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Upcoming C-Drama : Memories of Love (一路繁花相送)

As we near the closing of 2017, it seems that more and more exciting dramas (at least to me) are heading our way. One of which is a drama that I have been anticipating for a while already. Having Wallace Chung (钟汉良) as the male lead in a modern drama setting, it is definitely a must watch for me…. excited excited!


Memories of Love (一路繁花相送)  is a novel adaption from a novel with the same name written by another popular author, Qing Shan Luo Tuo (青衫落拓).


Memories of Love (一路繁花相送) tell the story of Lu Fei (starring Wallace Chung) and Xin Chen (starring Maggie Jiang Shu Ying). This is another story of young couple who were separated for ten years and found their love rekindled after meeting again.

Lu Fei, a perfect Prince Charming and every girl’s dream guy, met the stubborn and rebellious Xin Chen when they were young. Despite their clashing personalities, they were drawn to each other and eventually fell in love. The Lu Fei suddenly left for US, putting the distance between them (sound similar right only now it is the reverse role where Wallace’s character is the one leaving).

Ten years later, Lu Fei returns to search for Xin Chen, leaving his successful career. Xin Chen, whom had returned to her hometown, runs her own little business and enjoys her single life after just breaking up with her boyfriend.

When Lu Fei and Xin Chen met again, she tells him that she had long forgotten him. However, instead of leaving again, Lu Fei settles down in the small town and starting trying to win Xin Chen back. Will he be able to move her heart and help her recover her lost belief in love?

There are many other interesting character it seems in this drama:

Lin Le Qing (starring Aaron Yan) whom is a good friend of Xin Chen whom have a soft spot for her. However, Xin Chen only see him as a good friend.

Xin Kai Yu (starring Christopher Lee) is the happy-go-lucky father of Xin Chen. He loves Xin Chen but circumstances separate them as he works away from home, leaving her in the care of her uncle.

Ji Rou Li (starring Christina Mok), is the fiancee of Lu Fei whom have been pursuing him for years. Although she knew of Lu Fei’s unforgettable past love, yet she tries to seduce him. When Lu Fei finally realised that he cannot forget Xin Chen, he asked Rou Li to forgive him and broke off their engagement. Things get really interesting as she tries to discover the mystery love of Lu Fei.


I find this story has a little similarity to My Sunshine / Silence Separation by the popular author, Gu Man. The sudden separation between the OTP and in this case, Lu Fei came back after 10 years. And how slowly both of them slowly rediscover and rebuild their trust and relationship.

And this drama has a combination of actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Singapore 😁

What attracts me the most from the trailer and drama stills are the beautiful scenery that the drama was filmed. I wonder which part of China these were filmed. With such a beautiful scenery, it is definitely a place that I would want to visit one day together with my camera.

I have not read the novel yet although I had read what Peanut posted on All Along the Way, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off (Memories of Love) 一路繁花相送 – 青衫落拓 (HE)

The drama is scheduled to be aired starting December 31, 2017 according to the sources online with a total of 50 episode estimated. So I guess I have enough time to head over to 一路繁花相送 to read the novel first.

The trailer of the drama is also now available HERE. Thank you Tranzgeek for sharing the trailer online.


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