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Chapter 8 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

A long read today. Some statement made by Professor Zhou Mo does make sense, don’t you think? This chapter got me thinking if Zhou Mo had realised his feeling for Song Anyi already or he is just being kind to her after having to spend several months in her companion?



Chapter 8

‘Your boyfriend should be very popular with his schoolmates’

Professor Zhou’s comments, regardless it is of intention or unintentional, all of them makes Song Anyi felt more depressed. But she did not forget to take the spirits and VIPs to explain how the company’s customer details secrecy are of valued. ‘Professor Zhou, please rest assured that we are very concerned about the privacy of our guests. So we will not reveal your identity to any party.’

‘Even to your boyfriend?’

‘Of course…..’

‘As Xie Wei Shi said, this is indeed a wonderful coincidence.’


‘Miss Song do not think such a coincidence that same school, same department but you do not know?’

‘I really did not think about it.’

‘Miss Song is very cautious.’

‘This is my job.’

Zhou Mo hooked his thin lips. ‘It’s good to remember that it is work.’

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With all these happening, Song Anyi simply is unable to find out Professor Zhou’s thought. Is he testing her customer privacy protection practice?

Zhou Mo is very clear about not doing something meaningless. His idea is a very simple warning. A woman’s emotions change will affect the work. He had experienced it not long ago. He did not want any unexpected event to happen that that affect the afternoon tea (rice balls) supply. Not that he is bothered to pleased, swallowing Longan Rice Cakes resulting in allergies is meaningless.
Song Anyi concentrate on driving. It is now nearly eight o’clock in the evening. After sending Professor Zhou home, she must go home to rest. It has been a tiring day. As to whether call Xie Wei Shi or not, she will think about it……

At the noodle shop, Zhou Mo suddenly shout stop. Song Anyi can only look for parking space in front of the shop.

Professor Zhou got off the car. Anyi can only turn off the engine and get off.

Professor Zhou step into the beef noodle shop. He looked for a seat to sit down. She had to keep up and automatically joined him. While ordering, they ordered some other small dishes as well.

Reflective nerve is really a horrible feeling and added with the foul mood. But as long as Professor Zhou wanted it, she will absolutely do it without hesitation.

Steaming beef noodles were placed on the table. Both of them picks up the chopsticks and started to enjoy today’s dinner.

The smell of the warm noodles soup, Song Anyi unconsciously sigh, only to find that her stomach is growling in hunger. The food filling up her barren stomach also helped in releasing her foully mood.

Perhaps the girl is just a schoolmate. She is thinking too much. Song Anyi is also a beauty, even if she is no longer young. Her body is still very fit. She will not lose to anyone. Song Anyi seems to inspire herself, smiling.

Zhou Mo looked at her. ‘You can still laugh?’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi shrugged and found a reason. ‘Food makes people feel good.’

Zhou Mo did not forget to reply: ‘Will kill the invisible.’

Song Anyi sighed. ‘Professor Zhou, I swear. I really did not premeditate that. It is purely unintentional….’

The steam from the hot soup makes her cheek red. With her solemn face, Zhou Mo scrutinized her small face and slightly smiled before withdrawing his sight.

Dinnertime has passed so the noodle shop only had three guests. One other table diagonally opposite of them where two girls were seating, one of them crying while the other one is comforting the crying girl.

She said that she is uncomfortable. She is not able to go home to rest. Why two people standing by the chilling roadside, holding each other warm. This is clearly cheating. Really think that they are fooling a three-year-old child? Just explaining it, I would believe?

Song Anyi hearing the girl weeping, a chill down her back. This is so similar to the situation that she encountered, right?

Her chopsticks movement stopped. She tried to convince herself. But the mood becomes heavier. Her heart feels like a block of stone. So uncomfortable.

‘Eat your noodle.’

Zhou Mo coldly reminded Song Anyi. She continued eating.

