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Chapter 5 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Hi everyone, Zhou Mo and Song Anyi is back again today! Hope everyone is loving the read so far…. I translated this chapter, although this is pre-set post while taking the train ride from Sapa to Hanoi. So if there are any errors, please highlight and let me know.

Enjoy the read.


Chapter 5

Zhou Mo said: ‘There are red bean bread on the table.’

Song Anyi was shocked by the sudden goodwill released by Professor Zhou. She quickly walked to the table and really saw the same combination as the day before. The two convenience store bought red bean breads with a cup of fresh milk and a cup of tea.

There are no shops or restaurants near the mansion. There is however a chain convenience store just outside the corner. Zhou Yue is usually the trotter of Professor Zhou and is in charge of all the affairs, including purchase. Professor Zhou rarely goes out to buy even a pack of cigarettes. And apart from buying all the needed supplies, in addition to teaching and work, this man stays at home most of the time.

Song Anyi walked back into the living room. Somehow, not willing to struggle, do not want to give in because of a few red bean breads but is moved inside.

‘You do not usually eat red bean bread. It is too sweet for you and you do not like it.’

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Zhou Mo thought for a moment and then said: ‘It is too sweet but I do not know what to buy. At least this sweetness will slow down your hypoglycaemia that brought dizziness.’

Whether it is Professor Zhou whom rarely say such a long sentence or his kindness, even the tone is still indifferent, letting the heart of Song Anyi quicken. She thought, Professor Zhou did have a warm heart even if he did not know how to speak his heart. He also does not understand relationships, but indeed is a warm-hearted person. Then she is a matured adult, she will say that his past action of sending her recipe book are unintentional!

The Cold War is finally over.

Friday, bidding farewell to the rainy days, the weather cleared. The sun suddenly appeared. Zhou Mo sat in the study armchair, feeling that his home that was feeling depressed over the last two weeks is now able to pick up the laughter again.

‘I tell you, this is not the same longan rice cake oh. I am very serious in studying the blog, learning about the ingredients and the cooking time. There is no reason that it will not succeed!’ Song Anyi happily say.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Mo action indeed had a significant effect. Miss Song is no longer angry. But he is still puzzled why the rice ball did not appear but still longan rice cakes?

The same seat and the same sunshine. Song Anyi prepared warm herbal tea and also the longan rice cake. She cut them into bite size and beautifully placed them on the plate.

‘Professor Zhou try it?’

Cannot not try it?

Zhou Mo, even if do not understand the woman’s heart, but also can understand that in order to maintain Miss Song’s good mood, this longan rice cake he must eat. To be honest, he do not like sweet longan.

Zhou Mo ate the first mouth. He is surprised to find that the taste is good. The glutinous rice shells and the longan sweet taste is perfect and not greasy. It can be said that this experience is completely different.

Seeing that Professor Zhou ate three pieces, Song Anyi smiled. She is very happy and said without any shame… : ‘I am not bad at all. This is a comprehensive internet approach that extracts the essence. Even my mum and my colleagues in the company are boasting about the delicious taste.’

Zhou Mo ate a few more mouthfuls. She look so happy that she served the flower tea.

‘Today’s tea is chamomile with lemon leaves. More refreshing. A perfect blend with the heavy flavoured longan rice cake.’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Mo sipped the tea. After finishing two-thirds of the longan rice cake, he suddenly stopped the action.

‘Is there any wine inside?’ He asked with unusual flushing on his cheeks and forehead.

Although he bought the recipe book and also marked them, but that does not mean that he will go through the recipes step by step while checking out the ingredients. Miss Song’s previous longan rice cakes nor this is not his first time eating. Moreover, the little alcoholic, he thought the wine in the rice cakes today is only the longan fermented taste, but followed by a ……………….

Song Anyi explained: ‘Longan rice cake must add wine. Professor Zhou, your face is red…!’

Professor Zhou not only blush. The handsome face began to show a blossoming scary erythema.

Song Anyi stared: ‘No, Professor Zhou, your face…..’

Zhou Mo raised his hand, scratching. He is only allergic to the same food. The answer already in the heart but he just wanted to confirm. ‘Miss Song added what wine?’

Song Anyi began to feel uneasy. She nervously answered: ‘In general, it is Garmisch but last time the Garmisch did not taste good. So I added Puli’s aged Shaoxing wine. My mother went to Puli Winery and brought back some.’

Zhou Mo sigh. It is really Shaoxing wine that was added. Who would like to imagine that a powerful figure like him, will two consecutive defeats to this nostalgic snack?

‘I am allergic to Shaoxing wine. Especially Chen Shao. As long as there is a little bit, I will have rashes.’
‘Alcohol rash….’ Song Anyi was surprised. Just… allergies reaction is so quick? Not a few seconds, his neck followed by the eyelids are also swollen up!

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Miss Song, I sincerely suggest that you should stop the dedication of the longan rice cake.’ Zhou Mo faintly said.

Looking at the tragedy of Professor Zhou, Song Anyi holding both sides of the cheeks feeling at lost. She actually turned a handsome dude into an ugly one. She really wanna shout!


Ji Xin Yuan, an in-patient thoracic surgeon at the teaching hospital is also the wife of ‘efficiency’ partner of Zhou Yue and also an important friend of hers. Because of the relationship between the two parties, the feeling of Song Anyi and Ji Xin Yuan is also very good. The three women often meet for afternoon tea. Men are also not allowed to join.

At this time, Professor Zhou is personally treated by the attending physician of the Department of Allergy and Immunology. And Ji Xin Yuan placing her hands in the green sterile clothes while looking gleefully at her friend.

Because of her own disaster, so Song Anyi specifically requested for Xin Yuan help. So she came specially to the emergency room to visits.

Ji Xin Yuan whispered into her ears: ‘Hey, you finally could not help but become a killer yourself? The use of food allergic reactions can indeed kill invisibly.’

Professor Zhou’s strange allergic is also a topic of frequent talk between the three women. After all, Professor Zhou’s character and cold response is also special.



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