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Chapter 28.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Finally, Xiao Bei and Yi Fan is back! How we missed you…. 

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Chapter 28.1

Sunday, March 16 Weather: Sandstorms


Recently the days are more deserted. Beside occasionally having to deal with Bai Xiao Bai vague text message, there was no much of movement. I carefully ponder over the reasons why life was so peaceful. And then I discovered that was because Yifan doesn’t cause any trouble. Can it be possible that he has forgotten what he had said earlier ‘to find a suitable girl with well-matched social status’, finally no longer need to have regular blind date le?

But reality never develops in the normal direction.

When we accidentally met at the elevator, Yifan stared at digital panel without turning his head and asked, ‘Guan Xiao Bei, what happened to the task I have asked you to do?’

‘Oh, I found one…..’

‘Then arrange an appointment for us to meet up as soon as possible.’ The elevator arrived at 23rd floor and he walked straight out.

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Recently he only spoke few words to me. And when I believed he had return back to his normal disillusionment with his cold business tone, in fact he still the same marriage maniac.

‘I am like a seasoned hunter. Quietly lurking in the thick forest, and waiting for the sly and sinister fox……’ Back home, I told Su no matter what plans, we need to get closed to Lin Qi.

Su interrupted my silly fantasies: ‘If you were a hunter, it would be the good news for all the animals in the whole world le. I just don’t understand, I clearly informed you that everyday seven o’clock Lin Qi will be at the fixed-point on the first floor of the Roland Hall coffee shop. How can you used so many days and still can’t make an appointment with her?’

‘Well rich people ma. There is always some that is hard to approach. And I need to have an absolutely safe plan.’ I laughed to defend myself. In fact, Mrs. Lin’s words intentionally or unintentionally affected me. So I always feel that Lin Qi also has a kind of ‘poor people avoid to be seen, avoid to be touched and avoid to be concerned about’ this type of aura, people don’t want to approach.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘But then, are you not afraid that Lin Qi able to recognize that I was the fake psychologist?’

‘Do you think at that time you are inside her field of vision? For them, you are probably a speck of dust that can be ignore ba.’ Su said sharply.

No matter how reluctant, the President’s life can’t be violated.

For the next 3 consecutive days, I continuously pretending to be a passer-by outside of the Roland Hall coffee shop. When I racked my brain to start an opening speech, at that time someone patted on my shoulder: ‘Miss, please come in with me.’

I have a moment of confusion.

‘Miss Lin Qi is looking for you.’

The fox turn from passive to active behaviour le and become hunter army.

‘What do you want to see me about?’ Under the dim light of the coffee shop, Lin Qi smiled yet not a genuine smile while, stirring her coffee, she asked me.

I was surprised to ask: ‘How do you….’

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Qi glanced at the man who had just gone out to call for me: ‘Ah Bao, explain it to her.’

The young man, called Ah Boa said: ‘These past few days, we see you back and forth here and walk more than several hundred of back and forth. Occasionally someone asks you what can they do to help and you look around to cover up your real intentions. But your skill of pretending are really bad. Well, you see, next to this road there is a street lamp which is often used to paste small advertisements. There is a sign for special menu at the doorway. When people are in doubt, you can completely pretend to read above-mentioned content, yet not motionless staring at the wall. This wall —-’ that man knocked on the coffee shop facing the street’s wall, send out glass texture sound, ‘is actually a glass. It is completely transparent from inside. At the front left, that gentleman, yes, the one in black pants, because of your inexplicable stare, already nervously spilled coffee on my pants for three time le. This has changed my usual wearing of beige trousers to black.’

‘As a frequent observer, even if you’re not looking at me, I can feel your eyes.’ Lin Qi said.

I decided to break the awkward moment with words: ‘It’s like this. I am the Assistant to the AC President, Yifan. He was impressed by Miss Lin’s outstanding talent and beauty and he hope to be able to have the opportunity to invite Miss Lin to dinner.’


‘En, AC President, the young talented, handsome, proud….’

‘I know who he is.’ Lin Qi interrupted me, ‘Since he is inviting me, why didn’t he speak for himself?’

‘Miss Lin, our President is afraid of being rude. He felt that if being rejected by Miss Lin this kind of talented, beautiful and outstanding family background…….. it would be very sorry de.’

Fact has been proven, Lin Qi indeed Mrs Lin’s daughter. This compliment praise seems to have a good effect. She smiled: ‘Go back and tell your President, I agreed to meet up with him. And I will fix the time and venue.’






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