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Chapter 32.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Oh my! I considered this a sweet chapter! It is so obvious that Yifan cares for Xiao Bei. Is she blind or what! Sigh….. Another 2 parts of this chapter. Such a long chapter…. 

Enjoy the read! Have a fantastic week ahead! 

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On Tuesday, March 25, Weather: Restore Justice


In the evening, we have some free time during work. Somehow everyone has some time to visit the night scene in Hong Kong.

I was thinking of inviting Luo Luo to go shopping. As soon as I called, I found that the young lady already went out strolling in some wild place le.

‘Xiao Bei! You quickly come over here! The things here are really cheap!’

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‘You still owe a lot of money ne, be careful don’t burst your credit card.’ I reminded her.

‘Aiya, it is really worth it ah. Hey, are you coming or not?’

‘Not going. I don’t have much money. I want to save some money. I just want to buy some daily necessities. Is there any good quality and cheap place to recommend ma?’

Luo Luo told me the address and asked me one last time: ‘Really not coming? Your life really not much fun!’

I smiled and hung up the phone and went to the cheap little supermarket she has recommended.

I took and change a few public transports. I got off and walk along the main road, and then turn a few turns……. how come the more I walk, the more I don’t see the supermarket atmosphere ah.

Am I lost? Where is this place? I was talking to myself, trying to find a road sign. Turn around to survey, and I found that although the road was dark, secluded but still have a lot of peoples. It seem to have many pairs of hidden eyes in the dark, peeping at me like a beast…….. foolishly broke into the herd of the wolves that foolish little sheep.

Looking at those ghostly figures, my heart began to jump. I immediately turned and ran toward the main road, en route bump into a man who was covered with alcoholic smell. Because that man was holding a bottle in his hand and it got knock down onto the ground, a vicious curse was burst out. I feel more panic and I run as fast as I can.

‘Luo Luo ah, what kind of route is this ah?’ When I was think I’m going to cry, the main road gradually appeared however I was unable to relax or come myself down.

Luckily, unexpectedly I found the station where I came from. When I was holding onto the bus information board to gasp a breath, I bumped into someone. That man was not like the drunkard that got knocked to the side, instead he moved closer and his mouth rascally say something. Although I don’t understand his words, but at the present situation don’t even need to see also aware what was going on. I continuously telling myself, don’t cry, must not cry. I must remain calm, must calm down, however my body involuntarily retreating in dismay. At this moment, here come again two men from the side blocked my way out and one of the man even put his hand onto my shoulder.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Let me go!’ I heard myself screaming.

Those men seem to get more excited and approached nearer.

Just when I was starting to feel despair, a car appeared at the corner of the street, speeding all the way and rush straight ahead onto the sidewalk and brake with a skid sound. Those few hooligans were forced to jump aside.

Yifan jumped out of the car, dash over and shouted: ‘Get lost!’

I stumbled toward Yifan, grasped his jacket and cried out in sobs: ‘Yifan, Yifan……..’

Yifan patted me, again look at those people in the darkness and said to me: ‘Get into the car.’

And then he speed all the way, bring me out from the darkness into the light.

‘Drink this.’ At the hotel’s restaurant, Yifan ordered a glass of warm milk for me.

After a sip, a warm and sweet feeling blended into the body, indeed the feeling of being reincarnated ah. After a few sip, I held the glass and asked: ‘How is your wrist, like this you still drove the car……. did it get hurt?’

‘I can drive with one hand.’ What about you? Did you get hurt? Those people……’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Luckily you appear in time, otherwise I don’t know what to do le.’ I’m scared to said, ‘But how did you find me?’

‘Because I can’t find you, then I asked Li Luo……..’ Speaking of this, he paused. As he was trying to adjust his emotions, in the end it was uncontrollable, just heard him roar: ‘Guan Xiao Bei! Are you illiterate? In the travel handbook it mention don’t go to the dark area when is getting late! Why do you blindly run around by yourself!’

‘I want to buy something…..’ I whispered softly.

‘There are so many shops, why do you have to go there!’

‘Luo Luo told me the shop there is cheap. If not how can I know exactly where is the direction ah.’ When I saw Yifan’s complexion sank again, I quickly explained, ‘I went out without taking any money with me, not because wanted to save……..’

‘Want money don’t want life ah!’ He seems to have headache, ‘I heard you went there……. I’m going to kill Li Luo tomorrow.’

I was startled, ‘Don’t blame Luo Luo. Without saying is because of her good intention ma.’

‘Humph, if don’t blame her than blame who. She knows the store and no one else knows!’

‘That’s right’ I agreed.

‘Do you still have the ability to walk?’ Yifan got up and asked me.

I nodded: ‘What are you doing?’ The bright lights and the sweet drinks have dispelled the shadows just now, and let me almost recover le.

‘Then let’s go and find a shop, since you want to do some shopping.’





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    I don’t blame GXB for being dense not knowing that YF care for her because he pulled too many tricks on her.

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