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Chapter 24.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It is already July. The 7th month of the year…. How have your new year resolution coming along? Mine is so far doing alright… out of the 2 resolution that I made, I have achieved one (as of now) and in moving along well in my 2nd resolution. 

Seems to me that Yan Ru Yu has started realizing how much Lan Ning mean to him and is starting to show a little bit of his care to her…. or is it his way of teasing her?

Enjoy the read today!

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Chapter 24.1: 

That night Lan Ning slept very well. Even the dream were sweet dreams of the Galaxy and beautiful sky.

The next morning, she woke up to the sound of the chirping birds. The sky has just brighten up with the beautiful colors of the dawn.

Lan Ning yawned, got up and went into the bathroom to wash. Che came out and took the hairband off. She picked up the watch on the side table. As she was putting on the watch, her hand stopped.

“Did you buy this watch to be my couple watches?”

The voice of Yan Ru Yu suddenly sounded in the ear. Lan Ning cursed and shivered. And she then decided to put on the watch.

She really like this watch. And she spent a lot of money to buy it. Not because of his words, she would stop wearing it.

After getting ready, she went downstairs. There is no one in the living room. Yan Ru Yu have not seem to have gotten up, Lan Ning thought to herself. She pushed the door and walked outside of the villa.

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Although it is cold outside, but the air is very fresh. Lan Ning deeply took a deep breath. She felt that her whole person is refreshed. She stretched out her lazy waist and then start doing some stretch exercises.

When Yan Ru Yu came downstairs, he saw her outside doing some gymnastics. When not working, her hair is left loose down her back. It is neatly trimmed and is long. Looking from the back, it is still a lovely sight.

He also opened the door and went to her side. He began to follow her action and started doing gymnastics: “So you will also do this exercise. Do you not say that you would not do this kind of radio gymnastics?”

Lan Ning on the side, her action was stunned for a while. She almost twisted her waist. She looked at Yan Ru Yu on her side and slightly frowned. “How come when you walk, always there is no sound? Are you a cat?”

Yan Ru Yu laughed at the side and then answered her: “You were too concentrated on your gymnastics so you did not realized me coming over. Come to think about it. You really do not have a crush on me? Even bought the same couple watch as me and even gymnastics also learn the same type as me.”

Lan Ning: “…………………..”

Teacher, you are overconfident. Do you not really know how troublesome you are to everyone?

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

She cursed him in her heart. Replying back to Yan Ru Yu, she continue to do gymnastics. “This watch, I had bought it before knowing you. I also suspect that you deliberately buy the same model as mine. As for the gymnastics, did you not say that it is very popular on the internet? Why I cannot learn? The work of an editor is facing the computer every day. Even worst when meeting a bad author like you. I need to jump to help ease the frustration. Want to go out and release all the stress.”

Yan Ru Yu smiled and said: “Don’t you always have been playing kickboxing? Kickboxing cannot help ease your emotions?”

“How to find time to head to the gym every day?”

“Oh, since I’ve have recommended something good for you, you can prepare breakfast later.”

Lan Ning: “…………………”

This is not your invention! Even she goes back to her room and eat biscuits, she will not have breakfast!

After completing a set of the exercise, both of them did not immediately return into the house. It seems to be nostalgic to stay outside for the fresh air. The bird on the trees keep tweeting, twittering together, as if a spring sonata.

Lan Ning turned and tuck her hair behind her ear. She turned and walked into the house: “I go in first.”

“Wait! Wait!”

Yan Ru Yu stopped her. Lan Ning’s brow jump. She turned and looked fiercely at him: “I will never prepare the breakfast. You settle yourself.”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu looked at her silently for a moment and then chuckled loudly.

Lan Ning was looking at him inexplicable. Laughing at her? Teacher, your smile is too unique.

Yan Ru Yu mouth is still laughing loudly. He silently approached her, and slowly raised his right hand to tuck her hair in.

This action is too ambiguous, as if the next moment, he will take advantage of her and embrace her into his arm.

Lan Ning’s heart suddenly jumped. Every sound like a drum-like sound. They were loud as if they were clearly heard.

The wind blew from the depths of the woods with a rustling sound. The black hair that Yan Ru Yu neatly tucked away was also blown into a mess again. He slightly hooked his mouth in a smile, and picked up small pieces of leaves from Lan Ning’s hair.

“There are leaves in your hair.”

Lan Ning: “…………………..”

Just a piece of leaf, do you need to be so gentle?

“But why is your face so red?” Yan Ru Yu looked at her face and asked.

Lan Ning: “………………….”

She turned around and walked away without turning her head back.

Yan Ru Yu followed behind her into the house. He see her impulsive look, and smiled. He said: “Okay, I will do the breakfast. Why get so upset?”

Lan Ning: “…………………”




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  1. I guess he is, at least in part, acting out of interest in her. I still think some of it is just messing with her because he enjoys messing with people. He does seem to be feeling more than just the glee of driving someone else nuts.
    Yeah, I think you’re right, though – definitely trying to get to the heart through the stomach. Romance, aliens and heartworm – through the stomach…

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