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C-Drama Review : Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘)

Been a while since I last catch up on any drama. While browsing online recently, I discover that one of the highly anticipated Thai drama (yes, I have now moved to Thai dramas) is finally aired. Alas to my dismay, only 8 episodes…. gosh… waiting all over again.

While waiting, I discover the newly completed airing C-Drama, Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) is now available (although without english subtitle) on the drama apps that I have recently subscribed (all for the sake of my thai drama). So, guess while waiting,  I started this drama and got hooked.


Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) is a 56 episode drama with Mike D.Angelo (popular Thai singer and actor) as the male lead, Li Yu Zhe whom is a chef whom is obsessed with gourmet food. Picky with quality, he has high expectation.


I started liking Rachel Mao Xiao Tong when I watched Love 020 where she acted as the BFF of the female lead. Her doll like face is so sweet and ever enchanting. So when I discover her as the female lead, Song Jia Ming in Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘), I just had to watch the drama.

15-40-48-47-26Delicious Destiny Character 9

Song Jia Ming is the playwright-director whom met Li Yu Zhe when she was tasked to get him to participate in a TV cooking program. They eventually co-host the cooking program together where they initially quarreled a lot.

Delicious Destiny 0

Soon, Li Yu Zhe started to care more and more for Song Jia Ming. He eventually feel in love with her.


A drama would not be a drama without all the agony of wanting the love that you cannot get… and the mean people behind trying to separate the loving couple. Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) is filled with the roller-coaster romance that is filled with ups and downs.


Zhao Han (staring Zhang Yu Jian) is the superior to Song Jia Ming. She had a big crush on him. Zhao Han have unrequited love for Ye Yi Lan (staring Maggie Chen Xin Yu) since young. He cares for Jia Ming as a superior and colleague. Alas, for revenge, his gentle heart turn cold.


Ye Yi Lan her unrequited love for Yu Zhe had her doing a lot of nasty things to try to keep Jia Ming away from Yu Zhe. Acting nice and kind in front of Yu Zhe, while in front of Jia Ming, her true colors were revealed. Luckily she turn better towards the end.

Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) is a cooking drama that also revolve around hidden secrets of the parents and the ups and downs of the OTP.

What I like about the drama:

  1. Li Yu Zhe – he never gave up on his love for Song Jia Ming. When she pushed him away because of the pressure from everyone around them, he stood quietly by her side, protecting and helping her quietly. Although pressured from his family, he never once give up his true love. When he was forced to get engage (which failed) and eventually having to marry Yi Lan (which also failed), his heart was deeply broken at the thought of having to let go Jia Mingdeli-11
  2. Song Jia Ming – a strong girl whom always think carefully before making a step. Her mother has left her when she was young. Although she never gave up the hope of finding her mother, her father has always comes first in her heart. She loves Yu Zhe but thinking about the others around him, she choose to stay away. He finally managed to win her heart over, giving both of them a sweet ending, although he did had to proposed to her 3 times to finally be able to marry her.
  3. Zhao Han – a good superior whom truly care for Song Jia Ming. He looks after her as much as he could. When Yi Lan asked him to stop her employee loan, with a heavy heart, he did so but knowing that Yu Tze will eventually help Jia Ming. He loves Yi Lan to the extend, he is willing to do anything for her although it was against his own willingness.
  4. Chen Li Hua (Jia Ming’s birth mother / Yi Lan’s stepmother) – torn between her birth daughter and stepmother, she did her best in protecting both girls. Although she left Jia Ming due to her own greed of wanting to be married into rich family. She truly love Yi Xuan although only a stepdaughter. 67
  5. Wu Su Ping (Yi Lan’s birth mother / Jia Ming’s stepmother) – a lonely woman, although she looks like a nasty lady in front, she is actually a very caring person. She cares for both Song De Zhong (Jia Ming’s father) and Jia Ming, protecting them when she could. She ended up marrying Song De Zhong.
  6. Song De Zhong (Jia Ming’s father) – he hide the truth about why Chen Li Hua left their marriage for money to protect Jia Ming. I love the interaction between him and Wu Su Ping. So glad that they ended up together.Delicious Destiny 4
  7. Ye Yi Xuan, staring Alen Fang (Ye Yi Lan’s stepbrother) and Li Yu Xi, staring Joy Sheng (Li Yu Tze’s sister) – this cute couple moments have always been entertaining. And a good ending for them as they ended up together
  8. The side cast, the step brother of Li Yu Tze (unfortunately am not able to find his name, anyone know his name, please share) – he is very cute and funny. A thai boy, he came to Shanghai to look for his father. He was hired by Song De Zhong while he continue his search for his father. He tried hard to help Yu Tze when Jia Ming pushed him away. A good ending for him where he found his father and found himself a loving aunty / stepmother.20160803094825868
  9. A good ending where the OTP got married. A total of 2 other couples were together and with Yu Lan waiting for the return of Zhao Han. And both Wu Su Ping and Chen Li Hua with 2 daughters each, one step and birth.


Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) OST

  1. 遥远的承诺 solo version by Mike D.Angelo
  2. 会不会突然想起我 by 曾一鸣
  3. 遥远的诺言 duet by 毛晓彤 (Rachael Mao) & 披拉 (Mike D.Angelo)






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