need to adjust the working hours during the day because she simply could not stay in the company to work overtime. Clerical work can only be taken home. So she will be too busy and is unable to take a breath.

Professor Zhou’s condition is not tough?

However, in this case, Aunty Lee whom have to take care of newborn twins had several time resigned. Zhou Mo’s mother has still not found anyone to succeed. She did not think that Song Anyi’s meal will give Zhou Mo such an idea. Since her homecooked food is not bad, let her take over Aunty Lee’s role.

This can only prove once again that no one can get any benefit from Professor Zhou.

So, Song Anyi become very busy.

‘No problem, Mrs Lin. I will sign the letter tomorrow morning. The colleagues will immediately arrange the bill and will perform the cleaning service before the Lunar New Year.’

With her Bluetooth in her ears, while working, Anyi is in Professor Zhou’s kitchen preparing dinner.

Zhou Mo whom has always been in a white shirt and black suit pants had his long legs casually overlap. Sitting, the shape is very well proportioned with wide-legged shoulders.

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His reading environment moved from the study to the living room (during the Cold War) and now in the dining area. Celadon tea set on the table while he enjoyed his tea while holding the ancient book intently reading it. Even the touch of incense makes the whole area feel elegant.

Zhou Yue helping out in the kitchen, seeing that big brother cocked his legs in a leisure look, the feeling is great. ‘Big brother, Sister Anyi asked if three dishes and one soup is enough?’

Zhou Mo’s sight did not leave the ancient books in the hands. ‘There are the braised pork from yesterday in the fridge.’

Song Anyi responded from the side: ‘The braised pork is being heated in the rice cooker and need to be finished today.’

After getting things done, the earlier courtesy is no longer found. She has changed back to the original cheerful and enthusiastic strong woman.

‘We will be having a meal soon. Don’t drink too much tea.’

Song Anyi reminded before heading back into the kitchen.

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Zhou Mo put aside the pot of tea,

Zhou Yue smiled. Before Aunty Lee reminding him not to drink too much tea before dinner, he will not even care.

‘Bring out the rice.’

Zhou Yue replied: ‘Okay.’

Song Anyi place the steamed meat on the table. The rich aroma filled up the nostrils. The stew is very popular with the Zhou family. Zhou Yue also packed some back to the master house.

‘Sister Anyi, how to braise this pork. Really fragrant. Oh, my parents also commented that it is delicious.’

Song Anyi took off the apron. ‘Ah. My mother’s unique recipe. There are a lot of Chinese herbs. If Zhou family like, my mother would be happy to share the recipe.’

Zhou Mother teaches Song Mother calligraphy.

‘Just say that you want to learn’ Zhou Mo throw over the words. This sentence choked Zhou Yue.

Zhou Yue did not admit defeat. ‘Big brother, do not look down on people. Sister Anyi will teach me during free time!’

Song Anyi sat down. Zhou Yue helped her to fill her rice bowl.

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‘Stewed meat is not difficult to prepare. Xiao Yue really want to learn, I will teach her.’

Zhou Yue, like a hungry ghost had long enjoyed herself: ‘Yes. Yes! I really want to learn.’

Song Anyi nodded. She put a piece of three layer meat into Zhou Yue’s bowl. The meat does not have any fat and greasy feel. ‘Yes, I am sure you will learn it. I will teach you later.’

She did not think that Professor Zhou’s bowl also appeared in front of her. She had no choice but put into his bowl a piece of meat. She could not help but muttered: ‘Not a three year old child’

Zhou Mo looked at her: ‘Zhou Yue is not.’

Zhou Yue turned her head to the side laughing. Is this jealously? Oh, big brother is so cute!



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