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Chapter 6 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

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Chapter 6

However, they are also aware that the recent Cold War is due to the recipe book which stepped on the sensitive nerve of Song Anyi leaving both of them no room to comfort the wounds of a friendship.

‘Hahahaha…. No way! What kind of people are allergy only to old Shaoxing Wine. I see him drinking red wine, whiskey, XO and even the last longan rice cakes, I also added rice wine…. He was all right ah!’

Ji Xin Yuan clutching her mouth and whispered: ‘So, Professor Zhou is not only the heart but even the body mechanism are the same, weird! The kind of allergic to alcohol, had to picked the one with the low probability one ah!’

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Song Anyi nooded: ‘Really, I am scared silly.’

‘Do you have that longan rice cakes? I give Muyue to eat and see. He is also weird.’

‘What do you mean? As long as you are a weido, you can see it through by eating longan rice cake that has been added with aged Shaoxing wine?’

‘Also showing the prototype! Next time you change to real yellow wine and see if Professor Zhou will not have a reaction?’

Song Anyi sighed. ‘The last time, the longan rice cakes inexplicably let him have a stomach ache while I had no issues after eating it. This time it is rashes. I think Professor Zhou in this life cannot eat longan rice cakes.’

Ji Xin Yuan is surprised. I do not know that the first time there have been tragedies. ‘Anyi, in fact, you are the dark sector that causes it…..’

Song Anyi shrugged, dumbfounded.

The two women hooked hand and whispered like sisters chatting among themselves. Zhou Mo frowned. He thought that trouble should be on his side who expressed tension and concern should be.
‘Miss Song.’

Song Anyi heard immediately and approached him. ‘What’s up, Professor Zhou?’

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Zhou Mo suddenly got up from his seat. He took off the suit jacket. Because of the allergy, he does not only have rashes, even his breathing seems unusually rapid.

He handed the coat off to Song Anyi and then extended his left hand to her with a displeased expression and directly orders, ‘Unlock this!’

Song Anyi intuition conjecture that Professor Zhou should be unhappy to see them whispering, so looking to give her a little of hard time…. Just do it! She looked down at the cuff links and then looked up to see Professor Zhou’s handsome face. She can understand the allergies will result in moody mood but….

‘Professor Zhou, if it is not comfortable due to the heat, please bear with it. The air conditioning here in the emergency department. So it is recommended that you still do not take off the jacket ….. better..’

Zhou Mo did not speak but mumbled: ‘Just chatting away…. What an irresponsible idiot of doctor’ Condemning her!

The attending physician heard that his patient was a colleague’s friend so he was not polite at all. He just scolded; ‘Are you still hot? Do you not know that such an acute allergy can lead to vasodilation to a serious point. The blood pressure will drop and then leading to shock and then coma and death! Roll the sleeves, roll over and lie down and get your drip over there. What you eat and what you cannot eat, you must be conscious!’

Song Anyi was terrified. The allergic situation unexpectedly is a serious one. Most importantly is that she believes that such a great Professor Zhou must not have been such a daunting drink and then severely scolded…….

‘Okay…. Good!’

She tightened her nerves, shrank her neck and quickly unlocked Professor Zhou’s cufflinks. She found her fingers trembling badly, so he helped her with the solution. She gritted her teeth and held him in bed. She helped him to take off his shoes and obeyed the doctor’s instruction to undo his shirt buttons.

Matured men are strong with strong bronze spacious neck. The nurses on both sides of the bed are busy with connecting the blood pressure and heartbeat monitoring equipment. As busy as they are, they did not hesitate to steal a look.

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Song Anyi staying by the side, trembling, is not able to take one second lightly. She is like the small daughter-in-law helping to adjust the height of the pillow and then helped to cover the quilt

Zhou Mo frown.

Song Anyi immediately understand. She quickly appeased him. Professor Zhou has serious issue with cleanliness. ‘Do not worry. The hospital quilts will be sterilized after each use….’

The attending physician heard the patient’s family argument, shot some harsh eyes like a sharp arrow over.

‘What’s the matter now? Do you have any comment on the quilt in our hospital?’

Song Anyi appease quickly, not forgetting to apologize. ‘I am sorry. So sorry. Doctor, we do not mean that…..’

With a difficult patient personality and the doctor with a quick temper, Song Anyi’s nerves are tight.

The doctor said: ‘Mrs Zhou..’

‘Oh no. I am not Mrs Zhou.’ Song Anyi quickly clarified as not wanting to stimulate Professor Zhou.

The doctor ignored her and directly finish his sentence. ‘There will be other medication after receiving this medication. After finishing this, please let the nurses know and they will add in the drip. There should not be other issues but you pay attention to it. If Mr Zhou still feel uncomfortable after treatment, let the nurse come to me right away.’

The doctor turned to leave. Although he has a temper, but he is also a responsible doctor.

Zhou Mo closed his eyes and rest. Because of the allergies, his breathing is still very rapid.

Song Anyi bites her lips, both anxious and upset.

Ji Xin Yuan touched her chin when observing all these. Anyi is working hard to make up for her mistake. Professor Zhou is like an old man. Is it natural that he accepts Anyi’s assistance?

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The interaction between the two seems normal but somewhat strange. She had a wonderful feeling but do not know why and unable to describe it…..

The chief physician came personally. After seeing that Professor Zhou is fine for now, he said hello to Ji Xin Yuan and Song Anyi before leaving.

Song Anyi pulled a chair and sat down by the hospital bed.

The emergency room was a bit cold. She had just hurriedly sent Professor Zhou to the emergency room and forgot to wear a coat. She rubbed her arms and obeyed the doctor’s orders. She stared at Professor Zhou whom is lying in the bed.

‘Put on my jacket when it is cold.’

Song Anyi of course did not dare. ‘No need…’

‘You are rubbing your arms very loudly.’

Song Anyi is stunned. Not wanting to upset Professor Zhou further causing his displeasure, she put on his coat on her shoulder. She was a little embarrassed but because of Professor Zhou’s coat, the body is gradually warming up.

‘Thank you…..’ She felt that she should make it clear. ‘Professor Zhou, I am really sorry for causing you to be hospitalized because of allergy. And it is a serious case. Next time, I will not simply prepare any snacks….’

Zhou Mo frown. Ms Song’s guarantee makes him think of the afternoon tea that may only have red bean bread. Cannot. He has not even eaten any rice balls.

‘I am only allergic to ages Shaoxing.’

Song Anyi looked at the closed eyes Professor Zhou. Her experience in the past six months tells her that Professor Zhou means that she can continue to prepare afternoon tea if there is no aged Shaoxing wine?

‘Professor Zhou means that as long as it is without aged Shaoxing wine, any other ingredients are fine?’

Professor Zhou really did not respond.

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Well, just as it is, she still like Professor Zhou’s warm and cosy study.

Acute allergies come quickly and disappear quickly. Three hours later, Zhou Mo’s rashes faded and his breathing is restored smoothly.

Professor Zhou stood tall at the bedside and allowed Song Anyi to help him dressed.



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