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Chapter 34.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Happy Monday! OMG! Another half month has flown by. Hope your weekend had been a great one! Another pre-set post. 

A short read today on Yi Fan and Xiao Bei. Enjoy the read. Xiao Bei seems to be pretty jealous of Lan Si Yang, don’t you think? Anyone could feel the sourness in the air?

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Chapter 34.2: 

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I think these are nothing to an adult but it is indeed more difficult for two children. But Lan Si Yang when talking about their helpless childhood, why her face is filled with sweet smile? The Yi Fan I know, although often make something dumbfounding, but in retrospect, is always tall and straight. When falling into water, he carried me back and let me rely on the chest when crying. When fighting with rogue, he held me tightly around his arms, solid and steady. Yes, I cannot imagine the childish Yi Fan crying because of thunder. There are their memories…..

‘Now I know that men cannot tolerate loneliness more than women, so he will express his feelings so extremely. But back then, I really hate Xiao Yi. 2 years older girl having to replace the mother’s role. Taking care of a sticky brother who loves to nose around. Often very afraid themselves but also having to comfort him with a smile. I got so irritated and often criticize him. All these noisiness for many years. I often blamed our parents, not only sending me abroad but also with a kid together. But who could think that, the once child that often cry behind me, unexpectedly came out so surprising.’

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‘The world is unpredictable.’ I said.

‘Do you know that Xiao Yi likes to watch cartoons. That is especially childish!’ Lan Si Yang suddenly asked.

I nodded. ‘You are Lan, so he called you the Smurf. And he told me that his favorite cartoon from his childhood is the Flower Fairy.’

‘Yes ah. For a while, Xiao Yi followed me every step. I really cannot stand it and lied to him that I like to see ‘Flower Fairy’. But cannot watch it due to school so can only ask him to help me record it. I began to have a quiet few days. But did not expect the result that after a whole school year, once after school, he flew home to help me record the television broadcast of the cartoon. A year later, I have a cupboard filled with cartoon. Funny kid.’

‘That’s ridiculous.’ I reluctantly commented.

Funny? What kind of affection of yours is that?

‘But you know, Xiao Bei, that year is the turning point in my life. Getting rid of Xiao Yi’s entanglement, I joined the school band. And then I met the love of my life, the pianist.’

‘What?’ I did not quite understand what she meant.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Although I had learning the piano before, I had no special feeling until the day when a blonde boy flirted with Beethoven’s ‘Fate’ in front of me. The music was heavy but his fingers seems to fly across the black and white keys in the golden sunset. The focus is the dark blue eyes….. my heart at that moment, it should be said to have stopped.’ Lan Si Yang like a witch from the East, is provoking with a mysterious tone creating a psychedelic atmosphere between us.

‘Have you….. fallen in love with a foreigner?’ I asked, feeling silly again when I spoke.

Lan Si Yang pouted her mouth and smiled. She drank the tea and said: ‘Suddenly leaving the mother’s boy give a kind of Oedipus mood. He will desperately close to the woman with him. But then I was a child. Having Xiao Yi to rely on me is very tiring. I am also looking for people to rely on. When I met the pianist, Johnson, gives me great comfort.’




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