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Chapter 3 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

Enjoying the interesting read penned by talented Wu Wei (伍薇 ) so far? I hope that everyone is enjoying the read as much as I had enjoyed reading them when I was translating.


Chapter 3

More exaggerating, the ‘Nostalgia pastry 90: follow the teacher to learn ancient taste snacks’ book came with a label. She turned over to the page and saw that written on top is actually the recipe for making longan rice cakes. This is a shining insult ah! Roar…. Is her longan rice cakes is such a failure that it is hard for him to stomach?

But Song Anyi is not a person who would get upset over such incident. If there is anything, she will straightforward have asked about it. That is her style. ‘Professor Zhou, my longan rice cake recipe still need improvement?’

‘Ah.’ Zhou Mo continued to turn the page on the book without lifting his eyelids. To find a way to improve the cooking skills that is required, he does not think too much about it. After all, learning is endless. Very good.

Song Anyi because of Professor Zhou’s confession, her anger rushed to heaven!

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Why did he do this directly?

Someone so straightforward?

Does he know that this will make people very hurt?

She is very busy daily with the business, without any time to even breath. Being able to take some time to make some snacks for refreshment is already amazing.

She was stinging. There is no where to vent her anger. The sun outside the window is shining into the house, coating Professor Zhou with a layer of goal. His side profile is almost perfect with long slender eyelashes, quietly dropping. A clear indication to everyone that this guy completely does not understand how to handle things smoothly!

Grinding her teeth, she grumpily said: ‘There are a total of 240 snacks here. Is it said that once I am all proficient in making them, then I can open my own dessert shop, right?’

Zhou Mo did not speak. His indifferent attitude shows no guilt. He does not think that being truthful will hurt people.

Song Anyi is so upset that her stomach ache. She put the book down and looked around at the lifeless yet priceless antique, considering how to fight back.

Damn, someone who deal with antique and dead stuff, will end up becoming someone with no feelings!

‘Professor Zhou, if I really open a dessert shop, will you come? Ah, of course. Come as it would be on me. If I have successfully opened a dessert shop, it is also thanks to Professor Zhou’s teaching and also for your help to personally buy the recipe books’ Song Anyi sneer, provoking the ground to get back to him. This is because Professor Zhou, except for work, does not like to go out. This is shining irony ah!

Zhou Mo whose sight rarely leave the ancient book, looked directly at Miss Song. Could see that he looks stiff and unhappy. Seeking the truth from facts as directly stated.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘I signed a three-year contract. Even if Miss Song has a new career, should also be able to allocate time.’

These three sentences hit and challenges Anyi, as translated into vernacular explanation… is: ‘Even if she really opened a dessert shop, she also do not forget to clean his house on the regular basis. So stop there. There should not be any problem.’

Yes, Zhou Mo is the super VIP of ‘Efficiency’. As one of the partners, she is not able to vent her emotions on the customers. However, she is not suffering from any loss. She is not likely to be beaten in the next counterattack!

‘In accordance to the terms of the contract, I am supposed to be cleaning. Not to send desserts. If Professor Zhou is finding the snacks I prepared is difficult for you to refuse, please rest assured, I will not bring any food over. Today’s cleaning work is over. I will leave first.’

However, Song Anyi is really upset. So she left the three books on the table. She got up and quickly clean up the cup and table on the table. Without any turning back, she left the study.

Zhou Mo looking at Miss Song angry back in the shadow. Really do not understand why she is so angry?

In fact, over the past six months, Song Anyi has also got angry before. Do not know if Professor Zhou is born short of mind or their own tolerance level is too low?

But it is the first time, she is declaring the Cold War!

Although Zhou Mo is a professor, he is also a formidable collector. Getting along for a long time, every day in the intrigues of the cleaning workplace, Song Anyi is very clear that Professor Zhou is not good at communication. In addition to work-related things, he is always very cold.

But strictly speaking, Professor Zhou is just the company’s super-super VIP. She is just completing the task in accordance with the contract content. Do not need to spend time with him to build any relationship / feeling. The afternoon tea is superfluous. The sun is superfluous. If she just do her part, there will be no chance to give that indifferent man the opportunity to anger her.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The clever Xia Zong – Xia Zong saw Song Anyi returning to the office early in the morning with the whole body emitting ‘danger’, immediately understand that the company’s Super-super VIP has caused her to be upset.

‘We are in the service industry. Letting the guest have some of their way is also the best policy.’ Xia Zong advised.

Song Anyi rubbed the stuffy stomach. ‘He is a weirdo.’

‘Professor Zhou being strange is not something new.’ Xia Zong did not actually have contact with the mysterious figure but hearing Anyi talking about Professor Zhou’s work, one could feel that the big man is indeed different.

Yes, it is not something new. Just like his name… 陌 ‘stranger’ – unfamiliar strangers, 漠 ‘indifference’ – totally indifference, 默 ‘silence’ – total quietness with no sound. Zhou Mo indeed is strange with many different type of character. Even if she and he already had six months of friendship, his attitude is the same towards a stranger. 陌, 漠, 默 ‘strange, indifference, silent’ the three words is the impression of Zhou Mo.

Low efficiency on the ‘efficiency’ side, Zhou Mo over the past six months is quiet, so making Professor Zhou’s sister whom is his errands and assistant, the 22 years old Zhou Yue very uncomfortable. She repeatedly looked at the watch several times while the cabinet auction prices continue to record high before the ‘bell’ sounded. At this time, Sister Anyi should still be in big brother’s home? The fragrant of the tea is floating (although occasionally taste strange) and on the table are some snacks waiting for her?

‘Anyi did not come today?’

Zhou Mo did not directly answer the question of his sister. He has been thinking about the woman whom repeatedly remain angry. Is it physiological or psychological factors?

‘Is the recipe book bad idea?’

‘Ah? What recipes?’ Zhou Yue looked at the three recipe books on the table and then looked at her elder brother’s eyes. She immediately guessed: ‘Brother, did you send Anyi recipe books?’

Zhou Mo looked up, his black ink pupil looking straight at the fussy sister, asking: ‘Not a good idea?’

The event is not bad. Giving recipe books, itself is not strange. If it is gifted by her, her sweet mouth and friendly attitude, the recipient will be happy in accepting her kindness. But the problem is not only her in the house. Plus, the poor words with the not so warm attitude, it is easy for the recipients to mistakenly think that the recipe books means the other party is critical of her cooking ah!

‘Brother, did you say anything to Sister Anyi to make her unhappy, then?’ It is rare that every Monday now at brother’s place is lively and there are some snacks. Now it is all gone. And the whole house is changed back to the original cold feeling, making people not getting used to it.

‘I did not say anything.’ Zhou Mo replied in a indifferent tone.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Yue did not believe it. ‘That is the issue of attitude. Sister Anyi will not leave without any reason. She must be angry.’

Zhou Mo looked at his sister and frown with a puzzle: ‘Is she angry with these three recipe books?’

He wondered why Miss Song was angry. She did have some diminishing needs for refresher. She should know that recipes are a reference to enable her to progress. As a diner, he thinks that it is necessary to urge her to make progress. So not to repeat those terrible tragedies, it is his good intentions. But Miss Song walked away. He really cannot figure out.



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