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K-Drama : Only You (온리유)

It has been a while since any K-Drama have captured my interest. So, I decided to re-watch some of my favorite old dramas and see if those dramas are able to capture my interest. Randomly picking out the drama box from my cupboard, I decided on Only You (온리유)

Staring one of my favorite korean actress as the female lead, Han Chae Young,  Only You (온리유) is the story of Cha Eun Jae, a stubborn and proud girl whom has a passion for cooking. She won the ramen cooking competition which gain her scholarship for a short cooking course in Vicenza, Italy.

onlyyou (1)

With the help of her best friend, Jung Hyun Sung (staring Lee Chun Hee), she ran away from her school. Hyun Sung whom had always loved her dearly, went with her to Italy.

While in Italy, Eun Jae set out to look for a Korean woman to learn the pasta recipe. This is where she bumps into Han Yi Joon (staring Jo Hyun Jae) whom was looking for his mother. Co-incidenly, they were both looking for the same person. So fate brought them together while they went searching for the korean woman.


They found Yi Joon’s mother just the night before her wedding. Recognizing Yi Joon but refuse to let him know, she teaches Eun Jae the Gochujang (Korean chili paste) pasta recipe while asking Eun Jae to cook for Yi Joon.

Broken heart, Eun Jae accompanied Yi Joon which leads to them ended up sleeping together. The next morning, while Eun Jae was out, Hyun Sung enters her apartment only to discover Yi Joon. A fight broke out between them leading to Yi Joon leaving, thinking that Hyun Sung is Eun Jae’s boyfriend

Six years later, Eun Jae is a single mother to Jin Sol whom was making ends meet with various jobs. As fate brought them back together, Yi Joon while checking out restaurant, tasted Eun Jae’s pasta when the chef in the restaurant accidentally fell.

Yi Joon took up the challenge of improving the restaurant, a test from his father. He met Eun Jae back again when he bump into her while he was at a bar with his friends. He offered Eun Jae a job as a chef in the restaurant.


Misunderstanding after misunderstanding, both Yi Joon and Eun Jae went through a series of incidents while later leading to Yi Joon finding out about Jin Sol. Surprised at her being a mother out of wedlock, he gets really mad at Eun Jae. She left and Yi Joon later went to seek her back.

Yi Joon finally found out that Jin Sol was his son and he wanted to take responsibility as he discovered that he is still in love with Eun Jae. Yi Joon tried to get closer to Jin Sol in his effort to try to tell Jin Sol that he is the father.


In the meantime, both Yi Joon and Eun Jae faced challenges after challenges while Yi Joon’s family refuse to accept their relationship.

It all ends well with Eun Jae preparing a Korean / Italian fusion dish that save the restaurant. With the restaurant saved, she contemplated to leave the country but soon realized that she cannot leave Jin Sol with his dad.

A good ending indeed. What I really enjoyed this drama all over again… the light and easy to digest story. Although the couple faced many obstacles in their relationship, the other 2 parties, Eun Jae’s best friend whom had always loved her and Soon Yeon were not entirely malicious. They did tried to break both Yi Joon and Eun Jae up, however they finally realized that they will never win. So they decided to let them go and wished them the happiness.

And as for the ‘nasty’ father of Yi Joon, he ended up accepting them and donated his money to charity while spending his time assisting Yi Joon in the restaurant.

The drama ended with both Yi Joon and Eun Jae getting married and then returning to Italy with Jin Sol to visit Yi Joon’s mother. A great ending indeed!


Would I go back and watch this drama again? Yes, I would. Definitely. Although this drama is over 12 years old (Only You, 온리유 was aired back in 2005), Only You (온리유) is still able to catch my attention and kept me hooked to the TV even till today.

Only You (온리유) episodes can be found HERE


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