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Chapter 22.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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This chapter was a little hard for me to translate today. There were lots of new stuff for me and despite spending time to search more about it online, unfortunately, I still could not make out what it is exactly. So forgive me ya…. 

It is very interesting how Yan Ru Yu will ‘irritate’ Lan Ning… Enjoy the read!

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Chapter 22.2: 

Why is he ordering her so naturally? It is like ordering the maid servant!

She angrily said: “Why do you not go and do it? After all, you are the host and I am your guest.”

“Because I want to write the manuscript, so you go and cook.”

Lan Ning laughed twice. “Come on. Do not think that I do not know. Even if I go and cook, you will not write.”

Yan Yu Ru looked at her with a surprised expression: “Seems that after spending a long time with me, your IQ has indeed improved.”

….. it is because of your shameless character, do you know!

The two of them stalemate in the living room. No one is willing to give in and cook. Finally, Yan Ru Yu proposed: “Do you play cards? We play a round of card. The person who lose will cook.”

Lan Ning said: “Only two of us. What can we play? 抽乌龟 or 排火车?”

Note from mhryu: Not able to find out what game is 抽乌龟 or 排火车 is all about. If anyone could explain that, please share accordingly. Thank you

Yan Ru Yu thought for a while and then pulled out a pack of cards from the shelves. He faced Lan Ning and said: “三国杀 ok with you? We do 1 vs 1.”

Note from mhryu: 三国杀 is translated as Kill Three Kingdom is a card game that is also available online. Unfortunately, despite the research online, is still not able to understand what it is all about.


三国杀 (translated as Kill Three Kingdom) Image Credit

Lan Ning: ……………………

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When she was still in college, she had plated the game with her room mates. They even played late into the night. But now because everyone is busy with work, she had not played for a long time. She cannot even remember the rules.

“I have not played for a long time. Just a simple game will do.”

Yan Ru Yu looked at her and took out the cards from the pack. He took the expansion from the pack. He said: “Play the standard version. The rules are simplified. One of the three generals, whose general is killed will lose.”

“Oh.” Lan Ning looked at him taking a pile of cards and placed nine out on the table. And then opened six of them. Her eyes slowly swept the open card. Which general has which skills ah?

She is still trying to recall when Yan Ru Yu handed two identity cards to her: “Get the princess who first pick generals.”

Lan Ning’s fingers on the two cards back and forth several times, and finally chose the left of the goes on.

“内奸 (pinyin : Nèijiān) … …” Lan Ning Fu amount, is simply a bad teacher ah.

Yan Ru Yu said with a smile and open the other card: “主公 (pinyin: Zhǔgōng), I will pick first.”

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He picked the first generals is Lu Bu. Lanning see him took Lu Bu, followed by Zhao Yun. Then Yan Ru Yu selected Zhuge Liang. Lanning took Guo Jia quickly. Hum, see how you can empty city.

Yan Ru Yu raised his mouth, did not speak. But thinking about what the last generals to be elected. He thought for a while, and finally from the buckle of the three generals selected one.

Selecting through the stack, although the other can not see, they also can not see. So there definitely have certain risk. Lan Ning gave it a thought and then also decided to choose one that is not open. But in the end decided to choose from visible generals and selected Lu Meng.

Lu Meng is one of her favourite generals. He is first class in explosive. Yan Ru Yu has Zhuge Liang, whom when launched the city empty, Lu Meng was at more advantages in comparison.

Lan Ning felt that from the card point of views, her generals still have the advantage. Today’s lunch, she must get Yan Ru Yu to do it!

She began to sort her generals out. She think that Yan Ru Yu will send Lu Bu out first, so she put Zhao Yun first. And then followed by Guo Jia and Lu Meng.

But when Yan Ru Yu opened the card, she was a little dumbfounded. Why did he send out Zhuge Liang? How come this person never follow the structure?

“I know that you will first select Zhao Yun.” Yan Ru Yu chuckle with some proud tone.

Lan Ning frowned. This card matter is critical. She absolutely cannot lose! 1 vs 1, Zhuge Liang advantage weakened. She cannot believe that her Zhao Yun will lose!

Three minutes later, Zhuge Liang leisurely launched the skills to empty the city.

Lan Ning: ……………..




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  1. The card game is one of those trading/collecting card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, etc. – only this one uses the Three Kingdoms as a setting, and seems to use actual historical figures (mostly military) for the face cards. These games are invariably complicated, with each card having specific available actions, reactions, involuntary reactions, and specific abilities affected by and/or affecting the other cards in play.
    If it makes it easier, think of it as seriously long form Rummy or Canasta with ye olde generals in place of the usual royal faces.

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