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Chapter 10 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

I must admit that I am liking the work of Wu Wei (伍薇 ). How is everyone enjoying the read so far? Yes, can’t deny that this is a slow story and it also may be hard to follow especially when it is not a regular post. Never the less, I hope that everyone following this story had enjoyed it so far. 

There will be a slight change in how The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢) will be scheduled. We will now change it to once a week post. So it would be a regular weekly post. Originally we wanted to make it a two post per week story, guess I was over ambitious thinking that it would be easy to translate this novel only to discover that time is really not on my side at the moment. I sincerely apologies for the changes. 

Enjoy the read and have a great weekend ahead!


Chapter 10

Zhou Mo did not speak but off the engine.

Zhou Yue hugging the computer bag hurriedly followed. As his assistant, she still has some contracts to discuss with big brother to follow up about work. Cannot just go back to her parents’ home.

In the eyes of the world, Zhou Mo’s career is the big and small investments. Zhou Mo did not set up any company. So, big brother usually works at home. There are several foreign partners that are also highly professional, well-connected and trustworthy lawyers and accountants. And as his assistant, she is also big brother’s external contract contacts.

Zhou Yue looked at her watch. It is six o’clock in the evening. She hopes that aunty has got dinner ready. She is very hungry. Fortunately, aunty also help to prepare dinner in big brother’s home. Like Sister Anyi, this is arranged by mother. If not, her brother whom is living alone might even eat instant noodle for a month without any care.

Getting out of the car, Zhou Yue realised that Sister Anyi’s car is parked in big brother’s other parking space.

‘Is sister Anyi still around?’ Today is Monday. It is the day where she comes to big brother’s house but she usually leaves before five o’clock.

Suddenly, Zhou Yue thought of something. Just now, brother did not immediate get out of the car is because he was staring at sister’s car in a daze, right? Oh, he so cares about the Toyota Yaris is it? Poor big brother’s Maserati huh.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Big brother is not a warm person. He is always cold towards things but as long as the matter is related to sister Anyi, big brother seems to show some feelings oh! For example, arranging courses with the Art University, he tried to avoid Monday, March 15 afternoon. Big brother also went online to buy a pair of powerful non-slip indoor slippers for her.

Someone got the ancient artefacts to go online shopping. And some more to buy an indoor slipper!

And during the Cold War, the quality of her brother’s work had plummeted. He could not understand the reason for her being angry at him and was deeply unhappy that the afternoon tea inexplicably being cancelled. Therefore, she recently observed that he has moved his work from the study to the living room. On top of that, he was not reading the ancient books that he is always fascinated with. Instead for a few days in a row, he will suddenly go to the convenience store to buy milk and red bean bread. This is a miracle for big brother!

But these actions by big brother will move Sister Anyi’s heart? Um…. But it seems that it is not enough. That kind of care from the man towards a woman will not spark anything. She had secretly observed for a long time. It is too frustrating to explain to big brother that Sister Anyi brings fun and liveliness to the quiet and cold house that is surrounded by pile of antiques.

The care for sister Anyi seems to be just like how one will buy accessories for the pets. Just like how owners buy dogs clothing, bring them for grooming etc… nothing special.

To put it bluntly, these two gives her the impression that both are beautiful and pleasant people that are quiet. Both complement each other’s deficiencies but not much of a pink bubble between them.

Zhou You is curious about the progress of the cold war. However, because she was out for a meeting in the afternoon, so she thought that by the time they are home, sister Anyi would have left. Did not expect that she will still be at home!

They took the elevator to the eighth floor. They open the door and the air with a touch of food fragrance gushed out. Both brother and sister invariably walked toward the kitchen thinking that it is Aunty Lee cooking. Did not expect to see sister Anyi carrying the sweet and sour pork ribs to the table.

