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Chapter 2 : The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest (业务的新欢)

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Chapter 2

From the start till the end, the eyes of Zhou Mo has never left the spread-out book on the table…. The wired-binded book written in calligraphy. The book gives the antique grade ruthless character, giving the old-fashion appearance. This is the Zhou family domineering place. People appreciate precious antiquities in the glass cabinet, in their family, it is like how one would treat popular magazines.


Professor Zhou’s voice has always been indifferent. But enough for Song Anyi’s heart to blossom. She immediately put the almond cookies on the British idyllic bone china dessert plate and happily presented it. Of course, this teapot, cup and plate is placed by her in Professor Zhou’s home. In the spare time, one must also know how to relax. Based on the relationship of Professor Zhou whom is the son of her mother’s teacher, good things that she had is meant to be shared.

‘Professor Zhou, try it. Rest be assured. It is not too sweet.’

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Song Anyi poured herself a cup of tea. She then looked around the study. The floor window put the mahogany jade table and the same group of chairs (of course is also another antique-class stuff), there are sunshine. The best lighting. A great reading environment, but she really do not understand why the armchair cannot be as comfortable as the couch.

She moved her ass and frowned. She has been sitting for months but her delicate buttocks is still not able to adapt.

‘The cushion is in the cupboard.’

Zhou Mo hand turned over a page of the ancient book while saying those words with elegantly thin lips with his low-run voice.

Professor Zhou, is he is not a professor, can absolutely make a living with his voice. And it is in a prosperous package standard.


Song Anyi is familiar with the area and went to take out the round cushion from the cupboard. The cushion is beautiful with a graceful pattern and unique weaving technology. One can understand that the cushion is certainly not a comeback, maybe it once belongs to the Queen or a Concubine.

‘Professor Zhou, this…. I use to pad my ass…. Okay?’ Song Anyi asked while pointing to the cushion.

Zhou Mo slender facial features swept away with his tone clear and gentle voice: ‘Isn’t that mean to be for sitting?’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The best antiques can really make her very devastated! Professor Zhou can take the ancient books as a magazine, she cannot accept the blessing of using the antique cushion to support her ass…… Song Anyi sighed and put the cushion back into the original position. She closes the closet door and sit back onto the stiff armchair.

She looked around reluctantly. Professor Zhou also ignored her.

Do not remember from when, every time after cleaning work, she will prepare a pot of tea, prepare homemade dessert and share the warm and tranquil sunshine with Professor Zhou. And Professor Zhou also very naturally accepted it without any sense of displeasure or blame.

Having such an employer is actually very good. She knew that Professor Zhou is a warm man, or else would not let her be so noisy and will not let her happily prepare afternoon tea. He will not provide good kind of antique soft mat, he must be a good man, right?

Song Anyi gently sipped the aromatic flowers tea. Today’s flower tea is a new combination that does have the effect of relaxation. It is very satisfying.

But Song Anyi really think too much. Zhou Mo does have a cold face but poor heart? He is not a warm man? It can be hard to say. But in face, he is actually not a cold faced person but just too lazy to have any up and downs expression. He is very pragmatic and sensible. He is already accustomed use the same expression when dealing with antique to deal with all the people.

Unlike Song Anyi, whom has simple mind, talkative and is very bubbly.

She seems to think that people around the world, as long as there is topic to talk, are able to become good friends. And also, generous to share her cooking although it is not fantastic.

However, her smile is very real. Her attitude is genuine and easy to see through. Such people are rare. Just like treasure collection in general. So he allows her bubbly personality around the house, and do not have any feeling of annoyed.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Zhou Mo do not need to look up also could feel that the room is filled with lively energy that belongs to Miss Song. He is also used to this week lively companionship. Only at moments like this, will this lonely maestro will admit that ‘people’ may really be gregarious animals.

‘Professor Zhou, do you like the almond cookies?’

After Professor Zhou took the third piece of cookies, Song Anyi was anticipating at least to receive some praise.

But Zhou Mo did not do what she wanted. Still looking at the ancient book in his hand, he took the fourth piece.

Song Anyi smiled slightly. Her eyes fell on Professor Zhou slender, articulate fingers. This reaction should mean that today’s dessert suits Professor Zhou’s appetite, right?

Professor Zhou implicit with a ‘Hmmm’ which makes Anyi very happy. ‘Tomorrow I want to try making the longan rice cakes again. There is no reason why I am not able to succeed. The day after tomorrow, I will give Professor Zhou a taste.’

Song Anyi did not expect Professor Zhou will have a response as she was talking to herself. Suddenly Zhou Mo stood up, shocking Song Anyi.

Professor Zhou is nearly hundred and ninety in height. Walking with his back straight, one hand on the side while the other hand in his pocket. His white shirt clean and tidy, he is not significantly burly but giving a kind of strong sense of agility.

Zhou Mo walked to the desk. He took out from the drawer a kraft paper bag with the name of a bookstore printed on it. He gave it to her.


Surprised, Song Anyi open the sealing tape and took out three books from the paper bag. The titled of the books are: ’50 simple zero failure dessert recipes’, ‘Baking rookie must learn 100 ultra-popular small dessert’ and ‘Nostalgia pastry 90: follow the teacher to learn ancient taste snacks.’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Song Anyi browed her brows tighter. After six months of getting along, although there is still a long way to go to understanding the mysterious Professor Zhou, she understands that that man will never choose books for her. Professor Zhou sending her these recipes book indicate that either her skills is too bad, hence sending her few recipe book to reduce her practice; of is because she do not have enough ideas, hence sending her a few recipe books.

Roar…. Anyway…. This does not mean any praise, right?

Song Anyi grind her teeth and narrowed her eyes bitterly. Cao…. Just want to share an afternoon tea. It is not from the shop. If feel that it is unpalatable to eat, no need to eat. Just thinking that a few minutes ago, she though that he is a warm man!



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