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C-Drama Review : The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价)

Still in my re-watching old drama mood, I went back to re-watch The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价), only this time round, it took me only 3 days to binge through the episodes (I skip the parts where I don’t like and only concentrating on the three main character that I liked.

The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价) is a 2012 Chinese-Taiwanese drama staring 3 of my favorite stars…. Joe Chen Qian En (陈乔恩), Godfrey Gao (高以翔) and Hans Zhang Han (张翰). How could one resist drama where the 3 mains are one’s favorite, right?


The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价), one of the highest rates drama in its time slot back then is a story of Lin Xiao Jie (staring Joe Chen Qian En) whom was a low run employee at a large Taiwanese department store. She jump at the opportunity to be an assistant at a company photo shoot in London where she gets mugged and met Tang Jun (staring Zhang Han) who helped her to catch the thief.

When Xiao Jie returned back to Taiwan, liking London, she decided to further study to London. She met Tom, the owner on an apartment that she was looking to rent online. Tom happen to be Tang Jun whom she had met in London and spend some time with. An online friendship started between them and eventually Tang Jun falls for Xiao Jie.

Before Xiao Jie was suppose to depart for London, she met with the CEO, Gao Guo Cheng whom offered her a job in the marketing department. So Xiao Jie decided to stay in Taiwan much to the disappointment of Tang Jun.

In her new role within the company, Xiao Jie met with Gao Zi Qi (staring Godfrey Gao), the son of the CEO by chance. One thing lead to another and they started to ‘date’ thanks to some misunderstanding.


In the meantime, Tang Jun was called to return to Shanghai by his mother to help out with the family business. Although reluctant, Tang Jun agrees. Later he discover that Xiao Jie is attached to the company that his mother is engaging a deal with. He was greatly disappointed arriving in Taiwan to find out that Xiao Jie is dating Zi Qi.

Thanks to more misunderstanding, Zi Qi ended up proposing to Xiao Jie when his actual girlfriend, supermodel Bai Ji Qi (staring Coco Jiang) ditched him in the middle of the proposal. Zi Qi eventually starting falling in love with Xiao Jie.

Just the day before both Zi Qi and Xiao Jie was due to leave for Shanghai for a collaboration with Huang Hai (Tang Jun’s family company in Shanghai), Xiao Jie met Bai Ji Qi in Zi Qi’s home. Xiao Jie found out the truth. Heartbroken, she voice her sorrows to Tom, her online friend. Her phone ran out of battery much to Tang Jun’s worries.

Xiao Jie, heartbroken, left for Shanghai where Tang Jun whom was rushing to the airport with the intention to fly to Taiwan. Both of them met at the airport. Tang Jun rushed to hug and comfort her, much to the dismay of Zheng Chu Chu (staring Zhang Meng), his childhood friend whom have been in love with him.



In Shanghai, Xiao Jie in a public event, rejected Zi Qi’s proposal and ran away. She went London where she picked up her life thanks to Adam Bell (starting Ming Dao), the good friend of Tang Jun. She finally discover the truth identity of Tom.

One thing lead to another, after a series of misunderstanding and challenges, both Xiao Jie and Tang Jun discover their feelings for each other. They started dating only to be faced with more challenges from all parties.


In the meantime, Zi Qi finally found the truth behind the reason why Xiao Jie turned his marriage proposal down and broke their engagement. He realized that he is too late and he is no longer able to win her back. He decided to then stood by her side supporting and protecting her.


This is my 6th time watching The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价). And even the 6th re-watch, I am not bored as I really enjoyed each and every character in the drama. Zi Qi with his problems arising from his half brother, Gao Zi Hao (staring Gino) and his ex-girlfriend whom refuse to let him go, Bai Ji Qing. Godfrey Gao did a fantastic job with each and every scene with the right expression. His sorrow when he discover the truth and badly trying to hold onto Xiao Jie only to be told that she now have Tang Jun.

Tang Jun with his loyalty to his love. He stood patiencely by Xiao Jie side when she was still engaged to Zi Qi. And when the opportunity came, he tried so hard to win her heart in his many funny ways. Those funny moments especially when they first accidentally kissed to the frustrating moments when he was going through a tough time while Xiao Jie supported him from the side. And the sweet moments between both of them.

Xiao Jie although going through all the tough times, she remain strong. Her character grow from a junior staff to someone highly respected in both Huang Hai and Hai Yue Group. The moments when she was so heartbroken, I felt like my heart breaking along with her too. I love how she protected and stood by Tang Jun while she was well taken care by Tang Min (staring Du Ruo Xi), the half-sister of Tang Jun.

Queen of SOP- Tang Min

Would I re-watched The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价) again soon? When I am bored and am in need of something entertaining, I definitely would! This is indeed a great collaboration between Chinese and Taiwanese drama scene.

The 33 episode English sub-titled The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价) can be found HERE


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  1. Since watching old Dramas is ur new passtime, i will suggest “Hello Miss” and “I really really like you”. both the series, i liked a lot, although the videos were not HD quality yet the sweetness and warmth can be felt from the acting.
    Please add ” A success story of a bright girl”

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    1. hahaha…. thanks. Hello Miss and A successful story of a bright girl I have watched many times too…. I Really Really Like You is new to me… How did I missed that when Eugene is the female lead… Thanks. Looks like I have a new drama to catch up… new for me but old drama since it is as far back as 11 years ago… 🙂


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