Zhou You is surprised. Sister Anyi is preparing the dinner today? She quickly looked at big brother. Even the usually cold looking brother had slightly narrowed eyes.
Song Anyi seeing that Professor Zhou is home, because remembering Xie Wei Shi’s request, looked a little restless. But she pulled away with a smile. ‘You’re back… uh. That’s it at 430 pm when I was about to leave, Aunty Lee suddenly called to say that her grandson had a fever so she could not come over. I thought that since there are ingredients in the fridge, I would prepare the dinner…’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Aunty Lee had some emergency. So, can you say that this is God’s opening the door for her? Feeling very helpless. She had wanted to shrink her head like a turtle and escape for the day.

Upon hearing Sister Anyi’s explanation, her brother did not express any emotion. However, Zhou Yue whom had grew up with her big brother, obviously felt that her brother’s mood is actually very good.

Zhou Mo looked at the table filled with dishes. The dishes look familiar. Perfectly cooked with no half-cooked impression. Every dish is impressively served. So the taste should not be bad.

It seems that the situation has been raised from rice ball to cooking dishes level which resulting in Zhou Mo being very satisfied. If this is Miss Song apology to make up for what had happened, he can accept it. The allergic medication that he went through is really nothing.

Zhou Mo is very satisfied with this table of good food. He said: ‘Wash your hands and eat!’

Zhou Yue bow laughing. Well, these two people ‘presenting’ their point of view is nothing fancy, then she can always imagine their communication skills! If you really have a chance for Sister Anyi to become sister-in-law, it would also be a very good thing! She had hoped that when there is such a day, big brother can clearly show ‘care’ emotion.

Zhou Yue happily approached the table. ‘Yeah. Fried clams! Wow… pumpkins! Wow…. There’s pan-fried salmon! Such a rich fare. Sister Anyi, these are all big brother’s favourite dishes!’

Song Anyi is very embarrassed. ‘Uh, all these are ready-prepared ingredients in the refrigerator. I just prepare the dishes. These are because Aunty Lee’s preparation is good.’

Zhou Yue cannot help but put the pumpkin into her mouth. She squints in satisfaction. ‘Sister Anyi is so kind…. Er…. Oh….’

This is the truth. Although Sister Anyi have somewhat unsatisfactory dessert making skills and her flower tea occasionally taste strange but the home-cooked food is very good.

Zhou Mo knock his sister head: ‘Do not need to wash your hands and eat?’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Yue rubber her hand and ran to wash her hands: ‘Ah, wash your hand…. Washing my hand. It hurts oh…..’

She left them but on the way, looking at sister Anyi

Help me, sister Anyi.

Seeing Professor Zhou’s face, Song Anyi who came with full expectation with Xie Wei Shi’s request, her scalp starts to tingle with uneasiness.

‘Well….. uh…. I…. there’s fried spinach today, okay.’

She turned and rushed back into the kitchen.

The dining area and kitchen is an open space. In fact, there is no place to hide. While Song Anyi is frying the spinach, she is thinking in her heart about how to voice the request. Finally, she decided to pamper him while supporting Xie Wei Shi which is unpleasant especially when it is asking for help. In additional to that, Professor Zhou’s personality makes her feel that he might be resentful about her.

Zhou Mo cross his arm in front of his chest. Leaning at the table, he looked at Ms Song while she busied herself.

She should be not more than one hundred and seven, slim and slender.
She has a wavy long hair. When working, she usually ties it into a ponytail.

She will wear overalls with some light makeup. A neat appearance with the hope to give ‘efficient’ feel.

She is very pretty.

Zhou Mo reached for a cup of water and sip while his eyes never left her.

After leaving the emergency room that day, for his honest statement, he thought that Miss Song would inevitably unaccepting to them. With her personality, it would be possible that for a few days, he would not see her. So he is surprise to see her car still around.

It is not the rice ball or any afternoon snacks. Miss Song prepared a table filled with food. But her eyes and face revealed the clumsy, flawless yet very mysterious. She has always been confident and care-free. It is an expression that Miss Song never had. Zhou Mo seeing her strangeness, discovered that the table filled with delicacies is beginning to diminish his emotions.

Fried spinach is served onto the table. Zhou brother and sister are seated.

‘Sister Anyi, sit. I will help you serve the rice. And you sit here!’ Zhou Yue warmly said.



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