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C-Novel Recommendation : Mr. President, Unbridled Love (总裁大人,放肆爱!)


祝福中秋佳节快乐,月圆人圆事事圆满. Here wishing everyone : Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future.

Time flies… we are now already in the last quarter of 2017. In another 3 months, we will be welcoming a brand new year. 

The last 6 months have been a crazy and yet fun-filled months for me as I move out of my comfort zone and took up a role that is way out of my personality and area of expertise. I must admit that it had been a tough months and I cannot deny that I had wanted to give up along the way as well. I am pretty blessed to have a bunch of great colleagues and superiors whom had supported me, encouraging me and bringing me to the level of where I have achieved today.

So, apart from crazy work schedules and adapting into the new role, I have also been reading a new novel. Recently I have picked up a new novel to read. It is another super long novel. I am only half way through though and thought of sharing with you all today on this novel.

I discover Mr. President, Unbridled Love (总裁大人,放肆爱!) through the spoiler link and I got hooked after. A truly interesting story that keeps you wanting to continue to read….

Description as found on Novel Updates

“Become Mrs. Lu, I give you all you want”

“Baby, let me hug you”

“Well … No, I’m going to be late …”

His proposal is so overbearing, in order to retaliate to that scum, she promised to be his wife for one year. The first time she met him, she was eaten by him. The second time he met her, she got drugged and he was the only antidote. The third time they met, they rushed to get the marriage certificate. She returns to his home and became the envy of the city Mrs. Lu.

Rumors say the ruthless and cold Chen Shao dotes on her to the extreme. Little did he know, the way he spoiled her, taking a damage on her. One day she could not stand the man strong tyrannical way of loving, Leaving a paper of divorce agreement, she climbs over the wall to escape……..

However unexpectedly, the moment she barely climbs over the wall, the man grabbed her ankle pulling her down. she fell in his bosom, with his hoarse voice he asked her: ” Woman, Where do you want to take my son?”

Mr. President, Unbridled Love (总裁大人,放肆爱!) is the story of Tang Xin Luo (Female Lead) and Lu Yu Chen (Male Lead) and how their ‘fake’ marriage that lead them to finding true love in each other.

What I like about this novel are the following:

  1. The interesting secret behind the birth of Tang Xin Luo – Initially thought to be a pampered princess in the Tang family whom after the demise of her mother, was bullied by her 1st husband Lu Qing Hao, his mother and sister as well as her Grandmother and greedy aunty and cousin. She ended up sleeping with Lu Yu Chen whom ended up asking her to marry him as he wanted to protect her. It turns out that there are interesting birth secret behind the scene
  2. Lu Yu Chen whom originally wanted to marry Tang Xin Luo for the purpose of having a heir. He ended up loving her deeply and was in agony as he had to hide his deepest secret from her fearing of scaring her away. He did not want to let her go but at the same time, had tried to push her away. To his delight, he found out later that she was the ‘angel’ whom rescued him when he was young
  3. The separation between Lu Yu Chen and Tang Xin Luo was agony but the sweetness when they finally got back together
  4. The supportive family members and friends behind the couple
  5. The endless interesting plots that keeps me going and refusing to put it down

Indeed a highly recommended novel for those whom are looking for something interesting to read. Translation of this novel is found HERE Unfortunately, it has stop currently. Hopefully the translator will pick it back up later.

So for those whom are interested in picking up and read this novel, ENJOY!


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