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Chapter 29.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Anyone missing Xiao Bei and Yifan? They are finally back today! Sorry, the translation was delayed as a lot has been happening in tinkerbellsan life at the moment. 

Enjoy the read today. 

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Wednesday, March 19, Weather: Spring Blooming

Midnight the phone rings, I pick it up and have a look, Lin Qi’s numbers. Answer or not to answer……. is a question.

Next door heard Su’s angry voice: ‘Guan Xiao Bei! You better hurry up and deal with the phone call, otherwise I will come over to deal with you!’

Press the answer button, inside transmitted Lin Qi’s voice. ‘Go and buy me a dress and send it over, I am in room 2078 of Rong Hua Hotel.’

‘I refuse, no such obligation.’ I coldly said.

‘Then forget it, I will asked Yifan to speak to you.’

Telephone transmitted Yifan’s voice: ‘Bring over the things that Miss Lin wants and also buy me a shirt.’

‘Yes, right away!’ I jumped from the bed.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘I am going out for a while! Help them to deliver some stuffs.’ I told Su.

‘I didn’t realise you are a person without integrity.’

‘Is not,’ I high-spirited said, ‘It’s hard to understand. Don’t you feel it, midnight a man and a woman together, with mutual consent, the blazing scene was too tempting le ma? Aiya ya, I really want to see it.’

‘Pay attention to safety, and have a speedy return!’ Su shouted.

I rushed to the hotel and went straight to Lin Qi’s room.

I knock on the door and Lin Qi opened it. She was wearing an exquisite nightgown with an enchanting posture and under the warm light, there is a suspicious red on her cheek. She step forward and rummage through the bag, with a mocking smile: ‘Action very fast. Hehe, last time Miss Guan said such a serious words….. I though you are not coming. Yifan, Miss Guan is here.’

Yifan wears a grey silk robe, slowly walks out from the room, chest reveal, and look languid…… this is before or after ne? I stray far off from the topic and think foolishly.

Yifan rummaged the bag in my hand: ‘This is not the brand I want, is really uncomfortable wearing it. Little Qi, see if the dress is the brand you want? If not, ask Miss Guan to change it.’

©2017TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yifan this bully kind-hearted people without any sense of shameless expression makes me feel very depressed. I suddenly thought it was stupid to come and see this excitement. This simply…….. is them seeing me as an excitement.

‘Yifan, are you sick? Middle of the night, after enjoying the lustful night, where on earth do you want to go? Torment me very amusing ma!’ I threw the bag into Yifan’s arm, angrily turned and walk away.

I was in a manic mood, make a few detour and did not exit from the main entrance, rather came over to the parking lot.

Yes ah, I’m a loser. Since unable to attack Yifan in public, I then recall le one hidden trick. I found Yifan’s car, pull out a sharp paring knife from my bag, aim at the tire and jab it. Humph, adulterer, jab until you die, let you have a flat tire! Who knows, before the first knife is down, right away a security guard leisurely walk over and arrest me in force.

‘I was just by chance, beside this tire, holding a knife and doing nothing!’ I protested.

‘Then what are you planning to do?’ The security guard said with a smile, ‘I have seen a lot of women like you. At this time, this expression, obviously in the middle of the night come over to catch adultery de ma. But you are really bad, if truly come over to catch adultery then you should have the skill to jab people ah. What car are you going to jab? You have not seen how fierce the previous woman, she bring a group of peoples, went up and cut off her husband’s arm. Retreat 10,000 steps to persuade, used a car to vent anger will do. There is once a women who smash the man’s car directly until it become scrapped le. And you just take a paring knife…….. for those who catch adultery will also despised you.’

Then the security picked up the phone: ‘Hello, Mr Yi……’

©2017TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I rushed over and pressed his phone. This really hopeless, too shameful, resolute cannot let Lin Qi and Yifan know.

That security guard hint to the guard beside me to hold me: ‘Mr Yi? Sorry to bother you so late. A moment ago we arrested a person who wanted to jab your tire at the middle of the night, please come down and see if the car is damaged. Yes, it’s a young woman.’

For a moment, Yifan came to the security room, looked at the security record and asked: ‘Did she really jab?

‘Oh, she did not jab. When she came downstairs, we kept watching her through the surveillance camera. We stopped her when she pulled out the knife, but we still feel there is a need to inform you.’

Yifan holds the paring knife and roughly measure it, endure a smile and asked: ‘Is this the knife? Let her go, it is probably a misunderstanding. We are just kidding and have fun.’

‘It is not a misunderstanding, I deliberately do it.’ I suddenly interrupted.

‘Eh? Just now we asked you for quite a while and you don’t admit it. ’ The security guard looked at me in surprise.

‘No, I did it on purpose. My heart is dark, I am cynical, I hate the society and looking for revenge.’ I angrily said.

‘She is just being upset, just hand her over to me.’ Yifan told the security guard.

On the journey sending me home, Yifan restrain from laughing and said: ‘Jab tires? Guan Xiao Bei, you are really good.’

‘Where got! Is me who are extremely useless, I should not jab the tires, I should jab you.’ I said blankly.




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  1. I know Tinkerbellsan is very busy with work n real lives but how I wish I can read Chinese so that I can read this. When r YF going to stop torturing GXB n me the reader leh?!!..

    Yes I do misses this two nuts head n you as a translator.

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  2. Is it just me who thinks that things r going downhill and GXB, it doesn’t feel like she loves or even has any romantic feelings towards YF even a bit… It feels like YF should change the way he is chasing GXB i.e. by bullying her….

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  3. i am new here but i already finished your first translation CIMOT and this is my second novel here i really appreciate your translation so much many thanks and i hope all the best for you in your life

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