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Chapter 4 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Hi everyone, how is everyone enjoying the read so far? It is after all a slow progress and yet a light read. 

Enjoy the read today! This is the pre-scheduled post as mhryu is currently away travelling and exploring the world…. so please do expect a slight delay to the next post. 


Chapter 4

Zhou Yue looked at her brother quietly. He was sitting leisurely, watching her with very pure and natural eyes.

Zhou Yue sighed. To understand the anguish of human beings with emotions, it is easier for her to bid in an auction. Better!

She touched the stomach, longing for afternoon tea. ‘Does Sister Anyi prepared any afternoon snacks?’

Zhou Mo gave her a simple and concise criticism. ‘Pig’

Zhou Yue is not able to resolve the doubt of Zhou Mo. Why is Anyi angry? Why is it not possible to gift her recipe books? Why is it his problem?

And just as Miss Song promised, she did not prepare any tea or refreshments anymore. And everything is done based on the terms of the contract. She leaves once the job is done.

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And when she is working, she uses Bluetooth to answer calls. So, apart from a simple conversation from an incoming call, there is no sound of any laughter in the room from Miss Song.

Monday comes. Zhou Mo stayed in the study.

The same when it is Wednesday. Zhou Mo stayed in the study.

Come Friday, Zhou Mo moved into the living room. He sat beside his pretty little sister.

‘Sister Anyi have not prepared any afternoon snacks for a few days?’

Zhou Yue hurried forward looking at Sister Anyi. Can’t deny that Sister Anyi’s craft is very good. Special dessert that she like. Her big brother and Sister Anyi are similar. Both are lovers of tea products.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi hum. What kind of heart, her brother did not join in the conversation…..

However, she has an old problem of hypoglycaemia. She must eat something after doing a lot of work. Otherwise, she will feel dizzy and uncomfortable. In severe cases, she may even feel nauseous and palpitations. Therefore, even when she declared that there will be no afternoon tea, she need to prepare snacks for herself.

Song Anyi took out from her backpack a packet of round rice balls. ‘Bought this morning. Add some basil leaves, it will taste very refreshing.’

Zhou Yue happily took the rice ball. ‘Thank you Sister Anyi. We share half?’

Song Anyi shook her heard. ‘No, you just eat. I have another one in my bag for myself.’

In addition to this one, in fact, there are two more in her backpack. One of them is added with spicy radish. Don’t know why, she actually ‘habitually’ to prepare three sets of snacks. Spicy radish? Rarely people like them.

Zhou Yue holding the rice ball and nest in the corner of the sofa. Like a protective squirrel, she enjoyed it one by one. Onigi is Sister Anyi’s favourite. The ingredients will also vary. No matter which kind, the taste is delicious.

Looking at Zhou Yue, Zhou Mo do not understand. Why only his sister has rice balls?

Song Anyi did not respond to Professor Zhou’s questioning eyes. With her pride intake, she turned and head away to sweep. She would rather go back into the car before eating her rice balls just so that not to be seen by him!

‘Big brother, I am not sharing with you the rice ball.’ Zhou Yue articulate the boundary line.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Miss Zhou looking at the back of the angry Miss Anyi while missing the good taste of the snacks in the past. She carefully thinks of a way to regain the good book of Miss Song.

The above is the status of Friday. Following Monday, the cold war continues.

Because she does not want to be baffled and having to prepare three snacks, Song Anyi did not prepare any snacks today. But she seems to overestimate her ability. At the end of work, when dizziness hit, she quickly pulled the chair in the dining area and sat down to rest.

She patted her chest and constantly swallowed saliva, wanting to suppress the uncomfortable feeling in the body. Her mind is blank.

Suddenly, a red bean bread miraculously appeared in front of her. And then a glass of milk appeared.

On the other side, the chair was pulled out. Zhou Mo seated himself while holding another red bean bread in his hand. On the table is a mug of light fragrance tea.

Maybe red bean bread can be exchanged with rice balls? Zhou Mo is trying to be good and show his good side.

Feeling uncomfortable, Song Anyi cannot be stubborn. She picked up the red bean bread and took a few mouthfuls. The sweet taste quickly alleviate the problem of hypoglycaemia. But she knew that the convenience store red bean bread is not something that Professor Zhou will like.

Really true. Just taking two bite, Zhou Mo put down the red bean bread back onto the table with a frown.

‘Sweet’, he criticized.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi holding the mug, slowly sip the ice-cold milk. The mug hides the beautiful lips that is opened into arc. Perhaps, on the cold and proud surface, Professor Zhou is also hiding a warm heart to help others.

Even so, Song Anyi still cannot eliminate her anger. No one wants to take the hot face cold ass. She really had enough of that indifferent man.

Therefore, the Cold War continued to Wednesday. The Bluetooth hanging on Miss Song’s ears, today the calls seems more than usual. She answered all the questions one by one while cleaning work at hand like an instinct, without any delay.

Zhou Mo sitting in the living room with his observation. He affirmed that Miss Song’s ability to work but he still does not understand how a woman can be so stubborn and difficult to please.

Seeing that Miss Song’s work is completed. She is keeping back the apron and after finish grooming, got ready to leave. It seems that there is no afternoon tea plan for today again.

He felt that he should take the initiative. ‘Do you not feel dizzy?’

Surprised that Professor Zhou suddenly asked, Song Anyi was stunned and stopped. ‘I will not faint.’

Before starting her cleaning work today, she had already eaten a bowl of dry noodles and wonton soup.

‘Maybe you will be dizzy later?’

‘………….’ Song Anyi is speechless. What does the apathetic and wayward Professor Zhou want to express?



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