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Chapter 27.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Hope it had been a wonderful and relaxing one.

Is it really that the manuscript is now handed over and completed? What is Yan Ru Yu going to do next? What other surprises does he have in place for Lan Ning? Is this the start of him pursuing Lan Ning’s heart? 

Enjoy the lovely read ahead!

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Chapter 27.1: 

Lan Ning switched off the computer. She took out the phone and deleted the last two words on “言狗蛋去死”

She rushed to the bag and took out the calligrahy that Yan Ru Yu gave her. She looked around the room and finally found the right location to put them up.

Of course, she posted “蘭寧” one.

When lying down the bed to sleep, Lan Ning stared at the words opposite her bed. Reading it for a while, she slowly closed her eyes.

The next morning, she happily carries Teacher Xing Xi’s manuscript like she is carrying a million dollars, walking all the way to the company.

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Because she did not go to work on Monday, so today she specifically went to work early. Logging into her QQ, she found the manuscript that Yan Ru Yu has sent to her. This is the part from his computer before the power outbreak. Lan Ning received the file and then sent a copy to the Chief Editor.

One day of not working, on QQ are the accumulations of a lot of pending work to deal with. Lan Ning just finished sending a reply message to the author when the Chief Editor came in. She quickly stood up and handed the envelope: “Editor, this is Teacher Xing Xi’s manuscript that has been received!”

The Chief Editor paused for a while and then exhale a breath of relieve: “Finally delivered!.” She took the envelope and slowly winding the string to open the seal.

Lan Ning stood at the side while explaining: “This is the last part. Because of power outage, Teacher Xing Xin had handwritten them. The front part of the manuscript have been sent to your mailbox.”

“Okay. I know.” The editor took out the manuscript and took a look before heading back into the office.

Lan Ning sat back and took a breath of relieved. The large stone in her heart is finally removed.

After a while, the editor sent a message asking her to head into her office. Lan Ning frowned in puzzled. Is there a problem with the manuscript?

She dare not delay and immediate head over.

“Is there a problem with the manuscript?”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The Chief Editor looked at her and gave her the manuscript. “I just had a chat with Teacher Xing Xi. He said that he hoped that this book would be done by you.”

Lan Ning suddenly stunned on the spot. She find it hard to believe: “I do this?”

“well, since it is the request of Teacher Xing Xi, he said that he had confident in you doing it. So you will be responsible for it.”

“But…..” she has never done any novel editing before. And this book is still the latest work of Teacher Xing Xi. “I really can do it?”

“Do you have no confidence?” The editor looked at her and said: “Do not worry. You write the copy and I will review it again. And I will only pass you when I think it is ok.”

With the editor to do the final check, she naturally have the peace of mind. Fortunate enough to do this book, it is indeed a golden opportunity. She felt that she may have to take the peak of people and married high rich and handsome!

“Rest assured, Editor. I will do this book well so that you, Teacher Xing Xin and the readers are satisfied!” Lan Ning excitedly said to the editor.

The editor laughed and said: “The first 100,000 words have been proofread. So you put the rest of the manuscript together and then send for proofreading.”

“Got it!”

“Give me a copy of the draft.”


© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning holding the manuscripts in her hand and left the office. Apple just finished an apple, seeing her joyful expression heading out of the editorial room, jokingly said: “How, the editor raised your wages?”

Lan Ning excitedly took her hand: “Apple! Editor said that Teacher Xing Xin’s book, I will do it. You said…. am I not lucky!”

Apple was slightly surprised for a moment. She patted her shoulder and encouraged: “This is a good opportunity. You must ace it!”

“Yes, I know!” Lan Ning’s heart is like floating in the clouds. Such an unreal feeling. “Death message” This book is her practitioners for so many years. It took over most of the weight. There is no need for anything else. The honor of the author;s name is the guarantee of sales.

To make a true bestseller, the editor is not just to get the benefits, but also a glory. Even if this glory is the light of the author, she is very happy!



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      1. It’s definitely to keep her where he can reach her. Otherwise, she would spend too much time with other men-writers, and she might not fall for him on schedule. Or something to that effect.

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  1. This is getting more and more interesting. Enjoying the interactions between Lan Ning and Xing Xin. Thank you, thank you for your very good translations and regular updates.

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  2. I started reading this story a week ago, and catching up with all the posts is sweet agony. Now I will have to wait for each part. Lol, more agony than sweetness. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication in supplying translations for us.

    I have to smile at how her feelings changed towards him once he finished his manuscript. Now he knows how to make Ning Ning happy, will he become more productive? Or will he go on influencing other writers to rebel? I wonder if he will infect her young writer?

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