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Chapter 22.3 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Happy Thursday! Yes, it is Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu again today. Xiao Bei and Yi Fan has gone on a short vacation for now…. rest be assured…. they will be back hopefully soon…. If you want to read Xiao Bei and Yi Fan, do send @tinkerbellsan message …. hehehehehe

Nothing very much interesting today as we read about the game that Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu is playing…. anyone can guess who is the winner of this round? 

Enjoy the short read today!

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Chapter 22.3

When it is an empty city, Zhuge Liang cannot be used to kill. Even if her Zhao Yun is a hero, also is not able to touch him….. Hmmm….. this feeling is like the every words that Yan Ru Yu say. Although he is very cheap, but you cannot get him!

She now feel like the words ‘hit me ah’ is written on Yan Ru Yu. She ineffectively pulled out another two cards from the pile hoping to get another one or two tips.

But oh no….. only kill. A hand full of killers!

Lan Ning now felt like there is no love in this life.

Yan Ru Yu gave a little smile on the side: “It seems that you still did not managed to touch any tips.”

Lan Ning fiercely stared at him. Reluctantly, she thrown down the hand full of killers.

……………She should have let Lu Meng take the lead first. At least do not have to throw hand.

Regretting now also cannot work for Lan Ning. Zhao Yun’s blood drop drip by drip and finally Zhuge Liang knife hacked him to death.

Lan Ning: …………………………

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After that, the war can only use tragic to describe it. Although her Guo Jia is strong and finally killed Zhuge Liang, but Yan Ru Yu’s second general in the ranked turned out to he Huang Yue Ying. Do not know what kind of luck is that. His luck is very good. He managed to get a few guards card. Not only easily kill her Guo Jia, even her Lu Meng is not able to hold on long. Soon he also followed into the death path.

“You lost.” Yan Ru Yu announced the results in a good mood. He looked up and looked at Lan Ning, as in saying: “this meal, after all, still you have to go and do.”

Lan Ning: …………..

She crushed the Zhuge Liang card that is in her hand, kneading it into a ball.

Lan Yu Ru: ………………….

“I know!” Lan Ning although is very upset, but seeing that he has drove for a few hours earlier, she also felt a little bad.

Yan Ru Yu turned around and put his head on the back of the sofa. Watching the back of Lang Ning walking towards the kitchen: “Do you know why you lose?”

Lan Ning turned around: “Did you cheat?”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“………….” Yan Ru Yu was silence for a moment and then asked: “Why did you take Zhao Yun after seeing me electing Lu Bu? In the spread of generals, there are Zhen Ji. I think he had more advantage on Lu Bu over Zhao Yun.

Lan Ning said: “Because Zhao Yun looks more handsome ah!”

Yan Ru Yu: ……………..

He turned around and smiled. He said: “You are still so interesting.”

Lan Ning: …………………..

What a terrible guy! Really think that in the villa, he is the overbearing president?

She wrinkled her nose. She opened the large refrigerator in the kitchen and studied for a while: “How long have these things been inside?”

“I called last night to get someone to send those ingredients over. Enough to eat for a week.” Yan Ru Yu said while turning to look at her. He was still laughing: “Tomorrow’s lunch also you prepare.”

Lan Ning: ……………….

Tomorrow she sill not play 三国杀 (pin ying: sānguóshā) anymore. Tomorrow she will play…….. 抽乌龟 (pin ying: chōu wūguī)! She dont believe that she will lost even if playing 抽乌龟 (pin ying: chōu wūguī)!



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  1. She knew from the beginning that she’d lose. I guess she just needs to go through the motions of rebellion so she can maintain some semblance of authority in this relationship.

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