The girl complained about her inexplicable sense of distance from her boyfriend. She complained that she had been busy with work while her boyfriend had been busy with school. Since each had a consensus on their future, should she not only dream about the future but not paying attention to her work. She had been paying all the expenses and had been so busy while her boyfriend has been busy engaging in an ambiguous relationship with the schoolmate, hurting her heart.

‘That is not love. It is just utilization!’ Her friend cried.

Song Anyi whom had been drinking the nourishing soup, suddenly stopped. She felt like she is chewing some wax-like food with no taste.

She met Xie Wei Shi on the road trip to UK. Wei Shi said that he is very interested in her. He also came from Taiwan so eventually she agreed to befriend him. Although over the past year, there were not much loving experience, she is also not good in maintaining the relationship. Because she had a good income, so she will generously sponsor Xie Wei Shi. That enable him to go abroad to see exhibition or to participate in overseas study groups in the hope to enrich his vision and knowledge. This is what she thought being in a relationship is about…. Satisfying each other’s wishes and making him happy….. But in the end, is he using her in the name of love?

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The two girls left and the noodle shop become quiet again.

Song Anyi silently finished her meal. Professor Zhou paid and both of them returned to the car.

On the way home, both remained quiet.

In front of the bronze door of the mansion, Song Anyi steadily stopped her car.

‘Professor Zhou had a tiring day today. Please have a good rest.’ There were exhaustion in her voice.

Zhou Mo did not get off the car.

Song Anyi turned to look at him. The roadside yellow light sparkle in Professor Zhou’s pair of black pupil. In addition to consistent self-confidence, there is no difference as there were no emotions to be detected.

Zhou Mo tilted his body towards the driver’s seat and rest his hand on the head of the seat. He bows down an looked into her eyes. He said: ‘I hate wasting time. I hate the hospital. I hate injection but because of acute allergies, I have to waste time going to the hospital. You, the initiator whom should keep a smile, should not just let others affect your emotions.’

Song Anyi would like to refute but she knows that it is useless. The man’s momentum is driving her dizzy. The air filled of aggression, it seems that she is feeling suffocated.

‘Remember, you have to be responsible.’

Dumb-founded with the rare long sentences from Professor Zhou, he is warning her that she is not giving him face with her affected mood?

This is indeed an insane man ah!

What is VIP? Which part of the contracts stipulated that she must smile every minute?

Professor Zhou!

Zhou Mo ignored Song Anyi’s refute. He opened the door and step out.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Filled with anger, Song Anyi fisted both her hands. She is not able to counter attack. Who expected that this man is able to suddenly attack with a fatal blow.

‘That female customer said it well. Which schoolmates can embrace each other? This is basic knowledge, Miss Song.’

His black eyes full of power caught her attention. He turned and close the door to leave.

His words were quick and relentless. So, Song Anyi suddenly felt that her chest was stabbed by a knife. Not only she is sad, she is now even more powerless and in more severe pain!

Her stomach filled with grudges, Xie Wei Shi incident had hurt her but stabbed with a malicious stab, the pain of falling asleep resulted in her unconscious dream of revenge. Feeling Professor Zhou with lots of Longan Rice Cakes and then resulting him being filled with rashes…. Truly amazing!

Although the next day is a holiday, but the workaholic Song Anyi went back to the company to do her paperwork.

Xiao Li Huan with her daughter, four-year-old Xiaomi are also around. Xiao Mi seeing Aunty Anyi, immediately extended her arms asking to be held.

Song Anyi picked up the cute Xiao Mi. ‘Why did you get up so early today?’

‘Mommy coming to work.’

‘Wow….. Xiao Mi is also accompanying aunty at work!’

‘Yes. Yeah! Wow!’ Xiao Mi nodded happily with a sweet smile.

Xiao Mi has the heart and mind of everyone. Because of the pain of being part of the single parent family, Mu Yue has become Xiao Mi’s godfather. Giving her the opportunity to grow up feeling the warmth of a father.



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