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Chapter 31.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Happy Monday everyone! Surprised! Yes, Yifan and Xiao Bei is back for a short one this week. Since mhryu has gone on hiatus due to her workload, she had insisted that I try to complete a post for this week as she is fully aware that some of you have been anticipating the return of Yifan and Xiao Bei. 

I cannot guarantee regular post for now as I am still tied up with the projects that I have on hand currently. So, while both mhryu and myself are trying to not keep all the readers waiting, we will try to return back into our regular posting schedule as soon as time permits.

Have a great week ahead! Till the next post, stay safe!

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Saturday, March 22, Weather: Clear

Early in the morning, Su completely changed from her normal state.  She woke up very early and open the first floor door to look around.

‘What’s the matter?’ I was carry a cup of water while brushing my teeth and at the side enjoying watching the bustling scene.

‘You see, over there have two groups of people in the midst of gang fight. One of the group was sent by Lin Qi to splash oil paints and write big characters, and the other group was sent over by Yifan to protect you.’ Su pointed at the two groups of people who are struggling in the street corner and casually said.

‘What?’ A mouthful of brushing water choked me out of breath.

‘Too……. lively le.’ I patted my chest, wiped my mouth and looked at the people who were entangled in the dust from a distance. ‘It is truly Lin Qi and Yifan people ah? How could it be like this?!’

‘Of course not, just playing with you.’ Su gave me a look.

‘Cough, cough.’ I choked again.

Since the men who fought have nothing to do with me, Su and I stand together, idle away and watched until others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves.

‘See others fight, to find your own happiness. Life is truly beautiful!’ I stretched.

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‘Lin Qi knows the relationship between us. Mrs Lin has dismissed me le.’ Su suddenly chipped in.

My movements froze: ‘How could this be…..’

Su waved her hand: ‘It doesn’t matter, anyway I don’t like that women. But you’d better hook up with Yifan.’

‘Ah?! We haven’t…….’

‘Otherwise who is going to compensate my loss ah?’ She added and yawned.

‘……… Su, do you feel like a stepmother selling your daughter?’

‘Really?’ She frowned with bewilderment, ‘but I was playing the role of the butcher owner.’

Bicker with Su and I have lost le, it’s nice to see people fighting, so overall my mood in the morning was a positive one. Especially being able to stay away from Yifan and going out with Xiao Bai for sightseeing, indeed it’s really refreshing ah. Therefore I hummed a popular song and went to tidy up my things le.

While I’m busy packing, I received a called from Luo Luo le: ‘What are you doing? Someone flight is leaving this afternoon and you don’t even bother to send off? If you don’t bother don’t expect to receive gift ah’

When she said that, then only I recall that AC has a project team that needs to go to Hong Kong for a business trip and it’s personally led by the President. Both Luo Luo and Peter from Legal Department were involved except for me.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘As a matter of fact, if I see you off, I’m afraid it will reminiscent my feeling and I unable to restrain my emotions to stop you from taking off.’

‘That’s enough! Which handsome guy are you dating?’

‘Hehe, going to soak in the hot spring this afternoon.’

‘Ah! You really have another man? I say, even President wearing a plaster cast, he still goes to work, not like someone don’t even bother to send personal greeting. At this time, you still have the nerve to soak in the hot spring with other man! Guan Xiao Bei, what’s going on with you? Do you want me to knock some sense into you ba!’

I wiped the sweat on my forehead: ‘You don’t have to be so excited ba?’

‘Not thrilled! If you’re not excited, can you catch President ma? If you can’t catch, how can I asked President to help me to pay my debt! There will be no gifts when I’m back. I’m broke!’ Luo Luo angrily hang up the phone.

I hold the phone and look distracted for a moment. Your feeling and Su’s thinking is the same ah. You directly motivate me to rob the bank better.

In the afternoon, when Xiao Bai came to pick me up, I received a call from Luo Luo.

‘Xiao Bei, where are you?’ The background is very noisy and her voice is loud and urgent.

‘Home, going to the hot spring soon. What’s up, are you okay?’

‘Thank goodness you haven’t left yet. Quick, bring your passport and come over to the airport. Tell me your passport number, I will book you a ticket.’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘What?’ I’m confused.

‘Peter fall sick and has been hospitalised le. You need to replace him and go Hong Kong with us’ Luo Luo shouted.

This is the last ticket of Noah’s Ark before the big flood ah! I repeatedly apologised to Xiao Bai. He was very sensible and send me off to the airport.

I managed to locate Luo Luo at the departure hall. Everyone was waiting to aboard the plane and Yifan was standing at a distant with difficulty using one hand holding a book to read.

‘Indeed you are a lucky person.’ Luo Luo passed me my air ticket, ‘Economy class ticket has sold out le, unexpectedly only Business class available!’

‘In fact, I still want to soak in the hot springs…’ can sense Luo Luo, ‘You get the benefits, yet you still want more.’ Those gaze, I without delay change the topic ‘How did Peter suddenly get sick? Is it serious ma?’

‘Who knows? At noon time, President invited everyone to have lunch together. After eating, everyone is fine. Suddenly Peter doesn’t feeling well, he went few trips to the toilet, after that he collapsed and were taken away by an ambulance. And then President said let Guan Xiao Bei be substitute ba. Well, Peter probably unlucky ba.’

My eyes unconsciously fall into Yifan, he is still struggling holding the book, and the huge book blocked his whole face.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Peter really……. bad luck ma……

‘Xiao Bei, quickly go in, take this card with you.’ Xiao Bai stuffed a bank card into my hand.

‘No need, no need. I have enough money, moreover during business trip allowance was given.’ I hurriedly decline.

‘Take it, if you don’t use just keep it, and during emergency it helps.’ Xiao Bai insisted.

‘Is this the handsome guy who wants to go to the hot spring with you?’ Luo Luo came over, ‘Let’s have a discussion. I will help you to get the President and you give me this handsome guy?’

What nonsense are you talking about!






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  1. Hahaha, everyone wants to sell Xiao Bei to the President…its like they all know (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)
    I wonder what kind of *ahem* benefits they’ll get…well besides the ship becoming canon…
    *planning to kidnap Xiao Bei to give to the President on a silver platter*

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  2. Poor Peter~
    I bet Yifan put something in his food when he heard about the hot spring trip. Hohohoho~

    Thankies for the update!
    I can totally relate to the workload. I wonder if it’ll ever lighten up before Christmas…

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